Being Ann means never having to say you’re sorry

Ann Coulter, February 11, 2004:

There was no bravery [for Max Cleland] involved in dropping a grenade on himself with no enemy troops in sight. [Emphasis added]

Ann Coulter, February 18, 2004:

LIBERALS are hopping mad about last week’s column. Amid angry insinuations that I “lied” about Sen. Max Cleland[.] … Liberals are not angry because I “lied”; they’re angry because I told the truth.

Sadly, No!

In fact, Cleland was wounded picking up a grenade that someone else dropped, during what he says was a combat mission.

“I volunteered for a combat mission with the 1st Air Calvary division going into break the siege at Khe Sahn, and if that isn’t a combat mission, you ought to ask some of the people that were there and the 200 guys that were killed in that mission.”


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More than just liberals are angry — decent human beings everywhere are angry about Coulter’s statements. One of the most effective ways to counter Coulter during television/radio interviews is for the host to ask firmly: Ann, do you really believe that? This gives her only two choices: Either she doesn’t believe her statement and she’s a slanderous liar for hire, or she does believe her statement and she’s psychologically unwell. Mike Barnicle pioneered this gambit.

What I would really like to see is both Coulter and Cleland on-air in the same studio, face-to-face. I would love to have Cleland ask her for a dance. I think Max would do it, too.


Gotta Admit, She’s Plucky – For A Vicious Little Coward

Let me read from the citation he received for the Silver Star, obtained from Senator Miller’s Web site.

Captain Cleland distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous action on 4 April, 1968 ….. during enemy attack near Khe Sanh.

When the ba…


Cavalry, I think. Though I guess it was Calvary for Cleland.


What Ann Coulter said it her article was true. If you take it out of context, it sounds cruel. The truth is, she was challenging comments made by Terry McAuliffe who said he left his limbs on the battlefield, and a reporter for that said Cleland lost his limbs to a Viet Cong grenade. He didn’t. He lost his limbs to an American grenade. I’m not taking anything away from Cleland and either was Ann. What she was pointing out was they hypocricy of the liberals in trying to use Clelands accident to further attack George Bush.


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