Shorter Crazy Jesus Lady Peggy Noonan

Broken Glass Democrats

In an ideal world, we would be ruled by Beavis and Butt-Head.

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What kind of medication is she on?!?


In an ideal world, we would be ruled by Beavis and Butt-Head

You mean we aren’t?


Nooner is most definitely OFF her meds!

Bush is normal? Only in Peggy’s tortured mind.


when does katha pollitt find the time off from google stalking her old boyfriend to churn out the shit she writes?
pollitt is a fat slag | 02.20.04 – 1:38 pm | #


Noonan seems seriously dis-illusioned with Bush. Look at this: what he said seemed true to me. SEEMED?

What next? … his policies kind of make sense? Mind you, Noonan specializes in a worshipful pose. Her normal propaganda rant makes you think she is climaxing. By comparising, this column is tepid and morose.


“The president bounded into the Roosevelt Room at 10:30 on a weekday morning with a flurry of aides behind him. He looked tanned, rested and perhaps preoccupied. He walked around the table and shook hands with everyone. Then he did something surprising. He sat down at the big brown meeting table and instead of offering an opening comment and then taking questions, as I’d expected, he simply talked to us about how he sees the world.”

In other words, he sat around and monologued the whole time instead of answering questions, and the journalists who were there listened in rapt attention instead of doing their job by holding the president accountable (i.e. asking him questions about how his fantasy world clicked with the one he was creating in real life). But of course, the real problem is that the media is liberally biased and too hard on poor George.

“the Republicans struggling with such questions as the weapons of mass destruction”

I’ve never heard ‘struggling’ used as a synonym for ‘outright denial’ before. That is still the stage the Republicans are on, by the way. In the year 2010, I still hear, read and talk to people who continue to whine that it’s not fair of us to say there were no WMDs just because seven years of occupation have failed to turn them up.

“Mr. Bush is the triumph of the seemingly average American man.”

You got one word right…

“He’s normal. He thinks in a sort of common-sense way.”

‘Tax cuts will increase government revenue.’ ‘I looked into the eyes of a KGB thug-turned-president, saw his soul and wasn’t worried.’ ‘I can take Iraq with only 138,000 troops even though it took by dad over 400,000 to take a country twenty times smaller.’ ‘Cutting taxes, then invading a country, then invading another country, but not raising taxes again, isn’t going to cause a deficit. Only liberals cause deficits.’ Oh yeah. Common-sense way, you betcha.

“Someone said to me: But how can you call him normal when he came from such privilege? Indeed he did. But there’s nothing lemonade-on-the-porch-overlooking-the-links-at-the-country-club about Mr. Bush. He isn’t smooth. He actually has some of the roughness and the resentments of the self-made man.”

Name one thing that George W. Bush was in charge of that he didn’t run right into the fucking ground, beginning with his car during his frat boy years at an elite East Coast campus and ending with the United States of America. Bush has limped from disaster to disaster to disaster for his entire life, and the only reason he managed to keep on going is because someone was always there to bail him out. Remember Spiro Agnew railing against college radicals who take ‘their politics from Castro and their money from Daddy?’ Bush is the poster boy for these guys, far more so than any straw-man characterization of the liberal elite.

Conservatives aren’t wrong to say that we’re led by an elite of privileged, sheltered, over-educated, under-experienced, under-intelligent morons who know as much about the rough side of life as they do about the dark side of the moon. Everything about the “liberal elite” myth is true, except for the part where it’s liberal.


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