Suicide Bomber?

Wolcott sez:

It would be one thing if a president’s legacy were to make peace with a former foe, or restore environmental health to a ravaged region, but Bush’s legacy is militarized by his belief in divine mission, which could get a lot of innocent people killed, a higher slaughter rate than the ongoing fiasco in Iraq. If Seymour Hersh’s sources are creditable (and I think we can all agree on Hersh’s track record ), Bush has made up his one-track mind for the rest of us that he will not leave office without neutralizing the threat of Iran.

It’s a terrifying probability. Consider that Bush knows he is politically toast; moreover, he knows that his Middle East/War on Terra policies will be, at the least, radically reorganized on Realist grounds after 2008 (and he will have in all likelihood after this fall a Congress with a little more backbone than he is accustomed to). In effect, then, Bush’s attitude to Iran can be seen as neoconservatives’ last grand stab; their window of opportunity is fast closing and they know it.

Bush cares as little for public opinion as he cares for book-learnin’. He and Tha Lord have an understanding, and anyway (so he might say with the True Believer’s false humility which is so very like egomania) aren’t Tha Lord’s servants ‘posed to be unpopular in this wicked old world? Sadly, yes! Why, just look at the polls! So Bush (Jesus Jr. to Jesus’ own God Jr.) must do His work while there’s still time, before Satan himself (yes, the Democratic Party) regains control of God’s own earthly instrument, the great Youessofaye. Meanwhile the Cheneys, Kristols, Podhoretzes — a clever if deeply cynical lot — say embarassed amens for show because it means getting on with the Imperial Program, Bomb Iran.

Bombing Iran is the last great act they can take, the last great mess they can make. The temptation, I’m sure, is irresistable. And what have they to lose? Jesus Jr is sure he’ll see a better place in the afterlife because of it, though who knows if he will be attended by any virgins there, meanwhile the neocons are sure History (which they still think of in a Marxist way) will be kind to them but even if it’s not, well there’s always a corporate teat to be sucked at AEI, where are they are sure to spend the rest of their days writing autohagiographies. Regardless, a strike on Iran insures for Bush and his enablers a special place in the Heavens of their respective ideologies. Attention, Evil: with their last political breath, the Bushies stab at thee!


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Ah, don’t worry. The right-wing punditry and all those trusty conservative bloggers will surely put the interests of the nation first and call a swift halt to any insane plan that has even a remote chance of backfiring.


Hey RETARDO, not sure I agree entirely with your exact reasoning, but I could totally see Bush Jr. using Iran to fix up a massive shit sandwich for any incoming Democratic president, a la Bush Sr. and Clinton with Somalia…


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Assuming we all survive this, just a thought to our backroom political schemers: Next time you select a halfwit in a haircut to be our president, could you choose one without the daddy issues? We’d be ever so grateful.


I know the chattering neo-cons are pushing for it, but I’m not so sure the miltary is creaming itself over the notion of attacking Iran.


Outside of assassination, which I’m not recommending (so please, FBI, don’t tap my life), what in God’s name does it take to bring down a rogue President in your country.


Maybe a coup?


I come to believe more and more strongly every day that this country is a sinking ship.

I take no joy in this belief, but I also cannot avoid it.


er ah, I feel like a fool posting three entries, but just wanted to add that Bush attacking Iran will require international and domestic support Bush no longer has. A war with Iran would require enormous numbers of troops on the ground, and since all the enlisted men and women (including national guard) are over-committed (and being recycled) in Iraq , Bush would have to institute a draft to drum up more bodies. No one, not even the fighting keyboarders, would sign up for that.

More significantly, Bush won’t be able to count on Blair’s support. Blair is as out of favour with British citizens as Bush is with Americans. People are fed up with this bullshit especially after the terror attacks in Britain as a direct consequence of Iraq.

Without Blair, without the support of the UN, without the support of the majority of the American electorate, and on shakey ground with the military, Bush will not be able to pull it off. Israel’s support doesn’t count because that country is dependent on the US to fund its ongoing wars with Hamas and Hizbollah.

Iranians, like Iraqis, aren’t keen to be “liberated” by George Bush and Halliburton. Bombing Iran will only drive the people into the arms of Hizbollah…it’s already happening.


I just watched the Armand Assante version of On the Beach (Read the book in high school). Anyone want to stock up on cyanide pills and take a trip to Australia???


Tired Bush-hating cliches from the left.


Bizarre, incomprehensible sentence fragments from the right.

Notorious P.A.T.

How old are you, Gary? You seem to have time on your hands, and the Army is hurting for volunteers.


Bush has already said that an Iraq pullout will be for the next administration to deal with, so the concept of salting the ground isn’t foreign to him. But even a spiteful little shit like Our Glorious Leader (Praise Be Upon Him) may have to contend with earthly realities. Bombing/invading two countries without pretext, wasting trillions of dollars, throwing the entire world into chaos–you’ve got to imagine they’re up there at 1600 PA thinking, “Er, Neuremberg Trials?” Once they leave office, they’re toast, and they (hopefully) know it. I think it’s saber-rattling and damage control from here on out. At least, that’s what I tell myself so I can go to sleep at night.


I would not be even slightly surprised if Bush and his crew simply decide to invade Iran. Fuck Congress–Bush has the “Authorization to Use Military Force” that Congress passed back in 2001. What more authorization does the Commander (Decider) in Chief need? Besides, God is telling Bush to do this. Can’t ignore God’s instructions (unless said instructions involve hard work or thinking–see Bush’s 2003 statements to Arafat and Sharon about how God told him to solve the Israel-Palestinian problem).

And I’m sure there is no end to the stream to whackjobs, dipshits, and assholes within and close to the administration who want the Middle East to be one giant charnal house. Don’t forget that Cheney gets to cash in his Haliburton stock options the moment he leaves office. And war is very good for Haliburton. Many other cabinet members and advisors are likewise looking at rising fortunes if oil prices shoot beyond $100 a barrel.


How old are you, Gary? You seem to have time on your hands, and the Army is hurting for volunteers.

Various commenters have tried to get him to sign up before, but he’s too busy fighting The War Of Ideasâ„¢.


It is an impeachable offense for Bush to attack Iran without Congressional approval which he will never get.

You say: ‘So what, the Idiot don’t give a fuck…’ well, others do. And if you think this can happen without serious consequences for every American SuperRich, Demcrat, ReThug, Fundie and MouthBreather read my post: ‘Walking to work…’ and then call yer Congresscritter.

Or you might want to consider: ‘Cutting the Head off the Monster’

But whatever you choose…you might want to choose to do something…


If we attack Iran the Neo-Cons should not be the only ones to be disgraced. It will mean the complete bankruptcy of the DLC’s triangulation strategy. Hillary in particular will be toast as far as a presidental candidate.

When it comes to bombs falling on Tehran I am not completely sure is Little Boots can wait until after the election. The Bolton confirmation vote will be touted as the mandate Dubya was looking for.

Because if Hillary and Schummer are convinced by AIPAC not to filbuster the Bolton nomination that it is as good as a greenlight. The idea that even after the Israeli/Hizbullah fiasco which never would have happened without a WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE from the Bushco Neo-Con warmongers, that John Bolton would be even considered for approval is appalling. Hell the PNAC douchebags will use the fact that Irael’s IDF got its ass kicked by Hizbullah as even more reason to attack Iran and Syria.

Does Hillary have any idea that there have been several wing-nut books by the likes of Jeromi Corsi of SBVFT infamy declaring that a confirmation of Bolton is a sure sign that the US is willing to bomb Iran if not use “tactical” bunker busting nukes??? Of course she does!!! Hell Jeromi Corsi goes on CSPAN for a book tour sponsored by the biggest wing-nut think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and spews this crap. The chorus for war with Iran is already all over the Mighty Wurlitzer. Hell war with Iran is openly talked about on not just Fox but MSNBC and CNN as well. The wing-nuts have said many many times that Bolton’s job is to emasculate the UN in the face of a US unilateral preemptive attack against Iran. So there is no way in hell Hillary can claim she did not know any better or got hoodwinked.

Hell, Bolton must think the deal in in the can, he is out being seen having breakfast if not banging Judy Miller again. What an arrogant prick!!!

It is all up to you Hillary and Chuck. Do not think you will not be blamed if Bolton is confirmed and Iran is bombed. Your asses will be hanging out in the breeze. Hillary you can have a $100 million dollar war chest collected from the same Neo-Con Wall Street money bags that fund the New Republic it will do no use. You ain’t gonna do nuthing in the 2008 primaries.


People still take HIllary Clinton seriously these days?

For the love of tiny green monkeys, why?!!!?!?!!?!

Fuck, I really can’t take it anymore. I just can’t. I need to come up with a hobby or interest that has nothing at all to do with politics. Help me out here – should I try fly fishing? Knitting? Promiscuity? Selling things on ebay? I’m open to suggestions.


Well seeing as you’re open to suggestions already, promiscuity may be the one for you.


Well, I can only see in my pessimistic take on this that if Bush tries to invade/bomb Iran there will be a coup and a counter-coup and the ensuing shit-storm will erupt here in the US.

Consider – how will a goodly portion of the military take it? How will the state department take it? How will Congress take it? Yet OTOH, there will be plenty of rabid, gun-owning Apocalypse-wishers thirsty for some Islamofascist blood.

And we’ve supposedly already got some infrastructure going in, with the “detention camp” building rumored to be in the works.

So I’m buying stock in those cyanide-pill companies.


Right on, ‘Tardo. Anybody who can look at the bush/cheney cabal’s actions re: Iran to date and think there is any other operative plan is pretty damn good at kidding themselves. And don’t fool yourself with the old standard “We don’t have the troops for an invasion of Iran”. That is self-evident, even to the administration, who really have no need nor desire to attempt to occupy Iran. They already have their American Military presence on the oil fields and in support of israel in Iraq. It will be air, air and more air. Naval air from carriers, air force from bases in iraq and strategic air from kansas and diego garcia. They will use american naval and air power to destroy iran’s submarines, and they may use specops to suppress the ability to destroy shipping in the straight, but mostly it will be Lebanon Redux. And the only question is when. And you can bet that the calculations are sickeningly political. When would be most effective, not militarily or tactically, but politically for the purposes of their agenda. One last spasm of inhuman butchery and callous mass murder before the end of the glorious empire…



If George fucks with Iran, the Persian Gulf will become a US Navy graveyard.

Literally fish in a barrel.

The Chinese and the Russians would love for George to try. An actual live fire exercise for their cruise missile systems?


If George fucks with Iran, Iraq may become a US Army graveyard.


Origami cranes, Jillian. Give them to random strangers, and watch them go be nice to some other random stranger. It’s not much, but it’s better than pounding your head against the wall.


In my more fevered anti-AmeriKKKan Islamofascist loving kill the babies homo nups wanting imaginings, the only good I can see out of an invasion of Iran is that it will destroy the US military for at least a generation, possibly two.

Then I snap to and remember that a whole bunch of 20 year olds will be slaughtered for Incurious George’s small dick over-compensation scheme if that happens.

Disappointing stuff from Gary R. there, if that’s the “real” one. No “The facts are…”, no posting of 12 Drudge approved talking points etc.

Really, Gary, do better or we’ll get bored with you.


Yeah, really, Gary. What’s up with this bogus crap? Are you saying the theory that bush wants to attack iran is a “tired…cliche”? Or are you saying our predictions of it’s disasterous failure are a “tired…cliche”? You usually aren’t this ambiguous. You know, you of all people don’t want to hide in vague. Let’s have one of your clear predictions of overwhelming success, hearts, minds and flowers, a remade middle east and fifty years of peace and prosperity under our republican benefactors and pax americana…



If the fleet is sunk in the Persian Gulf, and 100,000 Iranian soldiers flood in supported by the militias, how could our troops withdraw/retreat? Head north and settle into Kurdistan? Ask the Turks for support when we gave them a big F.U. when we went in?

The mind reels — this only makes sense that the plutpocrats behind this consider our soldiers to be so many replaceable non-unionized worker drones, expendable for their pleasure.


Um, perhaps I am misinformed, but would China really like to see Iran bombed? Don’t they get most of their oil from there? And don’t they, sorta, hold the mortgage on what’s left of this country?


Well,, I am wondering about the fun that will ensue when we attack Iran, and their new BBF [closest ally], Iraq, jumps in on Iran’s side.

Haven’t the neo-cons thought this one through? Just who do they think is in the religious majority in Iraq? They find it deplorable that Iraq’s parade in the streets in favor of Hezbollah, do they think the Shiite would nod in approval if we attack Iran?

Are they that insane?


The way I read China’s take is as follows:

An attack on Iran would dry up U.S. oil from the Middle East at a minimum. All of the attacks plans I’ve read about call for bombing primarily civilian areas. Its hard to imagine oil owned BushCo targetting the fields or the production infrastructure. Oil may stop for awhile but it wouldn’t be lost completely. Oil that is no longer going the U.S. would be freed up for them. The money that China is lending to the US is more about purchasing a really big stick to use against the US as opposed to an investment that will be repaid. I think China believes it could survive a disruption in the supply better than the US. A decimation of the Naval forces in the Gulf would demonstrate that Chinese military prowess is comparable to the USs if not as large. Finally, the massive losses in Iraq and the gulf would also bring about a huge contraction of US military projection world wide.
I am by no means an expert. That is just my take on what I’ve read. I desperately hope I’m wrong.


You think the Bush Admin gives a shit what happens to our armed forces, Navy, and national economy if they bomb Iran?

They don’t.

As long as they’ve got theirs, and keep getting more, they don’t need to.

Presuming they leave office in 2009 (and I think they will; Bush, at least, is thoroughly bored with being President), they’ll retreat to their walled communities to pursue lives of golden restful ease, paid for by the billions of dollars they’ve stolen from us all.

Nothing bad will ever happen to any of them, and we’ll be paying for their diabolical idiocy for the next three generations.


I wouldn’t put it past Bush to drop a small nuke on Iran. He would simply say that they were bombing a ‘nucular (sic) lab’. I’m not really sure how much Congressional approval Bush would even seek to do something of that nature; after all, he’s been inclined all along to simply act and then justify it after. And apparently 30% or so of the American populace would be totally down with that.

I really don’t think Bush himself can tell a Shia from a Sunni or an Iranian from an Afghani. He’s just a puppet on a fraying string. All the puppeteers care about is making money. And as for the soldiers: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori. Give ’em a 21 gun salute and forget ’em, that’s the Neocon motto.

I’m feeling bitter tonight. If things go wrong in November, I’m gonna have to get away from politics for a while, myself. I did that after the 94 debacle. I had to quit subscribing to the newspaper, watching the news on TV, etc. I read a lot of escapist literature and saved my sanity. But I really do feel that at some point esaping from this mess will be a luxury we can no longer afford.


just wanted to add that Bush attacking Iran will require international and domestic support Bush no longer has.

All he needs is the support of the Air Force generals who will be given the orders to use tactical nukes on “suspected” Iranian nuclear facilities. Flyboys have believed since the days of Douhet that wars can be won with air power alone. That this hasn’t happened yet (except perhaps in the case of the bombing of Serbia) is always (to these “bombing can accomplish everything we need” theorists) because we don’t bomb enough with the proper firepower, but with the availability of tactical nukes, the Air Force generals are convinced that this time it’ll work.

All we can really hope for to save us from this madness is a mutiny by the generals when Dimwit gives the order to “nuke the Islamofascists NOW!”


All we can really hope for to save us from this madness is a mutiny by the generals when Dimwit gives the order to “nuke the Islamofascists NOW!�

Two words for you: Curtis LeMay.

Luckily for the little bit of sleep I still get at night, I don’t see nukes as a serious option in play right now.


Funny you should mention that, Jillian. I had just watched 13 Days before writing this post, and the irony that the military may save us from the President now rather than the vice-versa scenario of the movies’ version of the CMC, weighed heavily on my mind.


We’re both part of the collectivist hivemind, Retardo. It controls our thoughts. Didn’t you get the memo?


i feel like killing my self all the time.


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