Now You’ve Done It

Well, TBOGG asked for it, and now he’s inspired the wrath of a far more formidable opponent than Pattycakes could ever hope to be:

Any of you have a problem with Rush can just meet me at my home. I’m standing Naked in a Great Big Pentacle with my Hair swept back facing a Future of Religious Intolerance with the only weapons available to me; Fine Guitar Work, and Ritual Suicide. So There!
Tashikoma | 08.06.06 – 4:47 am | #

The Editorz had better go to battle stations, if he knows what’s good for him.

You’re truly fuct, TBOGG! The legions of Canuckistanoid
Robonerd Air Drummers nakedly declare blogging jihad!


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That’s it! You’re getting reported to the UN Security Council. Bogus WMDs in Iraq are ok, but this crosses the line. You’re all outed!


My diplomacy failed. The belligerents are just too determined to annihilate each other.


Umm, shouldn’t that be “Fine Guitar Work, Ritual Suicide and Makhani Chicken”?

Just Sayin



But with an ass like that on Mr. 2112, a Sadly, No! victory is assured. Surely.

Emerson v. Lake v. Palmer


Jeez, you guys are bored with slamming Pasty and Patty and the RenewAmerica drones, so now you gotta pick on Rush?

You deserve it if Dr. BLT comes over here and sits on your heads.

Yes, I said it and I’m not going to take it back.


Noo, TC, that’s not it at all.

See, I’m a relatively moderate Rush fan. Love the music, but most of the other fans embarass me. Sorta like how Trekkies ruined Star Trek for the casual fan. Anyway, so I tried to stop some of the worst of the Rush bashing by hardcore Rush-hater The Editors. But now the hate has spread to TBOGG, and next will be the counter-attack. I’m just saying with this post, “don’t say I didn’t warn ya”.


This is the second time I’ve wondered why my fellow Canucks were defending that lard-assed hillbilly-herion-addicted windbag – then it dawned on me that you were referring to Rush the Band, not Rush the Liar.


How can anyone sing along with the words “mean, mean pride” and not puke?

TBogg is wrong about best live album evar. Its The Allman Brothers, Fillmore East. Nothing Little Feat ever di can come close to Stormy Monday, Whipping Post, Hotlanta. I do think both bands were coked out of their brains that night.


I typically don’t like live albums. The experience is part of the compromise – when you see a band live, you get to experience the process of making music, but you don’t get shiny polished songs, you get what they can create that night. Therefore, the studio albums tend to be more pleasurable to listen to, and the live experience is best left to concerts. That said, here’s my two cents. Whether you like the music or not (I do), “Frampton Comes Alive” has got to be considered one of the great live albums of all time, just because of what it is, what it means and what it has become. My personal favorite is “Stand in the Fire”, but I’m a HUGE Zevon fan and saw him play live MANY times. And as the exception that proves the rule, “Mohammed’s Radio” on the live album is WAY better than any studio version ever produced. Just sayin.

That said, the best live show in the world today is Roger Clyne. If you get a chance, don’t pass it up. It’s a very special experience…



Once we have stomped Rush into a well-deserved hole in the ground, all you’ll have left is Tom Cochrane (the Richard Marx of Canada) to defend your borders

No. You can’t claim Neil Young. He’s ours now.



“Frampton Comes Alive” is good, but the engineers turned up the volume on the audience to make ’em sound raucous. Kinda the opposite of the Dean Scream. So, nope, not the best. It be tainted.


Great Live Albums:

Velvet Underground: Velvet Underground Live 1969

Mission of Burma: The Horrible Truth About Burma


Hey man we worked hard in Rio!


Sure 1970’s Rush has some overbearing Randian themes (on 2 out of 5 or 6 or so albums). Late 1980’s and early to mid 90’s are lyrically pretty interesting Oh, Neil Peart is awesome, Lifeson does a bunch of non-traditional guitar solos, and Geddy Lee is amazing on base. The wing-nuts have ruined so much, don’t cede to them Rush too. Lefties can claim Pink Floyd, yet they have their emabarrasssing moments too.


You all suck!!11!!!1!!!!1! Rush is way awesume! Getty Lee R4WKS!!1!!You posers can pick on them all you want, thats just because; you don’t understand their genus, and in case I failed to mention it earlier, YOU SUCK! It’s like you think that you are the priests of the Temples of Syrinx or something. Your great computers fill the hallowed halls with your unwonted abuse. Tell me something, mister. Why’d you have to make us so uptight? There’s no need to be so negative. You should begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion unobtrusive. You may not choose to do so, but if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

Oh yeah, I forgot to accuse you all of having latent or active homosexual tendencies, and of enjoying frequent oral copulation. This is, of course, intended to be a scathing insult for some reason, so please take it as such.

And dont’ forget about the trees! The maples want more sunlight, but the oaks ignore their pleas! OK, that’s one’s a bit weird.

Hate Encrusted Eyes

Rush are pinko leftists who like to rock.
That makes them ok in my books.
They’d make a better president than Bush, but then again so would dry cow turd.


Don’t cede Rush to the Right! They grew out of the Randoidism before they hit 30. Thats not so bad. They’re pro-science, pro-community, anti-TV-Culture, anti-war, pro-environment – they are paragons of the left, dammit.


Out of curiosity: Did anyone else think that the lead singer from that Stereophonic video was Will from Will & Grace? I’m so glad he’s found a new gig since that show went off the air. Such a nice boy.


See, I’m a relatively moderate Rush fan. Love the music, but most of the other fans embarass me. Sorta like how Trekkies ruined Star Trek for the casual fan.

Agreed, Retardo. I have been a Rush fan since Moving Pictures, and while it’s cliche, their albums have been a soundtrack to my life. I know every song, probably every drum fill, and so on. Yet I more or less keep it to myself. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Rush fans who are like rabid Kevin Smith fans.

The hatas can have their laughs. It’s water off a duck’s back at this point.


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