That’s our Ben

Ben Shapiro offers the following:

I don’t think it’s right to comment on the burgeoning John Kerry sex scandal until all the facts are out. […]

Assuming Kerry did this, I don’t think it will hurt him very much. Republicans must be careful not to overplay their hand on this issue, and let it detract from attacking Kerry on the issues, where Kerry has been nothing less than a spinning top. This can’t become another anti-Clinton campaign, where sex scandals are pursued to the exclusion of all else. Besides, these are Democratic primary voters, and they couldn’t care less how many women Kerry has shtupped while married.

The part of this story that’s disturbing isn’t really Kerry’s adultery (big shocker there), but his alleged urging of the girl to get out of Dodge during his presidential run. That smacks of intimidation, and merely underscores Kerry’s opportunism. When he’s seeking political power, he’ll ditch anyone, hide anything. I don’t think that’s a good characteristic in a United States Senator, let alone a president. [Emphasis added]

Like Ben said, it’s not right.


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I think the most disturbing part of this story is Ben’s usage of the term ‘shtupped’.


I get the feeling we’re going to be reading about Ben one day on the front page of our newspapers, when he gets caught molesting children, and then goes on a shooting spree.


One wonders what part of Ben’s nether regions his head is up.

I guess he doesn’t edit what he writes.


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