Dep’t of, “I dunno guys, let’s find out together!”


Have they changed it yet? …Nope, not yet.

Tee hee.

Update: How low can personal grooming standars go?

Above: Marvin Olasky

[Hanx! Marita]


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That is funny…nice job spotting that.


Next time you provide one of your “links from hell”, would you kindly warn us that there’s a strong possibility that a huge pop-up window bearing Ann Coulter’s wrinkled and hypermasculine visage may appear first?

First the satanic cats, then Pneumatic Pam, and now this! This site is becoming weirder than the Fafblog…


And by clicking over, I discovered that they have quit even pretending to try to get five bucks for Coulter’s book, now it’s free for the asking. Sad…



I have constructed my whole life so as to have minimal contact with asshats like Marvin Olasky. I had to come to Hollyweird to do it, but you know what? It worked. You will rarely see a haircut that bad out here.


” Photographers moving other objects to more readily jerk tears.”
Wasn’t there this picture, can’t think of it, of some guy with a bullhorn after some big explosion, standing on rubble, let me think, like he walked up there and took the bullhorn and there was some service guy next to him, all real natural and stuff……


Whatever you do, don’t click on the ad for Novak-Coulter. It is actually a hard core porn. And at the end, Novak and Coulter bathe together in the blood of puppies and virgins. shudder…


Oh c’mon now, you just cherry picked a really bad picture of him.

Not all of his pictures are that bad, well except for this one, and this one, and maybe this one.

I expect Sadly, No! to have higher standars than this.

Karatist Preacher

Jefe – where did you find that bizzare watercolor picture? And who the hell took the time to paint it? And why?

You’ve just blown my mind…


The painting was a portrait Rush did during one of his classes at Sierra Tucson.


Good Lord, how old is that picture of Olasky? Those glasses could make the late Harry Carey green with envy.


How low can history standars go?

Now that Israel-Hezbollah War I is over…

Well, the first since Olasky started paying attention, anyway.


Regarding the substance of the “Human Events” story:

That kind of dastardly journalistic chicanery is just what you’d expect from that viper’s nest of liberal propogands, US News and World Report.


Regarding the substance of the “Human Events” story:

That kind of dastardly journalistic chicanery is just what you’d expect from that viper’s nest of liberal propoganda, US News and World Report.


I’d like to buy a D, please. And a really good barber…..



Righties talk about ‘photogate’ like it’s somehow important. Some photographer took a picture of a wedding dress in front of destruction. To make it more of a ‘tear jerker’. And this is wrong how?

What really gets to me is that they talk so dispassionately about it. Children killed by Israeli arms are being photographed so the world can see their monstrous work. And these wingers point at the picture – “look, I know this is a dead child, but it’s so staged! I couldn’t care less if the child is dead, just that it might make someone sad!”

These are the same people that support torture. Fucking Savages.


“This site is becoming weirder than the Fafblog…”
I guess someone has to fill the vacuum. Keep trying, Sadly, No!
It’s even fitting if you’re trying to leap into the breach because every day I click on Fafblog to see if there’s a new post but the answer is always “sadly, no”.


Wow. Do they let Marvin onto planes with those glasses? He could start fires!

I am the owl
I seek out the foul
Wipe ’em away
Keep America free
For clean livin’ folks like me

— Dead Kennedys


every day I click on Fafblog

sign up with (it’s free!) then you can see in a glance what blogs have been updated. Except Sadlyno, which doesn’t work for some reason.


Put a different toupee on him and I’d wonder where the “Vote For Pedro” shirt went.


Olasky. Isn’t he a former left-wing Jew who became a right-wing Christian? I have actually seen his mag while waiting for a haircut. It’s creepy enough, even though there were no pics of him.


I’d probably click on Fafblog anyway, Kathleen, I need my green fix.


It’s impossible to go amiss with Cathode Ray Tube glasses. He’s on the cutting edge — Gucci will have theirs out by Spring/Summer ’07.


I wonder if those ears can pick up DirecTV signals…


So, he’s angry because those photographers killed those children, right?


Hehe. Kill Piggy, Smokes.


Wow, I didn’t even know you could get Groucho glasses with the Alfred E. Neumann ears pre-attached!


aw, they fixed it. sad. i suppose they figured at least the headline should read correctly, since the rest of the piece is still nonsensical.


[…] Sadly, No! » Dep’t of, “I dunno guys, let’s find out together!â€? […]


Great catch. That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.


what an article. This chump says he knows photos are doctored because a professional news photog friend of his told him about all the staging he witnessed. Hello? Why doesn’t the photog friend just smap a few shots of this evil behavior…..



Did you have to ask someone to take that HEO screencap for you? I was given to understand from a certain shrieking harpy this is a very difficult task to perform.


McCulloch v. Maryland



You are not alone in your Fafblogian withdrawal. I and a few others are starting a compensation blog called I Miss Fafblog, Spot!

Born brand new today, still warm and squealing from the oven! You can even become a contributor if you email me…


Doodle Bean, excellent. It’s a trip to see that green then come to the white background I have as my default at S, N! The colors, maaaaan, the colors!

Was there any announcement from the trio about a hiatus or anything? Or did it just stop? I gave up going there ages ago.


Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Gavin, I’ve been your brother all my life, and I gotta say, your personal grooming standards haven’t ever been as high as this dude’s.


Um… Has Bryan been drinking again?


Dunno, but I’m totally out of avocado-papaya exfoliating gel. [sobbing] How did he know11!!!1?


Photos of bombing sites with clean and undamaged toys and stuffed animals perfectly positioned in front of them for maximum poignant impact. It’s possible that Mickey Mouse and others merely sprung up at those spots, but it’s much more likely that their placement was the product of intelligent design.

Yeah, unlike the amazing miracle whereby flowers, flags, teddy bears and other assorted items just sprang up outside the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.


Gavin, I’ve been your brother all my life, and I gotta say, your personal grooming standards haven’t ever been as high as this dude’s.

That might very well be true, but while our cute little Gavmo’s grooming standards may one day improve, the other gentleman’s experiences can only reinforce that you can’t wash off ugly.


Is that a nekkid guy with a purse in the background?I suspect that in about two hours, LGF’s crew of kerning experts will be all over this!


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