Shrieks On A Plane

The life of an intercontinental shrieking harpy might seem like a leisured, breezy saunter through rose-perfumed gardens, but Ramallah Pamela proves that it isn’t always so!

Can you imagine that she was inconvenienced at the airport by anti-terror procedures?

Not shown: The harrowing, drunken conclusion of the flight, with four concussed flight attendants, a Finneran atop the beverage cart, and a panicked John ‘Disco Biscuits’ Bolton bullying the waiting Air Marshals away from the arrival gate.


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These are the sacrifices true warriors make to keep us free.


My mustache still smells like French’s Mustard.

eeaachhggghh eeeeh

Never Forget.


I made it 33 seconds before I hit sensory overload. (Something about a beautiful tiara and the usual ton of foundation she wears.)

Please, go back to Andy Gibb or The DeFranco Family or Jim Nabors and Leslie Uggams singing the Beatles. Or even: “Spare me my life only name your reward”


I don’t know what disturbs me more the fact that this woman is allowed on a plane or that she is allowed to raise children.

So she’s upset that CAIR got a tour of O’Hare airport?

Because apparently if CAIR didn’t get that tour they wouldn’t check a nine-year old’s carry-on. RIIIIIIIIGHT…


I call bullshit. I’ll bet you any amount of fucking money that Pam’s poor little spawn was not scared by the security check-in, and that she wasn’t crying. The kid doesn’t look shaken in the least bit.

I like how Atlas Juggs complains about “the people running this country.” Uh, Pam, they’re right-wingers like you. Methinks you doth protest too much.


The interwebs are full of simple pleasures. Like watching a female Fu Manchu do her rendition of “City of New Orleans” while riding in an airplane.


That. was. awesome.

I know I am in the minority, but I freakin’ LOVE the Pam VLogs. Hilarious from start to finish.

I may have to go to her website and watch the ones that Gavin didn’t link to.


JK47, exactly so. After all, which shrieking harpy just got (had?) an interview with the mustache who represents U.S. at the U.N.?


She is right. Idiots are running the country.


I give Pam bonus points for vlogging while ordering a club soda…

Other than that, what was with using her daughter as a puppet? Grabbing her and ripping her up in front of the camera, then shoving her down out of the picture afterwards?

I forsee future therapy bills…


I figure that when the poor 9-year old was saying “I’m scared. Bye!’ she was actually talking about being embarrassed and afraid of her mother. My mother may be just as nuts, but at least she’s not a rascist, bigoted harpy…


“Shriek On A PLANE!!!!!!!!”


I’d hit it.

(What? This isn’t AceofSpadesHQ?
Sorry. Meant to post it there.)


“I’ve had it with this motherfucking shrieking harpy on this motherfucking plane!”


This has all got to be some elaborate joke. Taylor Marsh mentions Pam’s bio: “publishing career at The New York Daily News and subsequently took over operation of The New York Observer as Associate Publisher.” Unpossible, I think. There’s no way this woman could hold down a job that involves actual contact with homo sapiens. A Google search leads to this site which repeats the above and adds this:

After 9/11, Atlas had the veil of oblivion violently lifted from her consciousness and immersed herself in the education and understanding of geopolitics, Islam, terror, foreign affairs and imminent threats the mainstream media and the government wouldn’t cover or discuss.

Oh, and the site is for the “Lifeboat Foundation,” which is “dedicated to ensuring that humanity safely adopts increasingly powerful technologies, including genetics/biotechnology, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI, as we move towards a technological singularity.”

Alright, Mr. Skaggs, the jig’s up.


I forsee future therapy bills…

Having to be a prop for Mommy’s rants isn’t the worst of it.Can you imagine what it must be like to have John Bolton as an “uncle”?


OK kids, you’re free to call me misguided if you will, but I can’t imagine anything that’s going to do the anti-war cause any more good than putting Pam on prime-time TV.

Imagine! Let her do her thing on the box for two weeks in a row. Have her on FOX, CNN, MSNBC, the full works! They provide free drinks for their guests, if you know what I mean.

I have more than enough faith in the American people – like Brits, they might be bad at spotting frauds, but they can spot a lunatic a mile off.

Call her the unacceptable face of neo-conservatism. It might not be as catchy as the stark-staring-crazy face of neo conservatism, but it’s more news-friendly, if you know what I mean.


You know, when you panic the nation as a political ploy, you need to be aware that some of that panic may splash onto you. It’s like they not only have no notion of irony, but no understanding of cause and effect, either.

Anyway, seriously. I’d screen her. She’s clearly crazy and high strung and I’d definitely want to make sure that was all it was.


Good thing they don’t make Sweet ‘N Low in gel form.


That little girl is really cute, poor thing. With any luck she’ll grow up to reject all her mother’s values.


I’m surprised they let her on the plane at all, what with a large bag of gel glue-gunned to each pec.

And why is it that she was kind enough to pixellate the flight attendant, but her poor, scared-looking daughter (and I’d be scared, too, in that close proximity to Atlas Pam’s blood alcohol content) had to get her panicked little mug plastered across her “vlog”? Someone’s going to grow up with issues and a drinking problem to rival her mom’s.


Actually, I found The Neocon Republican Marty Peretz’ paean to the mustache more disturbing than anything else on the shrieking harpy‘s blog.


Can you imagine being one of the unfortunate people seated near Pammy on a cross-Atlantic flight? At least with the vlogs you can click a button and shut her up when she gets too insane.


I’m sorry, but if I were her child, I would expect people to think I’m likely to commit mass murder.


You know, when you panic the nation as a political ploy, you need to be aware that some of that panic may splash onto you. It’s like they not only have no notion of irony, but no understanding of cause and effect, either.

Amen to that, D. I can’t believe the absolute audacity of these shitheads, who cry and panic at EVERY little thing that has happened SINCE 9/11, but get pissed off when the authorities actually act to head off any potential threats.

It all comes down to their innate racism. They want the airlines to scrutinize and bar certain materials from their planes, but only if the people being affected are the scary,brown, arab types.

9/11 not only gave them an excuse to usher in a near dictatorship in our country, it allowed them to bring their racism out of the closet and into a very ugly bright light.


We’re going to have to to better than this – I googled “shrieking harpy”, and Pam doesn’t even crack the top 100 yet. (If it’s any consolation, at least half of the hits are for Ann Coulter.)

Googling “dolce & gabbana shriekbot”, on the other hand, provides a total of three links – all of them Pam.


We’re going to have to to better than this – I googled “shrieking harpyâ€?, and Pam doesn’t even crack the top 100 yet. (If it’s any consolation, at least half of the hits are for Ann Coulter.)

We definitely need a little more of a boost on this, but I’m confident we can do it. We’re climbing in the rankings. C’mon all you kids with blogs! Help us out! It’s for a good cause.

As for the Ann Coulter thing, I’m not convinced that it works. I’m pretty sure harpies are supposed to be female.


I hate that woman so much because of the tool she’s made her daughter into. I’ve seen a few other vlogs that she incorporated her kid into and it’s nauseating. It’s totally obvious that the kid is not politically aware (no shit shes like 10) and is only repeating things mommy told her to say or heard her say, and she just looks uncomfortable and wants it over with.

Yanking on her arms and pushing her out of frame. Clutching onto her as she speaks as if she’s afraid of what she’ll say. She fucking deserves to have her kid taken away until she takes therapy. Why doesen’t she just stick her hand up her ass and work her like a puppet?


Oh GOD! That thing SPAWNED?!

I’m waiting for the day when some right-wing (or left wing, I guess is also possible. Not as likely, but you know, can’t profile) nutjob blows up a commercial flight.
I haven’t been following the stories about crazy ladies the past few weeks, I dunno how many of them were eeeevil muzzl’ums.
Plus that thing I think Atrios linked to about some white kid who brought a “glorified firecrack” IED onto a flight.
But they’re not muslim, so they don’t need to be screened, right?

God. More reasons then ever to not fly anywhere. Cost, hassle, added time for security, delays, waiting for baggage, dealing with idiot people. Unless it’s cross-country, I’ll drive, thanks.


All I know after watching this (I didn’t finish) – and I couldn’t comment at her site, so looked around, was that if this woman was talking like this during any !@##$% flight I was on there would be a serious misunderstanding of purpose. I would tell her to shut her mouth.

Think of what’s she’s saying — none too quietly — while IN flight (as far as I can tell). She’s complaining, loudly, heatedly and non-sensically for the most part about lax and terrible security. WHILE ON THE PLANE. There’s a calming force for an airplane ride.

I really can’t believe the attendants didn’t tell her to can it.


Someday, maybe ten years from now, we’re going to see an engagement announcement for Ms. Tourtured Spawn of Atlas Pam and Mr. Spooky Arab Guy, and I will laugh my ass off. And then, when Pam goes off the interwebs the next day to recover from her conniption, I will laugh even harder and send the happy couple a fancy toaster.

Someone remind me that I said this. I know I’ll forget in ten years.


Ah, yes — the Myth of Wingnut Exceptionalism in action. The war in Iraq is the final combat between Good and Evil, but don’t even THINK about asking me or my kids or my family to give up our tax cuts, much less go fight over there. Affirmative action is race-baiting, unless I need the money or an extra few dozen points on my admissions test. And for Pam, “Everyone must make sacrifices in our all-encompassing War on Terr-Roar, but if you touch my bucket of foundation, you Useful Idiot, I will bitch & moan all over the internetz toobz, assuming I can’t get you fired, you child-abuser you!”

I wonder if the academic who invented the phrase ‘American exceptionalism’ realized exactly what calibre of Thinkaaah he was describing?

Y’know, I lived in the Midwest for many years (after growing up in New York City) and it never failed to amaze me how many people couldn’t tell “Italian” from “general Semetic” ancestry — assuming they gave a hoot about those differences in the first place. (Of course, they could spot (or thought they could spot) the difference between German, Swedish, and Danish backgrounds in a heartbeat. Says the person whose relatives can parse the difference between Irish and Scots lineages until dawn or the booze runs out, whichever comes first.) Drop Pam in the heartland, and see what percentage of the population identifies her as Some Kind of Ay-rab, especially after she’s been ranting & waving her hands around for a few minutes. And don’t think that the Lun-GGEYE-lint accent is going to tip them off, because there’s an irreducible minimum percentage (GW’s “base”) who think that all New Yorkers are Jewish, and there’s no difference worth discussing between the Jews and the Ay-rabs anyway…

As for the astonishment that Pamela might have held a “real” job — have you seen the NY Daily News? It’s not exactly competing for the highbrow intellectual market, shall we say. The Observer isn’t as fervently dedicated to the lowest common denominator, but I’ve always understood it was trolling for the same pool of readers as TNR (i.e., aggressive self-proclaimed Leaders on the make), and there are always managers who mistake egregious self-interest and loud repetition of the Latest Received Wisdom for intelligence, or at least saleability. Think Elspeth Reeves, only with that self-referential NYC twist. Not that it would surprise me if she’d tried sleeping with the guy who hired her, or at least suggesting to that guy’s boss that she might consider sleeping with him if other things went her way, but I don’t think it would actually be required. Because you can fool some of the people, some of the time, at least if you & they have a mutual belief in the “Big Brass Balls” theory of human hierarchal worth, and isn’t that Objectivism in a nutsack?


pam scares me.


“I really can’t believe the attendants didn’t tell her to can it.”

Actually, this vblog was filmed just before she whipped out the screwdriver and the jar of vaseline and said she had a note from Al Quaeda.

Seriously, my child went to school with a child whose mom had a, well, an anger management problem. We made the mistake of getting into a car-pool situation one year. One summer, before the next school year started, we heard the family had returned from a trip to Hawaii. The mom gleefully told us the story of her interaction with the flight attendants. Apparently, someone hadn’t gotten her a Coke as quickly as she wanted, and then later someone else had bumped someone and spilled some soda on her. She happily told us of how she had been told that if she didn’t sit down right now they were going to have the air marshalls restrain her and then she’d be escorted into Security upon landing at LAX.

That was when we made alternate car-pool arrangements.

Pammy reminds me of her…


I should mention that the mom was telling this story as if she was actually PROUD of it.


That little girl is really cute, poor thing. With any luck she’ll grow up to reject all her mother’s values.

I dunno. Personally, I think the kid’s adopted. There is no way that child could be the spawn of that shrieking harpy. She’s too cute, and the “mother” so soooo fugly.


Speaking of which, is it just me, or does the shrieking harpy have a rather prominent Adam’s apple?


“Snakes on a Plane II: Pammy’s Revenge”
And here’s an exciting clip from this 2007 release:
Nervous Passenger: “Stewardess? Stewardess!”
Stewardess: “Yes, sir?”
N. Passenger: “Well, that woman, [points] over there… Well, several large asps came sliding out of, um, her asphole! It was disgusting!”
[stewardess looks where the passenger is pointing and sees Pammy, ranting loudly and gesticulating wildly at a camcorder sitting on her tray table. Also, there are snakes, though Pammy doesn’t seem to notice them. She’s yelling about “Aaaayy-rab scumbags!”]
Stewardess: “Oh, noes!!1!”


“I’m sorry, but if I were her child, I would expect people to think I’m likely to commit mass murder. ”

If I were her child, I’d wonder when I could file for emancipation.


I would just be very amused by the shrieking harpy, only she’s a very scary shrieking harpy who has access to our {shudder} UN Ambassador and through him to who knows who else. So I think I am just a wee bit terror-ified by Ms. shrieking harpy.


“we’ve got a mother fucking windbag on this mother fucking plane!”


I didn’t realize she had a child.

Oh my god,that poor little girl. I didn’t see a daddy, so may I assume that Pammy’s her only role model?

Man, that kid is going to have ISSUES later.


Let’s face it. Pam was singled out because she looks like a terrorist. The dark features, wild look in her eyes, hyper behavior. She has said that the so-called innocent civilians in Lebanon strapped bombs to their children. Well?


she has FOUR kids. only the youngest one gets bullied into showing her face on the “vlogs”.

poor kids.


Right there with ya, RZ. Somebody call Social Services or something…


OK – shrieking harpy – but I’ll see your shrieking harpy and raise you a high quality woman.


It’s embarrassing to share a name with this lunatic, but I confess to taking pleasure in the fact that she’s flying coach.

The kids are in for a very rough time.


I’m just as happy to ridicule the wealthy and powerful as the next guy/gal, but why is the Finneran reference part of the punchline? The guy was/is deeply disturbed. I went to school with his son who killed himself a couple of years later, which makes it seem a little less funny to me.

“Rich Guy Goes Nuts” is cute, but “Rich, Mentally Ill Guy Goes Nuts” is just sad, isn’t it?


I didn’t see a daddy, so may I assume that Pammy’s her only role model?

A shrieking harpy eats its mate. Yummy yum yum!


Gah!!! My testicles!!!!!


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Flake on a plane.


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