Knock-knock. Who’s there? It’s Watertiger.

Yep, grabbed a picture of Howard Dean and ineptly Photoshopped a little Hitler moustache onto him, in an assemblage of ‘Defeat-ocrats.’



(The Shaolin are coming with many men. Their Kung Fu is excellent.)


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Can I use this at FDL tonight?


Sure. Rock on, ‘Rex!


Meanwhile, Michelle MalKKKin is indulging in Glennocidal Tendencies:

Read these interesting reflections from Eteraz, a Muslim blogger on the British Muslim problem:


Bush looks seriously creeped out in that picture. Is that because Ann Coulter is rubbing her Adam’s apple against his back?


Meanwhile, Michelle MalKKKin…

I’m so glad that nickname is sticking. Makes me proud.


That’s the smallest cigar I’ve ever seen.


[Don Adams] SECOND smallest cigar [/Don Adams]


the British Muslim problem

omg not like the Jewish Problem!!!!1111 lol


Play video?

Where is the promised video?


I think Coulter needs a mustache, or replace her with kitty hitler.


I was clicking on that “Play Video” like mad! How disappointing! Come on!


Oh come on, Gavin. Making the chairman of the Democratic National Committee look like the most evil man in history isn’t nearly as bad as, say, Photoshopping in some extra smoke.

Also, as long as we’re talking about corrupt failures, could you please put up that picture of Hindrocket again? Yeah, you know the one.


No! Not the slurpy Hindrocket hotdog shot!! Nooooo!!!


Gavin. Love the Steel Reserve Beercheck. I’m a scotch drinker myself, but that does add credibility and, may I say it, Gravitas to your work. Bravo, man….



[rubs loins] Ohhhh….Rush……what a big….*cigar* you have there…….and the way the Bugman seems to be lovin’ it is teh hawt…..[/wingnut porn]


Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
And sometimes not. Compensating, Rush?


One thing that I’ve noticed more lately is the republican tendency to call us all sorts of names. I think this is increasing, since liberal is likely polling much better than say 4 years ago.

And I’m not just talking about Malkin, Rush, Hannity, etc. The Republican party is calling democrats names, mislabeling our party repeatedly (“the democrat party), and ramping up its vitriol.

Really, does Howard Dean call people names? He uses the term liar, incompetant, etc. But he has evidence to back that up. They are just making names up. It is so childish.

Notorious P.A.T.

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

And sometimes not. Compensating, Rush? ”

Let’s withhold judgement until, say, Rush is caught trying to board a plane with a suitcase full of Viagra.


I’m so glad that nickname is sticking. Makes me proud.

Thanks, TRex. I’m just doing my part to piss off the Fascist Reich.


Meet the Refucklishits! (that’s what I would have wrote, but I’m not that funny)


Is it just me, or does Rico Santorum (far right, natch) look disturbingly like Ed Grimley?

“I must say…”


Bush DOES look surprised.

I think Mr. Coulter is poking his behind with her tent-pole.


You spoony bard!


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