Sunday Vids, Special George Allen Edition

…Or, ‘George Allen Specials Edition.’

The Specials – ‘Monkey Man’ (+2)

They Might Be Giants – ‘Racist Friend’

Actually, it’s sort of a stretch to have a They Might Be Giants song that shares a title with a Specials song, so let’s repurpose the post.

Sunday Vids, Ripped-from-the-Headlines Super Woo-Ha Edition

[insert Specials doing ‘Monkey Man’]

Chappelle Show – ‘Racists on a Plane’

…And that was the week that was!*

*Minus, um, the Jon Benet Ramsey thing and the Yanks/Sox debacle.


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Ooh, can I play, too?

Oh, darn. Youtube doesn’t seem to have a copy of Randy Newman’s “Rednecks.”

Maybe they don’t want to host a song with a chorus that goes, “…we’re rednecks, rednecks, and we’re keepin’ the niggers down,” eh?


Thank you for not mentioning the Yankees/Sucks debacle.


Yes, thanks, a-hole!


What, no “Southern Man?”


Two of the best bands, ever. Thanks, Gavin. My teens have pretty much everything by They Might Be Giants memorized, but somehow I’ve neglected to play any of The Specials/Special AKA for them beyond “Nelson Mandela.” A sad, sad comment on my parenting, ain’t it?


Yes, TMBG!


Great. Now I’m going to have “Hovering Sombrero” stuck in my head for like a week.

Darn, no youtubeness for Moxy Fruvous’ Michigan Militia, either.


is that from “dance craze”? that movie changed my life.


That was the week that was,
Lebanon blown to shreds
More Iraqi dead
and all the while
a pedophile
is newwwwsssss….

(too bad only oldsters know the tune)


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