And you thought only abortionist, commie institutions like PBS thumbed their noses at the free market by undertaking annoying pledge drives. Sadly, No! Bradrocket already covered Pasty’s self-pitying scheme, and now I see that the White Trash at Red State are begging, too.

But whereas Pasty only offers a righteous cock-slapping to his contributors, Red State boasts that their donors will get a preview of the new site, Red State 2.0! For only 25$, you too can look through the knothole and behold their shiny new corrugated tin shack, complete with (portable, naturally) burning-cross yard ornaments, glossy faux-marble Ten Commandments signs, some spiffy yard sale tables, and a handsome cement pond in which Box Turtle Ben shall peacefully frolic so long as that “whites only” sign stays up on the privacy fence. Tarnation! ain’t that worth the 25$ you’d otherwise blow on a gallon jug of moonshine or a quarter-gram of crystal meth? Yessir, shur nuff is!


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Don’t you mean “look throught the butthole” and not “look throught the knothole”.


Just be careful that when you approach the hole to look through, someone doesn’t violently shove their cock in the other direction and put your eye out.


Unless Jeff Goldstein starts posting there, I think you’re safe.


and a handsome cement pond in which Box Turtle Ben shall peacefully frolic so long as that “whites only� sign stays up on the privacy fence.

Damn you! I just managed to stop laughing at SZ’s Dr Mike Vs Random Nuttybar thing this morning, and here I go again. Now I have to stay away from Wolcott’s place for the rest of the day, or I’ll never be steady enough to assemble paper model Pikachu.


GODDAMMIT!!!! Why don’t you libs ever factcheck. You can aquire a teena or 1.75 grams of quality glass for twenty-five bones. I guess elections aren’t the only only times you pathetic moonbats get ripped off.


glossy faux-marble Ten Commandments signs

just as long as they don’t have to name all 10 of the Ten Commandments, I am sure they are fine……

Brian, tha Texas transplant

Don’t you mean “look throught the butthole� and not “look throught the knothole�.

I think they’d have to pay me 25 bucks to look at his boothole (I’m pretending to be Canadian today!).


A ceeee-ment pond!!1?!?? Well, goooooooooooooool-leeeeeeeeeeeey!!11!


i was gonna donate a penny, but then he would have my email…


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