Drunken party going on at FDL . W00T!


Who’ll be the first to repost this? Why, I guess we will. (The left-blogosphere seems for some reason to be suffering from a case of Cocktail Flu this morning.)


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5 seconds

2 seconds

got it.


Drunk? Lemme tell ya about the Jews!


It’s all over now, Baby Joe…


I was over there….

the carpet is destroyed, the cat is hiding, most of the good silverware is missing, and they’re blasting Loverboy at maximum volume out the windows….

But they don’t have any trolls! amazing. AND thye’re over 150,000 visitors today. Joe’s website crashed with, what, 17?

I’m going back after I change into swimming trunks, and grab some more tequila. They were gonna throw Trex into the pool…

Jane and Christy throw a helluva party, lemme tell ya.


Maybe Joe should have sprung for upgraded DSL.


Lieberman will win by over 20 points in November.

He’ll have the support of the GOP and the vast support of independents.

Ned Lamont (D-DailyKos) and his elitist far left views will end up a footnote in history.

And Lieberman will caucus with the GOP.


Lieberman will win by over 20 points in November.

Lieberman will blow me.

He’ll have the support of the GOP and the vast support of independents.

He’ll lose any support he had from the corporate, suck-ass kowtowing DLC scum.

Ned Lamont (D-DailyKos) and his elitist far left views will end up a footnote in history.

Lamont will get his foot all up in Lieberman’s ass AGAIN in November.

And Lieberman will caucus with the GOP.

In his new job as a pundit on FOX News.


Damnit, I broke the internets. I swear I closed that tag properly.


A 52-48 victory in a Democratic primary in Connecticut is not overwhelming. In fact, it’s a result that could be produced by the Democrat method of making dead people vote.


There, are we fixed yet?


Yet a 51-49 victory in a Presidential election was an overwhelming success in 2004.



¿What ees “zep”?

¿Ees that some kind of German term for “Kicked DLC Ass from Here to Nova Scotia?

Eef so, joo are correct.



Oh! I wanna play too!

The Republican candidate will win by 60 points.

Connecticut will be re-named Lieberland, and will swear undying loyalty to Dear Leader.

The Great Patriot Investigations will begin, resulting in liberal dogs being gunned down in the streets by America-Loving Patriots.

Bush will be re-elected for a third term. Hey, if he does it, it CAN’T be unconstitutional!

Terrorists will finally decide that they can’t possibly win and just go home.

The fact is that, once the Army of God has marched forth across the lands, God will end the Earth, and the Holy War Bringers will be taken unto paradise and heaven, while evil Peacemongers will be stuck in hell forever, forced suffer for the untold anguish they brough upon the land by slowing the Great March Foreward.

You guys need to try this, it’s crazy fun!


Gary Ruppert said,
“A 52-48 victory in a Democratic primary in Connecticut is not overwhelming”

Arrima tu Prima, eet’s more than “overwhelming”…

Eet’s a mandate, joo leetle beetch!



Didn’t our idiot savant, emphasis on the “idiot,” Gare Bear predict that ol’ Joementum was gonna handily win the primary? I could look up the exact comment, but why bother? We all know that Gary is so full of shit that his snots are brown.


One down… how many is that to go?


I see Ruppert is back here after getting his ass (rhetorically) whipped at Eschaton. Nice to see that his idiocy is still intact.


Meanwhile, over at Redstate.com, Pejman is explaining how Lamont’s win will be bad for the Democrats (he had also prepared a piece explaining how a Lamont’s loss would be bad for the Dems and has several in the cooker that will explain how winning back Congress and eventually the White House will be bad for the Dems).

Leading to this hilarious comment from one of his readers:

“Romney/Coburn 2008 = Unbeatable”


I think S,N! throws the best parties myself…

when is the next kegger here anyway?


A 52-48 victory in a Democratic primary in Connecticut is not overwhelming. In fact, it’s a result that could be produced by the Democrat method of making dead people vote.

And the dead never vote for the powerful, well-connected, DLC machine-supported incumbant; they’re crazy for change those dead folks.

And did I hear you’re you cheating on us with Eschaton, you cad?


Gary’s description of a bear attack: “…and with my hand clenched between his teeth, I threw him on top of me…”


Gary has all the perspicacity and prescience of that boring prophet in “Life of Brian”.

“There shall, in that time, be rumours of things going astray, erm, and there shall be a great confusion as to where things really are, and nobody will really know where lieth those little things wi– with the sort of raffia work base that has an attachment. At this time, a friend shall lose his friend’s hammer and the young shall not know where lieth the things possessed by their fathers that their fathers put there only just the night before, about eight o’clock.”


Tom Delay is going to move into Gary’s house in November

George Bush is going to resign to start a bruch clearing seervice in Poland.

Gary is going to move to Massachusetts so he can legally marry Jose Chung.

John McCain will lose his race, even though he’s not running, because he’s such a losingest loser WATB.

Hillary Clinton will win her election walking away and will give all Democrats HUGE tax breaks. Republicans, of course, will all get small rocks.

The ladies at Firedoglake will be named the most attractive, friendliest, smartest, and bestest bloggers IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, and all puppies and kittens will be their friends. (this one is true).

Sadly, No will spend ONE ENTIRE DAY without broken tags!


In soviet Connecticut, Republicans vote on you! What a country!

Seriously Gary:
What’s so bad about the Republican nominee for the Senate that would cause Republicans to vote instead for a Democrat running as an independent?

Dream on, fat lad.


Gary, these words sound familiar?

“It’s time for Joe Lieberman and his friends in the Washington Establishment who distrust Ned Lamont to acknowledge that Ned is now the Democratic Party’s nominee for U.S. Senate, and that we as Democrats undermine our nominee’s credibility at our party and our democracy’s peril.�

Ezra Klein paraphrasing JOE’S OWN WORDS.

Lieberman is the worst sort of politician. A craven, sniveling weasel who will sell every one of his friends and his party to cling to his power. A man who has no use for integrity, ethics, and loyalty, except as a club to beat his fellow travelers down in order to maintain his profile in the most hypocritical, sleazy, underhanded way. He has no compundction at lying, cheating, stealing, or fraud to get his way. He’s a sperm-burping gutter slut who blows Fox news anchors in the morning and Karl Rove in the afternoon, while evenings are spent rolling old ladies and setting winos on fire. The interests of his constituents, and the rights of the American People, are so far from his mind he’d have to rent the Palomar Observatory telescope to see them. He kicks puppies and collects cats for Bil Frist, and enjoys feeding hamsters to snakes in his spare time.

I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

By all means, you Republicans can have him. He’s yours, enjoy it. Except now that he’s damaged goods, he’s not gonna get any more support from the Right, because they are as craven, cowardly, and disloyal as Joe is.

Joe is going to be treated to a long line of Democrats and his constituents telling him in letters, by phone, and in person to drop out of the race and not prolong this stupid charade any longer, because his epic beat down as an independent is going to be bad for his self-respect. He’s going to be beaten like a rented mule.

Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John Edwards, and Rahm Emmanuel have already this morning come out in support of Ned Lamont. Harry Reid is already being petitioned to strip Lieberman of all his Democratic assignments, if Joe insists on defying the voter’s will. Joe is an embarassment, and will become an albatross hanging around the neck of whoever supports him in November. You take him, Gary, he’s yours. If he’s such a prize, you guys run him as President in 2008.


Karatist Preacher

That was fun last night – met a lot people that I only knew through online identities…Chris and Matt and Jerome from Mydd, Atrios, Jane Hamsher (she’s hot), T-Rex, and all of the local CT bloggers. Best of all we won. Best of all Ned opened up the bars at the end!


I agree Gary,

“And Lieberman will caucus with the GOP.”

Lieberman has been acting the GOP cock about all this.


There’s a laderino who’s sure as shootin’
That all that glitters is gold-didly-old,
And she’s buying a stair-didly-airway to –

Oh, Ned Lamont.

Never mind.


“Romney/Coburn 2008 = Unbeatable�

that reminds of the good ol’ days with Gary and his “Cheney/Bolton ’08: Keep America Rolling” comments.

Where are we now on that, Gary? Haven’t seen you post about that in a while.


In fact, it’s a result that could be produced by the Democrat method of making dead people vote.

The Democratic Party: Proudly catering to the zombie vote for over fifty years.

Njorl, you almost made me snort soda up nose.


The real test of whether or not the Democratic party has decided to change its ways at all will be to see if Lieberman holds any of his committee seats in Congress now that he’s announced his intention to leave the Democratic party.

Let’s just say I’m not holding my breath.

I’m glad y’all are excited; the Democratic party, however, still sucks. All that’s changed is that it sucks a little less today. Sorry to harsh your mellow and all….it’s been a long week for me, and I’m cranky.


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