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Victor Davis Hanson writes today (yes, today!:)

But after the instability in Iraq and a cost nearing 400 combat deaths…

US casualties in Iraq: 547. (Of which, 408 since the end of major combat operations.)
Total coalition casualties: 647 (475 since the end of major combat operations.)

Update: Several readers have pointed out that Hanson is correct, to the extent that he was discussing combat deaths, excluding non-combat related deaths. While this strikes us as correct but in a meaningless sort of way, it is “correct.”


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I imagine, since he said “combat deaths”, his figure is technically accurate, if disingenuous. There have been a lot of so-called “non-combat related casualties”, such as an alarming number of suicides.


What Mad AZ Monk said. There’s also lots of accidents, since soldiers drive like bats out of hell to try to minimize the chance of being successfully shot at.


Yes, Hanson is indeed literally correct, for the reason stated by Mad AZ Monk. If you go to , Select Country “U.S.” and click on “Apply Filter,” it shows 380 U.S. “Hostile Fire” deaths and 167 U.S. “Non-Combat Related” deaths. says it’s 548 American deaths, of which 377 were “in combat.”


It would be wrong to confuse conservatives with facts.


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