Hmm. Wonder how long this is going to last…


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You must be flattered. I eagerly await their offer to have you do it directly at their site. Hold out for the big bucks.



What sort of wicked, nefarious, contumacious villians could be responsible for such a bit of clever trickery?

(never mind.)


You silly moonbats, doing the things moonbats do. I give it a day, tops. It’ll be comedy gold once they notice it.


One of the ads on the side gives you the chance to send white flags to politicians, including John Murtha. It also includes Cindy Sheehan. Last I checked, she is not an elected official.

I didn’t know it was possible to be so wrong that even your ads had blantant factual errors too.


I think Ben Shapiro reads my blog…

He wrote the “don’t fight terrorism, fight Islamo-fascists” the same day I wrote “Since 2001, we have been fighting the wrong war. Our enemy is not “terrorism,â€? but rather religious extremism.”


I tried to flag that as “awesome” but they didn’t have a button for that.


If John Stossel flags you as offensive, I will have to send you a lovely present.


Damn. Big time, fellahs. Gavin needs to complain to the management – no attribution. What do you suppose is their nefarious plan? I mean, I have to think they did it for a reason. But to put it on a sub domain like that? Do they link to it from the main site anywhere?



Is it possible Linda Chavez reads my blog, too?

“Shorter Linda Chavez: It’s time to rebrand this whole “war on terror” thing as a war against radical Islam.”


This is like Santorum quoting Colbert — approvingly.


This site gets better every day.


A thing of beauty, Gav. A thing of beauty.


No, Matt O. Karl Rove reads your site. The others just cat-and-paste his talking points. Oh, and mikey–Gavin did the S,N!@Townhall thing, not teh eds @townhall, Hee.


I should have known! Karl Rove! Damn him!


BAM! S,N! Hits the big…er, …time.


Actually, I just noticed one of the ads has congress declaring Genocide. Heh. That’s a funny bit.


And then the last ad in that column is for Ben and Jerry’s push for increased federal spending on children’s programs.



Most of the higher marks are from Democrats and most of the lower ones are from Republicans. Go figure.


That, lads and ladies, is poetry of teh internets.


Still going stong nearly eleven hours later…

Hey, this is the only time Sam Brownback has been on the correct side of an issue in decades. Let’s celebrate the broken sand dial.


made me do my Cesar Romero bit….


So this is a prank on Town Hall? That’s funny. I came here just to say it would be better with links, you always want to click and see “Did they really say that?”


Still there. Want me to flag it “offensive” and see how long it lasts?


OMFSM! Gavin!!!! You rogue! You realize, of course, that now Clownhall will accuse you of having hacked Lieberman’s site.


What the hell is a Ben & Jerry’s ad doing on that page? I was afraid to click through to see if it’s some sort of anti-B&J screed…. but if it’s really a B&J’s ad, what is it doing on Townhell?




Wow! Sal Leno strikes again! I wonder if he ever got any action from that conservative dating site!?


PupH if the convertible K-Car is a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’ Sal Leno probably getting down.


and thus ends my daily search for something worth seeing. Thanks S,N!


Sigh….where can I find me a man like Sal?


Sheesh….don’t you guys ever sleep?

How many other American insomniacs are here at this hour?


That is, as the kids say, teh awesome. Indeed.


You libbies think you are so funny, but you are loosers, every one.


I invented this, but it’s a somewhat different idea:

We haven’t gotten any good trolls, sadly.


“You libbies think you are so funny, but you are loosers, every one.”

Losers, fuckwit.


[…] Sadly, No! delighted us all this weekend, and even after Townhall figures it out and takes it down, the gift will keep on giving. Right there on the banner are two of the most delightful links I could have asked for on Blog Directory and Next Blog. […]


No, no, sniper. He meant “loosers”, because liberals loose the evils of Islamofascism and terrorism on America.



Looks like it’s gone, although I can still get there with the comments link.


not to mention our loose lips and loose legs.


Say, Gary…I got two questions for you. One, are you indeed a small illegal immigrant under pay from Karl Rove as insinuated the other day and, two, are you gonna take the writing offer one of the Sadly, No! guys offered? I really think you should blog, son, and quit wasting your obvious talents on this crowd. America needs you, G-Dawg! Freedom needs you!


Your post is down, but it currently still lives if you click on any of the comments links on the right hand side.


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