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Guys- I love trashing Patterico as much as the next person, but por favor, do not post his — or anyone else’s — personal contact information in the comments. As Thers notes:

Nobody “deserves” to be given shit in their private life because of online nonsense.

I should know. I hold no brief for Patterico, but leave his home & work life out of this crap, please.


Retardo-san adds: I, Pattycake’s Worst Person Evar!!!, most emphatically concur with Bradrocket and Thers.

PS — Message for Pasty: I’m still mocking you! Bawk! Bawk! Bawk! Bawk!

Still, no matter what a psychotic chickenhawk coward Pasty is, Brad’s rule applies to the subhuman as well. And same goes for even the sub-subhuman, like Pasty-o-head’s own Pablo honey. S,N!’s policy is to call them what they are, but not to sink to their level by “outting” them. And since that’s our policy, that’s your policy as commenters here, too.

Bradrocket adds: BAWK! BAWK! BAWK!


The Scopes Monkey Trial


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And this is why I love you guys.


May we still taunt him endlessly with many vile expletives and childish insults? May we question his parentage? May we mock him and deliberately misrepresent his words? Well, all right then.


Are we required to condemn the posting of his address, or can we just not give a damn? ‘Cause I’m about there. I wouldn’t do it myself, and I think you’re right to delete it, but I sure as hell ain’t dropping a buck in anybody’s paypal account because of it.


I kniow who Patterico is

he lives at

One Weasel Lane
Weaselton, USA


BTW, I demand a full-on Pedantry Party on the subject of whether it’s “outting” or “outing”.


I thought he emigrated here from “Weaseltopia.” Huh.


Shorter Brad R and Retardo: “Everyone please refrain from sinking to Patterico’s level.”


“Everyone please refrain from sinking to Patterico’s level.�

Good advice in most any circumstances.


Has there ever been a bigger attention whore than Patterico? I enjoyed this:

Do you people really think that threatening to try to cost me my job is an appropriate response to that?

No, I thinking seeing him lose his job is an appropriate response to seeing taxpayer money spent on his salary while he writes 50 posts a day about Glenn Greenwald and Retardo and Sock Puppets. Sheesh! The guy spends 95% of his time getting into flame wars and he’s concerned someone is trying to get him fired? Hell, if I were a taxpayer in LA (which I’m not), I’d make it my mission to get the guy fired.


Oh, man. I just read the exquisite wankfest that is the entire Bawk Bawk thread. I owe you boys and your commenters an apology for assuming someone actually ever intended to post his info here. Is there any greater lack of self-awareness or irony than Patterico completely missing the point behind “I wasn’t talking about that address”? Hint: If you pretend that was you saying it to Tbogg, it might help.

And I love the notion of someone who is apparently a real live adult and prosecutor saying “Sure, I meant to do something nasty, but since it turns out it didn’t bother you anyway, it’s like it never happened!” Don’t these guys need to know about intent and motive and shit? Just askin’.


Patty & Co seem to have an odd take on the terms “honesty” and “courage”. You see Patty proudly proclaiming that his logic is superior to others because he posts using his “real name”, and chastises anonymous posters for lacking his “courage”. Sadly, he then displays his cowardice and dishonesty by whining about the position he has gotten himself into, and throws a fit about threats which have not even been made to him yet.


Brad—sadly no!

I didn’t see my Home address that I posted in the comment’s.

One reason I posted my home address here last night to was show Crybaby Patrick Frey (AKA) Patterico HOW MUCH of a Cowardly Baby he really is.

I didn’t know that was your website policy not to have home addresses posted here. I Apologize.

Anyway, how about this for a new Patrick Frey nickname? (It’s Original)

Are you ready?


I Like It already.


The OJ Simpson Case


I know about that address, he can’t possibly live at 1060 W. Addison. Jake and Elwood NEVER talked about him.





The Three Investigators & The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot


Retardo name-checks the 3 Investigators.


“I knew Jupiter Jones. I have read the adventures of Jupiter Jones. You, Patterico, are no Jupiter Jones.”


Why is it that a lack of humor is a common trait among all of these ‘authoritarian character structures?’


“I demand a full-on Pedantry Party ”

Can we wear those puffy Pedant Pants?

Seriously, that thread was like one of those parties your friend gives when his parents are out of town and someone posts it on myspace and you end up with people from the valley and orange county puking in the pool.


Except that with a party, you can always put on the William Shatner album (the old one) or the Bruce Willis album and clear it out.

Nothing can clear out an infestation of right wing loons. Gotta call VexCon.


VexCon? Are they the outfit that has the honkin’ huge fiberglass “wingnuts” on the top of their trucks?


I kniow who Patterico is

he lives at

One Weasel Lane
Weaselton, USA

Really? I’ve heard he recently moved to the exclusive suburb of Ferretville Heights…

The Hardy Boys: Mystery of the Whale Tattoo


Hey Mario, for those of us who don’t live in L.A. and haven’t thought about the OJ trial for at least a decade, could you give us a synopsis of who you think did it?


The County of Hazard v. Bo and Luke Duke


“could you give us a synopsis of who you think did it?”

That would make all this worth it.


Mark S,

Here is what I have Concluded at this point with everything That I have been through in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga.

OJ Simpson “KILLED” Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, and he had help doing it. My Ex-in Law, Rocky Bateman (OJ Simpson’s regular limousine driver for a certain period, and was also doing “Busness” with OJ Simpson) unloaded “The Missing Bag” and it’s contents in a lake in the early morning hours of June 13th, 1994. Rocky also disposed of other items for OJ Simpson on June 14th, 1994.

It’s very long and involved……………..and it isn’t over by a long shot. OJ Simpson has been/ and still is playing a “Chess Game,” so to speak, with LOT’S of people…………..



Thanks, Mark. Thanks a lot.


annieangel v. Shoelimpy™


I missed so much beig at work…

I think Patty is spoiling you guys. He makes it sooooo easy.


Is “KILLING” someone different than just plain killing them? Whew, that OJ case sure is “complicated”!


OJ Simpson has been/ and still is playing a “Chess Game,� so to speak, with LOT’S of people…………..

Really? like one of those guys in the park, playing three people
all at the same time ? Cool.


Gratis, what did I do? Would you prefer

patterico patterico skdfhsdk;fjgl;dkfjgl;dkjgpo;aedkrjgoeprijgeorjiv305803259803458

Also, Mario, why do you put “KILLED” in quotation marks? I mean, people sometimes put things in quotes to mean the opposite. Ok, did OJ kill Nicole and Ron Goldman, as in slashing them himself? Was he the slasher?

I realize there were plenty of people who helped OJ cover up what he did. They are called accessories after the fact. I’m just talking about who did the actual murder. And if it was OJ, then stop bothering Patterico (who I’m not sure even works in homicide), who couldn’t do anything if he tries.

a different brad

I have nothing constructive to add here, except an important precedent which has yet to be cited, as far as I can see. I think it adds quite a bit to the discussion.


Your Ass v. A Hole In the Ground


Mark S,

I hope you realize that LOT’S of people in The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office won’t even address The OJ Simpson Case anymore because so many people on The Prosecution’s side broke-the-law in this case, their own laws.

Me? wanting Patterico, Patrick Frey to look into The OJ Simpson Case?
Where did you get that idea? NO WAY. Here’s how much I trust Patrick Frey:

ZERO, NOTHING, NADA, 0000000% MoreZer0000000’s.

OJ Simpson stabbed Ron Goldman repeatedly while someone held Goldman, and more…….. OJ Simpson took out Nicole Simpson by himself.



Extensive research has revealed that Mr. Paddy (esq.) specializes in
prosecution of middle-schoolers for skateboarding violations.

It’s a dirty and dangerous job, but someone’s got to do it.


Mark S.,
I must prefer the Patty Man. No, really, it’s true.

Also, though I’m not quite the attorney PattyCake is (ok, I’m not an attorney at all) I’d say if OJ killed Nicole/Ron then he’s protected by that pesky thing called “double jeopardy” (or something like it). So, um, what’s the point again?


Peanut Butter v. Jelly



OJ Simpson is safe from being prosecuted for double murder yes, but he is not safe for being prosecuted for other crimes he committed connected to his Case.


The OJ Simpson Case


You know, this sort of thing is why I never sleep. Way too funny.


Is it me or was the O.J. Simpson case like 10 years ago? Y’all better be careful before I start bringing up discrepancies and inaccuracies in the Bruno Hauptman case.


I think it is imperative that we argue the merits of the Sacco and Venzetti case right now!


OJ KILLED them? Holy shit. Geez, mario, thanks for the update. ‘Cause I was pretty sure that Mr. Mustard did it in the Conservatory with the Lead Pipe.



Yogi vs. Mr. Ranger


I just spent my lunch break reading the monster thread below and….wow….just, wow. On the one hand, you have the certifiable: Pattycakes, *shudder* Deb Frisch *shudder* and Mr. “Nobody gives a rats ass about OJ Simpson anymore because, you know, people are being slaughtered in the Middle East” TYPES IN CAPS. On the other, the S,N! regulars who snark away. I especially loved the image of a bear with a chainsaw that’s now implanted in my subconcious.


I especially loved the image of a bear with a chainsaw that’s now implanted in my subconcious.

Teddy Chainsaw Bear? I didn’t like him as much as Johnny Switchblade, or the Bag ‘o Glass. General Tron’s Secret Police Confession Kit and Doggie Dentist were awesome, too.

Freshly Squeezed Cynic

I’m thinking of creating these t-shirts that say “I’m an anonymous pussy”, you know, just because Patterico saw through our meaningless lives with a deft swipe of his keyboard. Just out of contrition to him and Jeff Goldstein, our obvious internet over…

I’m sorry, I couldn’t say all of that with a straight face. That thread is like the internet version of the Somme. I’ve been there, man, I’ve seen the horror.


Mr. T vs. Everything


Sadly, No! – the abattoir for wingnut morans.

Tonya Harding Was Framed!!


Patterico is the wingnut comedy gift that never stops giving.


Has Patterico put together the swingset yet?




I have no problem with “outing” (as opposed to “outting”)

But, as for outing, Feh, I’ve moved on to pop-psych deconstruction.

First working hypothesis: he’s gotten away with something that’s really eating him out from the inside.


Does anyone know who Henry Holland is?

Is he an acquintence of Patrick Frey’s maybe.

He has addressed me here twice:

You Can’t Be Serious

Posted at 17:20 by Brad R.




The OJ Simpson Case

Her Doktor Bimler

Struth. I thought that things would calm down while I was away in the mountains for the weekend, but sadly not. Mikey, have you checked the levels on your whisky bottles? Because it looks like some people had the keys to the liquor cabinet.
The Makropoulos Case


Crazy doesn’t sleep, Doktor.


Older Patterico–All you pussies writing your pussy thoughts under your pussy pseudonyms. The only possible reason you could have for writing under a psuedonym would be that your a big pussy and your ashamed of your pussy ideas. Be a man, like Jeff Goldstein and his magnificent cock!

New Patterico–My goodness, the intertubes seem to be populated with people willing to interfere with my personal life and subject me and my family to harassment. And it is awfully easy for someone to take my real name and use the interwebs to get my address and my work information. If only there were some way to keep these strange people out of my personal life…
Pinky v. The Brain


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