Shorter Bill Donohue

Mel’s Enemies Lack Forgiveness:

People should forgive Mel Gibson just as I have forgiven Ted Turner, but they won’t because they really just want to discredit the The Passion of the Christ.

Credit: ‘Shorter’ concept invented by D^2 and later perfected by B^3.


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This is the second time today I’ve seen Roman Polanski brought up in defense of Mad Mel by a winger. I don’t really recall Roman’s DUI and racial slurs, but that was quite awhile back.

Maybe “Passion of the Jew” on Southpark wasn’t so far off the mark as I’ve seen others conclude.


Weird, the Polanski part of the post disappered after my comment posted.

It read “and besides that, they’re too busy giving awards to the likes of Roman Polanski to bother with decency.”

I thought I was losing it there for a second.


Sorry man, I didnt do that to mess you up. Just was editing and wasn’t happy with how i shoehorned the polanski refernce in there. “shorter” is harder than it looks.


and besides that, they’re too busy giving awards to the likes of Roman Polanski to bother with decency.�

Oh, Bill, that really burns, man.


I must have missed the DNC memo on the whole unified “let’s destroy Mel Gibson” movement that is consuming the Left to the point where it’s obviously all we can talk about— CRAP.
Are we really spending time on this whack’s error in judgement? Did we really think he had great judgement to begin with? He’s a whack. Granted, he’s a good-looking whack who I would still allow to lick my entire body, but that only makes me unscrupulous.


Even shorter Bill Donohoe: “Mel Gibson’s enemies won’t forgive him because they’re Jews.”


“…and we all know how Jews feel about that whole Eternal Forgiveness thing.”


Funny, the head of the Catholic League criticizing Roman Polanski for being a “child rapist”…


I dunno. I guess I’m a little less entusiastically amused by pop culture and celebrities than I’m supposed to be, but I really don’t care who mel gibson hates. I mean, I REALLY thought there was hope for the character he created in the first half of the first lethal weapon, an edgy, complex guy with demons and a desire to atone. Then it just went all candy coated and choked on the way down. And then, in Braveheart, there’s that one scene, that one line, that I can just play over and over, and not bother with the rest of the crappy film. It’s the part where the other Scots leadership is negotiating with the english on the battlefield and Wallace (Gibson) wheels his horse and his fellow tribsman asks “Where you going” and he says “I’m going to pick a fight”. Man, I love that scene. It’s like the scene where Josey Wales negotiates with Ten Bears – just magnificent to watch.

But mel gibson, the actual dood? Just a rich guy with problems. *YAWN* What’s new about that?



Well he’s probably the most famous person in the West who’s a holocaust denier. That’s pretty newsworthy and pretty important. Especially since he’s championed by so many wingnuts.

But I’m with you on his art — actually probably more so. He was a damn good Fletcher Christian (much better than Brando), the Road Warrior movies (aside the first one) were a hell of a creative vision, and Braveheart was a good movie, I dont care what anyone says. OTOH, the Lethal Weapon movies are blah, though number 2 wasn’t bad if only because the villains were so hateable and the yummy if vapid and starfuckery Patsy Kensit was in it.


Depends on the celebrity mikey, rich guy kurt cobain had serious fucking problems and he was important, rich guy mel has serious fucking problems sans genius, big dif.


I shoudl have said, “championed by so many”. Doesn’t matter if they are wingnuts or not, though they are in this case.


flawedplan, that’s a helluva good point. I genuinely cared about Kurt and I cried when he died. He felt like a part of my life, not some dick on a movie screen. So maybe I’m just selective?



Retardo, I actually liked the first “Mad Max” film more than the sequals, even though I found the dubbing of American voices kinda weird. The second one had a homophobic vibe to it that really bothered me (it equated Wez losing his male lover with Max losing his dog) and I found myself hoping that little brat would get mowed over (a reaction I’ve never had to a child character before or since). But “The Year of Living Dangerously” was a great movie, and so was “Gallipoli”(in which, among other things, we got to see young Mel’s penis). “Braveheart” had some good moments (though, like “The Road warrier”, the homophobia bothered me), but I still think “Rob Roy” was superior.


Speaking of great movie scenes (ok, nobody was but me, but I’m having a creative vapor lock right now and need SOMETHING to do), the scene in Tombstone where Doc Holliday (Val Killmer) is told he’s too drunk to shoot accurately and he says “I have two guns – one for each of ya” and he twirls his guns? If you slow it down you’ll see that he twirls them in OPPOSITE directions. Man, the physical coordination is amazing!! Like when strippers get the tassels spinning in opposite directions. It is to be admired…



That’s interesting r/e “The Road Warrior,” Bill. Personally, I feel it’s the best of the Mad Max films by leaps and bounds–1 was too low-budget to really accomplish the whole post-apocalypse thing, and Beyond Thunderdome was silly and meandering. But I never quite reacted to the whole Wez situation like that. Sure, they kinda did the Max’s dog = Wez’ boytoy thing on one hand, but on the other, those were the only living beings (aside from themselves) that the respective characters cared about at all. If Wez reacted to the death in a “Feh. I’ll just get a new one.” way, I would have found it more offensive. Instead, it enrages him, and his desire for revenge on Max for the rest of the film drives him on. And the Humongous has that scene where he “comforts” Wez, as he knows it’s a serious loss to him (OK, he throttles him ’til he passes out, but still…), whereas he just laughs when the Toady loses all the fingers on one hand trying to catch the Feral kid’s boomerang. Plus, Wez is probably the second toughest character after Max–maybe even moreso; unfortunately for him, his insanity is a bit of a fatal weakness. Max just has a greater sense of self-preservation.
And, FWIW, the DVD edition of Mad Max allows you to choose either the American dubbed soundtrack (which I find unwatchable) or the original, Aussie one.


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