Yo Ahmad, you got any more of that cool shit?

Knight Ridder Newspapers report:

WASHINGTON ? The Department of Defense is continuing to pay millions of dollars for information from the former Iraqi opposition group that produced some of the exaggerated and fabricated intelligence President Bush used to argue his case for war.

The Pentagon has set aside between $3 million and $4 million this year for
the Information Collection Program of the Iraqi National Congress, or INC,
led by Ahmad Chalabi, said two senior U.S. officials and a U.S. defense

They spoke on condition of anonymity because intelligence programs are

In addition to the fact that those officials aren’t that eager to spend a few years in Cuba.

The decision not to shut off money for the INC’s information-gathering effort suggests that some within the administration are intent on securing a key role for Chalabi in Iraq’s political future.

Actually, it suggests that some within the administration either have shit for brains or assume everyone else does.

Thanks to Blair for the link.

Added: The Tooney Bin is just as impressed with this as we were.


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There must be someone in the government getting a cut.


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