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Does anyone else think this ad campaign is kind of strange?

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I mean, after all, you’d think a big-shot Hollywood liberal idiot like Al Franken could afford to buy his own vacation home.


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As for me, I want to rent my summer house to Jonah Goldberg so I can come home in the fall to find Twinkee filling smeared all over the couch…

…I *hope* it’s Twinkee filling, at least…

Brian Schlosser

“The next thing you know, he might try to join the country club! Or use the beach! You gotta know the folks here are ‘our type’, otherwise, you never know what kind of swarthy …people might show up. You know, the type that start all the worlds wars…wink wink…”


Plus, just think about what a liberal houseguest might do to your computer keyboard while you’re away.


As long as he doesn’t mess the place up, why should I care what his political views are? Hell, I’d rent my hypothetical vacation home to Nazis if they clean up after themselves. If they don’t, that’s what the damage deposit is for.

In Vino Veritas

Doesn’t that violate the Fair Housing Act?


I’m with Vino on that one. The ad wreeks big time.


I expect this ad to have a big political impact, especially on the group of swing voters who are rich enough to rent out their vacation homes in places Al Franken might want to visit. I think it might have been more effective if they’d used another liberal icon like Kanye West or Jesse Jackson, however; the ad would then have a clearer historical resonance.


Wow. “The right people, the right place to do business.” That’s about as blatant as you can get without decorating the site with white hoods and swastikas, isn’t it?

By the way, Brad, that’s not Twinkee filling…

It’s “J-Pod Juice”.

And you’re soaking in it.


I live not far from Franken. I saw him on the subway about a year ago. (Then again, Bloomberg rides the freakin’ subway and he’s richer than God.)

I think it’s strange because I’m sure Franken would conscientiously tidy up your vacation house on Sunday afternoon — he is from Minnesota, after all, and leaving it a mess wouldn’t be nice.


Could be worse. “Ever found one of these floating in your pool after the renters leave?”


What’s a vacation home?


Yeah that’s a good marketing strategy; alienate roughly half the country before they’ve likely even heard of your service.


This is because money in liberals’ possession isn’t as valuable as the money that neo-cons have.


this sounds like the elitist-snob-wingnut-fool version of my dad’s “vote with your dollar” campaign. ‘course, daddy just stays away from chik-fil-a and their christian fundamentalist chicken, but when you’re dealing with that manner of estate-tax-cheating richness, you have to aim higher.

liberal idiot. feh.


I can think of fewer things that are stupider than restricting rental of a vacation home to people who “think like you do.” Although, now that I think of it, if you don’t impose that sort of limitation, then you might wind up losing the big annual boat race to that goofy band of misfit renters (despite your best efforts to sabotage them), and the prize money will let them save Grandma’s house from foreclosure, preventing you from bulldozing it and turning Snoot’s Cove into the next Hamptons.


Proof their man in the white house is a uniter, not a divider. YAY!


For whatever it’s worth, for a few years in a row back in the nineties my extended family and I would rent the same incredible place in Incline Villiage every new years week. The owners lived in DC and we only met them once. They were horrible wingnuts, biggoted and nasty, too much money, makeup and perfume. And truth to tell, I don’t think they liked us much either. But they were happy to rent to us and we LOVED that place. It was so cool. There were remote controls for the window blinds! I mean, this place was AMAZING…



Did you know he was a Jewish Jewy-Jew? We like our House Heebs, but really, would you rent to them? Your compound is not a ghetto. Don’t rent it like one.


Apart from the desire at the NRO to keep their vacation homes judenfrei, I applaud the balkanization of ads. Isn’t the real money in products that can hit a wide demographic irrespective of ideology?

For example, we’ll know that, say, dailykos has really arrived when it attracts ads from everyone. If the NRO’s collecting ads only from right-wing nitwits, they’ve failed to speak outside their shrinking market. Good.


I like how his microphone says LIBERAL right on it, presumably a drinking fountain for LIBERALS, a lunch counter just for LIBERALS etc. is in the making.


I was going to say, making this into a jewish discrimination ad is ridiculously easy. Lets sic the ADF on TRO.


It makes me sick. Especially considering Al has said in his books that he is friendly with Republicans, they hire him for conventions and he does a few bits roasting them and it’s expected and all in good fun. I am friendly with Republicans too, and would worry about my head if I couldn’t be, if I needed to know the politics of the people on the peripheral of my daily life. Sick. NRO is fomenting civil war.



I know that technically this isn’t anti-Semitic — but a pro-descriminatory renting ad is baffling, especially since folks, like, oh, I don’t know, William Renquist, had a long history of supporting such initiatives against Jews and Blacks specifically.

What was NRO thinking?


I like the fact that it starts with a horribly elitist comment, then tries to add that folksy charm the Republicans love to claim they have.

Would you want a liberal like John Stewart renting your private jet?

Well, shoot howdy, neither do us’n’s! Y’all better double-time it to our e-lectric shoppin’ hole!


Aren’t they getting sick of this childish bullshit, yet? Every time I see the terms, “liberal� or “conservative� used as epithets, it’s like nails across a chalkboard to me.

“You wouldn’t want to rent to a LIBERAL, would you?�



I wouldn’t want to rent my place to people who think like I do! I’d be looking to rent to a convalescing nun. People who think like me would drink all my beer and pee in my sink. They’d engage in twisted, perverted sex acts on all of my furniture, maybe even with a partner!


Huh? I don’t get it, possibly because I don’t have a vacation home. Are they saying he’s a slob because he’s a liberal? That he would abort babies on the couch and get embryonic stem cells all over the place? Or are they just afraid that he’d Jew the place up?

Jiunoon, you made me giggle.


Looks like the old “free market capitalism is the enemy of discrimination because the desire to make as much money as possible outweighs personal bigotry” line doesn’t apply to hatred of liberals. There’s a surprise.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Major Woody is right. A tenant who thought like I do would break all the lightshades while trying to chase away the giant bats, and then steal my medication.


“e-lectric shoppin’ hole”

Oh yeah. That’s a keeper. I am _so_ stealing that line 🙂


ahh, dehumanisation.

how refreshing.


But, liberals leave AIDS and quasi-socialist political mindsets everywhere!


I also wouldm’t want to rent my hypothetical vacation home (moot, since I don’t even own the house I live in) to think/act like me, ‘cos, contrary to popular stereotype about gay men, I’m an incredible slob. My home resembles a landfill, though a somewhat smaller percentage of the crap is biodegradable. Of course, I sincerely doubt anyone could make it worse… just different.


Hoooooly shit.

And the worst fucking part is that their decision to use Franken means that they can leap the fuck away if we accuse them of anti-Semitism. Because they never explicitely *say* that the reason to discriminate against Franken is because he’s a Jewy Jew Jew-Jew, but the rhetoric is almost precisely the same.


Since the vacation home to which the ad refers is most likely a time-share in Fort Myers, FL, I’m sure the sentiment is mutual indeed.


This is so frighteningly un-American, I’m almost in awe.


I think they covered all the bases by the combination of Franken and the black background. I remember that sort of flyer back when descrimination against swarthy people was considered perfectly normal and acceptable in spite of the sort of country our constitution professed this to be. This is the “not our kind” argument used to otherize any who do not submit to authority.


I was thinking about the whole idea of renting out your house while you’re gone. IIRC, you’re mostly just grateful to find a person with decent references whose time-frame happens to fit with yours, politics be damned!!

I don’t have a vacation house, but twice we’ve had to rent our house for a few months’ stretch while we were out of town. The first time it was to a visiting Forestry Professor. The second time it was to a Dutch scholar. The only lasting damage we had was that the Dutch people hand-fed the squirrels, and the little bastards kept coming around for months afterwards for treats.

In another situation, we have a friend who housesits for a very wealthy family who allow him to entertain his friends in their home. It is an ostentatiously furnished, opulent in the WORST taste place i”ve ever seen. We’ve been over there for dinners he’s invited us to. I noticed the first time we went that they were fricking wing-mits — libraries full of Regnery Press books, the complete opus of Ann Coulter. They also had Christian periodicals and newsletters advocating the abolition of the Dept. of Education.

Last time we went over there, our friend gave a new guest a tour. After viewing the pool, the hot tub, the private exercise room, the his-n-hers dressing rooms, we tried another door. Turned out to be a kind of store-room/pantry. Had summer entertaining stuff in it, you know, stacks of plastic resin chairs, paper tableclothes, Smart-n-Final plastic serving ware, etc. But also — a comprehensive stock of survival provisions. Canned goods. Sterno. Bottled water. Cases of – I kid you not – MREs.

It was frickin’ weird.


Whoops. Typo. I said “wing-mits. I meant “Wing-nuts.”

But “wing-mits” is kinda cool, huh?


g: Have you told that story before?

Cause I can almost swear I’ve read that anecdote about the wealthy wingnuts before, possibly on S,N!. Though the bit about the Dutch scholar and the squirrels was new.


So, this Dutch scholar walks into a bar. He steps right up to the counter and puts down a squirrel. The bartender say, “Hey buddy, we don’t allow filthy little vermin like that in here!” and the squirrel says, “But he’s gonna pay for our drinks!”


I think NRO might be more successful if they just said “We need 100k by next Tuesday or Jesus is calling us home!”


I don’t understand, what’s their method of enforcement? Is some old ex-mob enforcer gonna come over and interrogate me as to political leanings or what?

What’s to stop liberals from reading and responding to these ads, other than of course the while “NRO is a pile of steaming shit” thing?
We should all strive to answer as many ads from here as we can, we should campaign to infiltrate all these houses, preferably with gay partners.

Ok SN, you heard me, partner up! Now this goes alphabetical, so Mikey and Marq, I’m sure you’ll get along nicely. We’re finally going to finish this whole “giving everyone teh gay” thing they’re always accusing us of.


I am NOT moving in with Patterico.


If I were a conservative, I’d be cool with letting anyone rent out my vacation home, provided he didn’t leave liberal all over the place when he left.


Hey, I can get on fine with straight boiz. I have, in fact, spent the night in the same bed with ’em several times without molesting anyone. Though nobody was, you know, naked at the time. Just sayin’.


And Timmah–you do realizew that you’re gonna be partnered up with teh l4m3, don’t you? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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