All the Way to the Bank

So apparently, Deb Frisch has been leaving more disgusting and vile comments about Jeff Goldstein’s family over at other peoples’ blogs, which naturally means that it’s time to send Jeff some more money. Michelle Malkin laughably compares the whole ordeal to the Kitty Genovese murder:


Remember Kitty Genovese, the New York City woman stabbed to death near her home in Queens while her neighbors watched from their windows? The case popularized the psychological phenomenon dubbed the bystander effect or “Genovese syndrome.” You know: “I didn’t want to get involved.”

[Gavin adds: Oh, that would be a Sadly, No! on that. Michelle could even have crankily blamed the NY Times for the popular misconceptions about the Genovese case, so that’s a double whoopsie.]

A few weeks ago, blogger Jeff Goldstein outed an unhinged nutball, former University of Arizona lecturer in psychology Deborah Frisch, who left vile comments about Goldstein and his son at his site, Protein Wisdom. The case received some mainstream media attention –faulty, at that–after Frisch resigned. Most people have moved on. But not Frisch. She relocated to Eugene, Oregon, and the harassment of Jeff and his family continues.

Does posting awful and nasty things about someone’s family on another person’s blog really constitute “harassment?” And how is it any worse than posting someone’s cell phone number on your blog so your dumb-ass readers can call them and give them death threats?

Now here’s the punchline:

I can understand why some might not want to pay further attention or bother to help out. After all:

It’s someone else’s problem.
It’s dangerous.
I don’t want to get involved.

It’s Kitty Genovese Syndrome, blog-style. But if you feel moved to more than just stare out the window, here’s Jeff’s Paypal address:

Genius. I wish I could make money by getting into nasty Internets flame wars too.

[Someone who definitely isn’t Gavin adds: Hey Brad, I’m going to, um, beat you up. Bwaha, I am coming to get you. Woo!]

Incidentally, I think Patterico has the best advice on how to handle the situation:

What do you folks suggest Jeff do? He currently appears to be shutting the site down until this is settled. I advise against that; I would ban her and ignore her. But, failing that, what other options does he have?

Call the cops and give them her IP address. If she keeps it up, have the police call her and tell her to knock it off.


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Screw that. Cut straight to the restraining order. Sometimes enough is enough, no matter which side you’re standing on.


Why can’t the rabid leftists in the blog fever swamp comport themselves with the dignified and civil bearing of a Malkin or a Goldstein or a Chuck Johnson or an Atlas Shrugs?

What will we tell our grandchildren?


How the heck is money going to help Jeff defend himself against a stalker? Has be been forced to quit his job? Move his family to an unknown location? Hide out in a shady motel somewhere?

You know, for people who claim that liberals only ever want to throw money at a problem, wingnuts sure are adept at catching it.


mdhatter- how does a restraining order work over the Internet?


(Might have been nice to explain how cash is going to help Jeff. Maybe he’s saving up for a copy of Penis Pokey. You know, to help take his mind of his troubles.)


A restraining order would be best, and of course is an improvement on any Patterico-approved cock-slapping retaliations, not to mention a better option than his commenters’ prefered means of dealing with Pasty’s enemies — guns & axe handles & gang rape.

But really, the “to the bank” part is exactly what this is about. And self-pity. And projection.

So which “paying gig” is he giving up to pursue this thing? And what is he pursuing? I *hope* he’s dumb enough to pursue this legally beyond the restraining order stage — if so, we’ll never have to hear from either of them again because the evidence that will come out that both of them are a menace to society is really ironclad.


So which “paying gig� is he giving up to pursue this thing?

I assume he has a contract with Pajamas Media that outlines how often he has to post, how much traffic he delivers, etc.


Yeah, I don’t get Malkin’s comment at all. Whether or not this is Deb Frisch (and it wouldn’t surprise me if it is), if someone is bombarding Goldstein with outrageous and disgusting comments, his first thought should be — a la Patterico’s comment — to ban the IP and keep an eye open for the same crap coming from other IP addresses. If it keeps up, then he should contact her ISP and/or the local authorities in Eugene and ask them for help. A restraining order may or may not be useful, but if he can get one, then whoever it is will be subject to arrest if the order gets violated. Arrest and search and possibly confiscation of the computer(s) used in the violation.

But I don’t see why Goldstein needs money to deal with this. Are we supposed to pay his long distance bill for calling the appropriate people in Oregon? Someone should tell him that many cell phone carriers offer free long distance. Are we supposed to subsidize his internet charges so he can send emails to the offender’s ISP?

Personally, I’m waiting until Malkin posts Deb Frisch’s home address and phone number. Because I’m sure Frisch has told someone somewhere where she lives and how to reach her, so it’s all out there in public anyway, right?


I like how Malkin works in the word “unhinged” into every other sentence. Is it a cheap form of self promotion, or is she just a lazy writer?


But don’t you guys realize that Jeff has had to give up “one of his paying gigs”. That babysitting money was paying for his tequila and the t-shirts he has made at the mall that say “Martyr” on the front of them.

Jeff is an unemployable half-talent that the likes of Malkin and themanwhocreatedmoseswine prop up because he’ll say the naughty words that they won’t.

Meet the new wingnut welfare… just like the old wingnut welfare.


What the hell, Jeffy? Keep your site open and ban her ass from posting on it. If she continues to post garbage at other blogs, you can write the owners and request they either delete the offending comments or forward them (along with the poster’s IP info) to the appropriate ISP.

Just keep in mind, she has a right to post offensive stuff about you, just so long as she isn’t posting your personal information, threats, or incitement to violence.

Anyone with a big presence and strong opinions – cock-related or not – is going to collect at least a couple of regular nutjobs (no pun intended) through the course of his career.


Goddamn it! I got nasty stuff said about my family over the Internets. I should at least have gotten a toaster out of it. Or a blender, or something.



I’m a teacher who’s paid on an eleven-month pay schedule. Consequently, I don’t get a paycheck in August. I’m asking for free money from people who want to get me out of this jam. I can understand why some might not want to pay further attention or bother to help out. After all:

It’s someone else’s problem.
It’s dangerous.
I don’t want to get involved.

It’s Kitty Genovese Syndrome, teacher-payday-style. But if you feel moved to more than just stare out the window, send me some money. Drop by; we’ll share a brew or two and then leave some drunken, unhinged comments on wingnut blogs. BIG FUN!!!1!!


Say, wasn’t this the same yay-hoo who was beggin’ for money a few weeks back because his landlord was making him and his family move? Has this jackass not got a job yet? Get a job! There’s gotta be a Hardee’s around there somewhere.


I know you fellas love Malkin. I suggest that if you haven’t seen the photos in question already, head over to TBogg and find the Flickr link in the comments accompanying his own recent Malkin post.


Please world: Let Jeff’s blog be shut down permanently!

The world really could use less Jeff Goldstein. His support of torture, his constant calling for cock-to-face-slapping, his chickenhawk bloodlust for war war war. All of it could actually! cease!

Imagine how sweet the air would smell with his vile presence gone from the internets.

One can dream just a little dream.


Christ on a cracker, Frisch is a psychologist? Sheesh, LET IT GO ALREADY.

I do have to say it’s interesting how it seems so much worse to them than what was done to Thersites, and nobody’s even posted Mrs. Wisdom’s name or place of employment. Maybe some sort of blogger integrity statement folks could adhere to would help?


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I couldn’t care less about Jeff Goldstein OR his family.

And Michelle Malkin makes it patently obvious that she is the one who is mentally and emotionally unhinged.


If only Kitty’s neighbors had thrown her some cash out of their windows, the whole tragedy might have been averted.


Jeff could also grow a set of balls and just shrug it off. After all, he’s said many an abusive thing on his site and on others.

If this stuff is true, however, Deb Frisch is really more than a bit creepy.


She’s definitely creepy. And he’s definitely a drama queen nonpareil.


Kitty Genovese, seriously? And they say liberals are moral relativists. Unhinged doesn’t begin to characterize the shamelessness of that comparison.


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Dude, this is Jeff’s way of getting out with what he thinks is his dignity.

He’s been getting his ass handed to him anytime anyone with a bit of intellect deigns to pay attention to him. It has to be humiliating to be publicly embarassed as often as he has been this last year. He now has an acceptable excuse for getting off the public humiliation train, one that allows him to gain sympathy rather than derision for abandoning his cro-magnon audience.

“I’m quitting because an unhinged lefty has made me feel my children are threatened” is a lot more palatable than “I’m quitting because Retardo pointed out my cock fetish”. Both to him and to his cock fetish-loving readers.

Bye, Jeff. I hope the crazy lady leaves you alone. I’m sorry your threats of sexual assault and other violent musings drew that sort of unwanted attention to your kid. But at least be honest enough to admit that being a public figure isn’t as much fun when you’re held accountable for your public actions.


Thers said,

July 31, 2006 at 18:06

Goddamn it! I got nasty stuff said about my family over the Internets. I should at least have gotten a toaster out of it. Or a blender, or something.

You got a shiny new blog!


I don’t think Jeff and Deb should stop fighting.

Real bloggers don’t “cut and run”…


The really sad thing is that the money is probably not being donated out of any sense that he needs it. It’s just a way of showing support, like when someone says “So-and-so is nearing a million hits, everybody go over there before Friday!” There are actually people out there who can really read and who own credit cards but who think that giving Jeff money is Sticking It To The Liberal Man. (And what’s even sadder is that they really do think The Man is liberal.)

So, okay, from now on, whenever Jeff, or anybody, wants some extra cash, they can always fake an IP and say mean things about themselves and the wingnut world will rally round. Assuming that’s not what’s happened here, it *is* what we’re teaching the nuts. When I throw my cat treats every time she wakes me up just to get her to leave me alone, the lesson she takes is somehow the opposite of she should stop doing that.

Hooray for the free market.


Malkin looks pretty er, um, unhinged in that picture. Do her eyes do that naturally? Most people have to pay in order to make themselves look that way or undergo massive amounts of electro-shock treatment.


Look at your computer, there’s a moron being trolled…


Smiling Mortician

Malkin looks pretty er, um, unhinged in that picture. Do her eyes do that naturally?

I assumed she was doing an open audition for the role of Jafar’s magic control-scepter in an upcoming live-action version of Aladdin.


“I like how Malkin works in the word “unhingedâ€? into every other sentence. Is it a cheap form of self promotion, or is she just a lazy writer?”

What makes you think it’s an either/or situation?


If this happened to my family, I’d probably make less of an online stink about it than Jeff has. But he’s 100% right in going after this creep, IMO. I wouldn’t say no to some financial help with the legal bills, either.

Frisch is on record somewhere as saying that she wants to be an “edgy” leftist. I’ll bet what set her off at Protein Wisdom was the chagrin at being out-edged by a conservative.


his commenters’ prefered means of dealing with Pasty’s enemies — guns & axe handles & gang rape

Don’t you mean talking about guns & axe handles & gang rape? It’s not like they have the balls to actually do any of that stuff.


Jeff could have blocked her IP weeks ago, but his martyr act is too profitable.


Isn’t Jeff the guy who’s always threatening to beat people up and slap them with his cock?

Why doesn’t he just go beat her up and slap her with his cock?


Sadly No’s complete and unwavering support of Frisch’s child snuff/pedophilia fantasies vividly demonstrates just how far the Democrats have become in their “unhingedness”.

Does “Sadly Nos” sponsorship of such kiddy-snuff show how incredibly out of touch with reality the Democrat Party has become? Sadly, yes.



Tiny reading comprehension problem there, eh, darlin’?


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Let’s go and visit Deb Fresch at her Oregon probation address 86574 North Modesto EUGENE, OR 97402 and each bring a sachel of rotten eggs so that the good doctor knows that intimidation doesn’t just happen online. Online flaming is for people who don’t have the courage to show up in person and stand up for what they believe.


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