Easily the Weirdest Survey Ad I’ve Ever Seen

I think this one’s even better than “Should Bush Bomb Iran? Vote Now!”


I wonder if gay couples are eligible to win.


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I love you, Brad. In a strictly platonic way.



You’ve gotta listen to Henry Rollins rant on henryrollins.ifc.com
“So, its unAmerican to question authority say these christian psychotics and fat cowards like Karl Rove? Fuck You!”

Its great.


Dude. It’s Olive Garden. Nobody but gay couples is even going to enter.


Free Olive Garden? Gay Marriage? Bush?

This is a recipe for indigestion.


Jeez, I really love that picture of W. Perhaps he’d just eaten at Olive Garden?


Um…if I remember my grade school government classes correctly, “Bush” can’t legalize anything, ever. That would be one of them other branches of gummint…Congress, I think, assuming we still have one of those….


These polls always remind me of DOS-era user interfaces.

Format disk (Y/N)?
Legalize gay marriage (Y/N)?
Eat the last piece of delicious Olive Garden(R) garlic bread (Y/N)?


gay couples would never enter an olive garden. We only have Olive Garden in New York so fatty from redstate will feel at home.


The salad is good. That’s about it.

Worst. Tiramisu. Ever.


Urgh, Olive Garden. I’m a Scotch-Irish guy from the cornfields of Illinois and even I can whip up better Italian food than that gastronomic hell-hole. I cannot, however, claim the ability to do truly authentic regional Italian dishes. So I ask those of you around DC: any fantastic Italian restaurants around here that you can recommend?


Abort, Retry, Fail: the Democrats since 2001 in a nutshell :-p


Now we know how Bush makes his policiy decsioin. “Hey, Condi, conduct a poll to see if we should invade North Korea — and ask the folks if we’re doing it to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here, or if we’re doing it for 9/11. (Avoid that whole WMDs thing, as we got in trouble with that last time.) Offer the people a free dinner at Olive Garden as incentive to vote. This is a democracy, damn it!, and we need to remember that!”


I see a hidden agenda in this:

Olive Garden is hoping to corner the whole Gay Wedding catering market for themselves


I had a buddy who worked at an Olive Garden once. Except for him and one or two other guys, every male that worked there was gay.

Smiling Mortician

I especially like the Vegas slot-machine vibe. Classy.


Come on, where your mandate joke?

He does look like he’s been waiting an hour for his deep fried lassagne with special sauce.


I am occasionally dragged to a large dinner at Olive Garden in South San Jose. Now, you gotta understand that I do NOT have an “evolved palate” and will pretty much eat, and enjoy anything. The only foods I don’t like are olives and capers, in fact. But that place is NASTY. Just bad, as in not good. So everytime I am forced to go there, I retaliate by stealing one of those really cool white hand – cranked cheese graters they leave at the table. I’ve got about seven of them now. You guys want one?



Looks like a sperm bank donor to me.

You know.



Heh. Heh-heh.

As a fag in Minnesota, I have to say: Heh. Heh-heh.

Yeah, most of the guys that tweak my gaydar at Olive Garden are probably Friends of Dorothy. Compare that to Red Lobster, though — even more! And that’s just the chain restaurants. My up-scale buddies get hired at the local, classier places. I call it gay-up-man-ship.


But at the Olive Garde you’re family!!

Apparently on my Mom’s side cause nobody in her family could cook worth a damn either!


I had a buddy who worked at an Olive Garden once. Except for him and one or two other guys, every male that worked there was gay.

Gay guys waiting tables? That’s unpossible!

Colonel Cathcart

I must have clicked the ad a hundred times and I still haven’t won the Olive Garden Dinner!!!

Now if I can just find a “Should Lieberman Run for Republicans” Free iPod Contest …


What’re you talking about? Olive Garden is truly authentic Italian cuisine! Try the baloney alfredo — it’s the best in the city.


And if you have to use the bathroom at Olive Garden, don’t forget to check under the toilet seat.

(I’m thinking of this only because my mother, completely unaware it was a hoax, sent me an e-mail about it just last night.)


baloney alfredo

Isn’t that Rudy Giuliani’s speciality?


Should Bush turn into Superman reverse the Earth’s rotation and stop 9/11 from happening? Y/N

Answer and you could win a free oil change from Jiffy Lube.


Olive Garden’s so lame, no one’s even ever got whacked in there.


“Hey! That’s not a garlic breadstick!”


Olive Garden is hoping to corner the whole Gay Wedding catering market for themselves

My Big Fat Gay Mediocre Greek Garlic Breadstick Wedding?


The salad is fair; everything else is shit. I love the look on the moron’s face. Is it the prospect of gay marraige or a meal at Olive Garden that’s generating that expression?


I retaliate by stealing one of those really cool white hand – cranked cheese graters they leave at the table. I’ve got about seven of them now.

mikey you rule.

I once saw this incredible short movie on POV about a woman with a pepper grinder obsession. She couldn’t not steal the grinders from the restaurant. She had hundreds of them in her apartment. It was so cool.


They leave them at the table there? Clas-SY!


When I grew up in Madison, every time someone got whacked at a restaurant, they closed the place down.

I worked at one failing restaurant run by an Italian family. One night, they tried to blame me for leaving the dishwashing machine heater on, which could have had dire consequences (I did turn it off). two weeks later, the restaurant burned down. Who could have predicted?

Here in Milwaukee, we have an Italian restaurant so authentic, that when someone gets whacked there the restaurant doesn’t even get shut down

I can’t imagine gays wanting to go to an Olive Garden. Work there, sure; not eat there.

I agree that mikey rules. I can just see the Olive Garden guys in accounting saying “what’s with this resstaurant? They’re spending five times as much as any other on cheese graters! Fire the manager!” heh.


Where’s Teh? Back me up on this: gays don’t dine at Olive Garden! It’s, it’s antisemitic to suggest so!


Fair enough Jeff. I ate at Olive Garden once, but I was young, and visiting a friend in Olympia, WA. There was nothing else!!!

Shit, I’d rather eat at The Stinking Rose (and no, they’re not that hot)…


Thank you, teh…

I’ve met family in all sorts of ridiculous settings back home in Alabama. I was very briefly in Olympia once; and, I swear to god, it was at the. Olive Garden.

Anyway, thanks for stepping up for me and all jews, or, in my case, atheist episcopalians who are also not-jews and not-straight.


The Olive Garden…where spices go to die.

It’s not authentic Italian unless somebody’s grandmother is in the back punching out the dough for ravioli using juice glasses.


When did they whack people in restaurants in Madison? I miss all the fun (assuming you mean the one that’s near Milwaukee).

Anyway, I had an excellent shrimp scampi at an Olive Garden in ’90 or ’91. I believe they immediately took it off the menu.


Bleah. Only time I’ve ever been to the Olive Garden was at a rendezvous of family members where we chose the midpoint between two outposts to meet, and it happened to be the Olive Garden on the beltway around Dallas-Fort Worth.

Between living in Little Italy/the West Village during the 70’s, and LA for the last 10 years, my expereince of both the low brow family-style Italian(red gravy) and the high end regional cuisine style Italian is such that I I cannot imagine any other situation where I’d set foot in an Olive Garden voluntarily.

In retrospect, I think even a Sonic Burger would have been a better choice on the DFW beltway.


Olive Garden beats Macaroni Grill, though, I’ll say. For what that’s worth.


And give me a break. A little newsflash here: not all of us of the lavender persuasion have good taste. Or any taste at all. After all, I post here. 😉

Oh, and I use smiley icons. 🙁

Seriously, I grew up in Iowa. How the fuggetaboutit am I supposed to know true Italian cuisine from pizza with mozzarella sticks? Or real seafood from Red Lobsterian fare? I mean, I never even had Polish sausage (all right, insert joke here) until I moved up to Minnesota.


It’s pasta and tomato sauce….does saying ciao, and having bad body odor make it more authentic? At least Olive Garden makes the sauces and soups fresh…chili’s, ruby tuesday’s, tgi friday’s and applebee’s are just reheating sysco’s frozen food. I not saying it’s the best, but you get what you pay for.


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