Israel? Only Her Mammographer Knows for Sure

Eliminationist bridge-and-tunnel cleavage on assignment!

Atlas’s jugs: Hasidim, but ah don’t believe ’em.


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Wow. Can’t imagine why the Israeli government wasn’t totally enthusiastic about having her show up. She’s a serious journalist! You can tell because she uses words like “ginormous.”



Memorex, for sure.


I actually kind of appreciate her. Through various inflections and font changes, she manages to replicate in text the absolute shrillness of someone who can advocate genocide and dance to the pussy cat dolls all in the span of one minute.


“Mini Israel?” WTF???


This woman is completely deranged.

A manic-depressive aging harpy whose only remaining asset is her fake tits.

She talks like her ass is on fire at all times. And the ‘left’ is unhinged.

Whatever, freak.

Smiling Mortician

And she finishes her brilliant analysis, as so many of her ideology-mates do, with a flip “I don’t know about you.” No kidding. You don’t. You might try finding out. But doing so might result in some examination of facts, positions, values, policies . . . might result in her actually discovering that *gasp!* there are Israeli Jews who respect the devout practice of Islam. And that would be too much mess, too much bother. It’s so much easier to blow a creepy kiss and sign off.


thanks to Our Dear Leader, even a brazen streetwalker can feel free to hate other cultures openly, despite herobvious ignorance.

her Breasts of Freedom are an inspiration to any/all collaterally damaged families in Lebanon as Democracy continues its Bombing Runs Of Peace.

it’s wonderful, really. you people should be ashamed.


If you think I’m watching ANOTHER Atlas “vlog”, you’re… really… mistaken.
Simulate the Atlas experiance!
1: Drink a quart of rancid milk mixed with viniger.
2: Enjoy the saved bandwidth.
You may want a Mr. Yuck sticker handy. Just in case you save too much bandwidth.


““Mini Israel?â€? WTF??? ”

Maybe EPCOT has a new area?

Oh god, I could run with this. Considering all of the cultural stereotypes on display at EPCOT (not to mention teaching that the rest of the world is pretty much made up of overpriced restaurants and souvenier shops), EPCOT Israel could be freakin Hillarious!


AtlasPam is what you would get if Fran Drescher had a baby and the father was Tweek from the underpants gnomes episode of “South Park.”

But I’m really glad this one was only 30 seconds long.


“Mini Israel” is apparently a theme park in the same vein as Miniaturk (in Istanbul) or Madurodam (in The Hague).

Mock Pammy all you want, but those “mini” parks can be a lot of fun, if you’re the sort of person who enjoys gazing at a Volkswagen-sized model of the Dome of the Rock. Or if you’re under 12.


Crap. The Miniaturk website, she is not working. Try here.


Hey Pammy Juggs: I don’t think ‘ironic’ means what you think it means. Now you going to Israel as a ‘journalist’ – THAT’S ironic!

(And just what part of batshit, bug-fuck insane does not apply to this woman? I think a nice long stay in a rubber room would be appropriate.)


Nice windmills!


I have to admit, I kinda dig Pam. I mean, sometimes, when I’ve been up for a few days with a serious barfing migraine and haven’t been able to take the various meds, and I’m starting to wonder if the neighbors downstairs are sending invisible owls into my home to teach me beat poetry, or if it’s, you know, maybe just extremely well camouflaged parrots with a recipe for Knox Blox, just a few minutes of watching Atlas Vlogs, and suddenly I feel a lot more sane.

I mean, at least I’m harmless. She’d probably try to burn the place down to thwart the neighbors. I just lock myself in the bedroom till the urge to be crazy in public passes.


And of course there’s always Mini-Liechtenstein.


Fuck, she actually is at mini-Israel, upset over a miniature mosque! 🙂

I find it hilarious, I don’t know about you. *mwah*


Somewheah a villege on Lawng Oiland is missing an idiot.


the neighbors downstairs are sending invisible owls into my home to teach me beat poetry

Damn, Sidhe, you too? Jeez, just last night I had two of those goddam owls hiding downstairs trying to make me understand the signifigance of “A Coney Island of the Mind”. I kept telling them to show themselves, and that I’m sorry, but I never GOT Ferlinghetti, but no, they just kept it up.

Huh? Pammy? Oh yeah, that babe’s crazy as a shithouse rat….



Just a few days ago you were laughing at her for having to cancel her trip…

Now you’re laughing at her because she actually made it.

Jealous, much?


*I don’t know about you* haha, but I’m freaking THRILLED she made it over there..and went straight to Mini Israel, coz you know that’s where all the hot and heavy combat action is going to be, like fer sure!


“Just a few days ago you were laughing at her for having to cancel her trip…”

If you’re going to drive by our place every day you could at least come ring the doorbell once in a while.

“Now you’re laughing at her because she actually made it.”

Is that why we’re laughing at her? S,N!

Herr Doktor Bimler

“Mini Israel� is apparently a theme park

And the carpark, that would Mini Mecca?


She think it’s “ironic” that Israel doesn’t drop a bomb on a mosque in its own territory? Where does she think she is, Philadelphia?

Herr Doktor Bimler

Bugger. My verbs have gone on strike in sympathy with Swank’s nouns. I need more coffee, much much more coffee.


In other news, the New York Observer is under new ownership.

Maybe Pammy will ask for her old job back.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when she made that call…


Where does she think she is, Philadelphia?

Masterful snark attack, sir.

I’ve been thinking of that M.O.V.E. incident lately, usually when lefties rhetorically pose the “we didn’t bomb Tim McVeigh’s hometown” argument. The argument as phrased is factually correct, but its underlying principle hasn’t been applied across the board.

Herr Doktor Bimler

And here I was, thinking that “Dome of the Rock” was a new phrase for a breast implant.


You’d know better than me, Herr Doktor, but wouldn’t that be “Rock of the Dome”?



You know, looking at it again (with Mini Israel in the background), it looks like “Attack of the 50-Foot Woman” starring Pammy Juggs.

Great, there’s a nightmare I’ll surely be having tonight…


“AtlasPam is what you would get if Fran Drescher had a baby and the father was Tweek from the underpants gnomes episode of “South Park.â€?”

You think? I agree with the Fran Drescher part but I always thought the other partner had to be Ann Coulter.


Haha- she’s not in Israel, you jackass, she’s in “Mini-Israel,” the Middle Eastern themed miniature golf course.


Herr Doktor Bimler – did you mean this Mini Mecca.

Herr Doktor Bimler

blowback — that carpark is wrong, on so many levels.
I mean, it’s a multi-level —
No, that joke still requires some assembly. There’s still too much blood in my coffee stream.


Thanks for the link. My audio-card does not work right now, but the cleavage lives up to its fame.

Could she offer some dressing tips to Marie Jon’?


“trestise”? “muslim pope”? this women “immersed herself in the education and understanding of geopolitics, Islam, terror, foreign affairs and imminent threats the mainstream media and the government wouldn’t cover or discuss.”? (thanks for the bio link) if she’s immersed in the education of geopolitics, we’re screwed.


WOW! Pammy is on the Science Advisory Board! I hear that’s almost as prestigious as the Ketchup Advisory Board.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

And the carpark, that would Mini Mecca?

No. They stuck a couple of million little Lego people in headdresses in the carpark, and it’s now the mini-Gaza.


Mel could call her ‘sugar tits’ and blame her for all the wars. I know, that ain’t sugar in there. Splenda tits?


Maybe we should start calling Jeffy Goldmember “Sugar Cock” just for balance.


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