Thanks, but we’re pretty happy with our Talking Ann Coulter Doll


The internet brings us news a cool and exciting allegedly new kind of robot is about to be released. We’ve looked at the features and discovered that they essentially match those of our own very special Ann Coulter doll. In fact, it appears to be nothing more than the doll in a new casing. To wit:

the RoboSapien features…

  • 67 pre-programmed functions including pick-up, throw, kick, sweep, dance, fart, beltch, rap, and half-a-dozen different kung-fu moves.

  • Speaks fluent international “caveman”.
  • Three demonstration modes: Disco dance, Rude behavior, and Kung Fu kata.
  • Simple enough for kids, advanced enough for adults
  • Real multi-speed fast dynamic walking, running, and turning.
  • Fast, full function arms with two types of grippers.
  • The similarities are uncanny.


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    But your Coulter doll has a bigger Adam’s apple…


    The robosapien CAN’T be based on AnnCoulter-it has no adam’s apple!


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