Why do Federal Prosecutors hate America?

Mr. Convertino tells Mr. Ashcroft FU, FU and FU:

WASHINGTON (AP) – A federal prosecutor in a major terrorism case in Detroit has taken the rare step of suing Attorney General John Ashcroft, alleging the Justice Department interfered with the case, compromised a confidential informant and exaggerated results in the war on terrorism.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Convertino of Detroit accused the Justice
Department of “gross mismanagement” of the war on terrorism in a
whistleblower lawsuit filed late Friday in federal court in Washington.

Justice officials said Tuesday they had not seen the suit and had no

Officials did remark that the weather is lovely at Guantanamo Bay this time of the year, making it an ideal place to spend an indefinite period of time “relaxing.”

Convertino came under internal investigation last fall after providing information to a Senate committee about his concerns about the war on terror. His testimony came just months after he helped convict some members of an alleged terrorism cell in Detroit.

The government now admits it failed to turn over evidence during the trial
that might have assisted the defense, including an allegation from an
imprisoned drug gang leader who claimed the government’s key witness made up his story.

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