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Ok, I’ve been on a pretty good riff here lately, but this post is it for me until tomorrow when, if things go as planned, ‘Miguel’ will once again converse with wingnuts in strange headgear.

But as I give my S,N! comrades a much-needed breather from wingnut-ridiculing, I’ll now apologise to the Cubs fans among our readers, whom I viciously slurred. I’m sorry. I should have made an exception for S,N! readers in my wholesale anti-Cubs diatribes, anyway. But I also should have known that as soon as I wrathed-out on the whole Cubs Nation, the Great Jebus In The Sky would see fit to reward me with shit like this:

CHICAGO (AP) — Carlos Zambrano outpitched Chris Carpenter to win his ninth straight decision as the Chicago Cubs completed a four-game sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals with a 6-3 victory Sunday.


So now I’m off to work on other crap.


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Not that I really care, but seeing as I am alocal boi…


See you in September

–a Red Sox fan


Sorry guys, I’m fresh out of sympathy. Watching the Giants self-immolate on an 0-6 road trip through those ’06 baseball powerhouse cities Washington and Pittsburgh has been a scaring experience. Armando Benitez has blown 3 saves in a row. Hitting with runners in scoring position? Non Existent. Hope? Nope…



Cubs fans are nowhere near as obnoxious as Red Sox fans. Red Sox fans went from being the biggest whining crybaby fans ever to the most cocky, arrogant fans ever just because they finally stopped choking away World Series games.

As a Mets fan, I hate the Yankers and the Red Sox about equally, but I have to admit the Yankees are better than the Sox now that they added Abreu and Lidle. Lidle will eat innings for them and Abreu gives them yet another hitter with a ridiculous OBP. The Red Sox will be on the outside looking in this postseason. It’s gonna be Yankees-Tigers-Twins-Angels in the American League.

Oh, and any Braves fans out there– WE SWEPT YOU IN ATLANTA!!! ROFLMAO!! EAT IT, COBAGZ!!!!!


I have to admit, I kind of miss both of the Sox fans back when they were cursed. I thought it was kind of endearing to think that because of Babe Ruth and Shoeless Joe, both teams were screwed unto infinity of ever becoming champions again.

Even though I admitted back in the hate-hate thread to hating baseball as a sport, the almost supernatural pessimism of being a Sox fan appealed to me.

Then they both stopped choking, and I stopped having a reason to like them.


Jesus :hearts: irony– history has borne this out.
Oh yeah:
OMG ROTFLMAO, eA# t1 c@Rd1N@L| c0b@Gz’ LoL LoL!!11!11!!1!!

At least I won’t have to cry for the Cubs’ suckiness (today).


Dude, an Indians team that contended late into the season last year is 24 GAMES OUT AT THE END OF JULY. I do NOT want to hear it from anyone about how crappy their team is this year.


My Blue Jays just went out west and stunk it up, so it looks like we’re bordering on toasted as well.


“As a Mets fan, I hate the Yankers and the Red Sox about equally”

I knew if I kept my mouth shut long enough I’d eventually find the other Mets fan around here. And me too. But I hate Atlanta just a touch more than the Sox. LOLZ3rZ teh 3@RLY 90z w3r3 @ |0N9 +|M3 @9o c0b@Gz3z!!111!!two


Thanks, GoatBoy. I don’t know how to type in that leet-speak language, but you said it for me. And the Braves and their fans are most certainly c0b@Gz3z.


Thanks, Retardo.

Cubbie fans, of course, never exult in the misfortune of others both because it is bad karma and because we’ve had our own misfortunes too often thrown back at us.

Another reason we don’t do that is that we are better than everyone else. Completely. You may call us losers, but we know that we are saints. And we know that during the final days of the rapture, the heavens, before brutally dispatching all the unbelievers, will let the Cubs win the World Series.


Actually, a Cubs World Series victory is one of the signs of the apocalypse.


Yeah, but it’s only the fifth sign, so there are two more coming after that. Still, it would be nerve wracking.


Wow, I missed the Cubs fan = wingnut post. Should’ve guessed Retardo was a Cards’ fan.

Sorry to be late to this, but I have to comment on the notion of “choosing” to root for the Cubs v. the Sox. If you’re a native/local, that’s not how it works, you’re born into one or the other. You don’t choose the rich team over the poor team, you root for your dad’s team, even when your dad is a South Side Cubs’ fan (loved Ernie Banks, what can I say?). Also, it’s a matter of taste – and not as simple as white collar v. blue collar. I’d think as a Cards’ fan you’d recognize that some folks like the NL better.

True, when the Big10 grads descend they move to Lincoln Park/Wrigleyville & heart the Cubs, but that’s changing, honestly. And while one cannot escape the yuppie/chad’ntrixie/frat boy ethos that overwhelms Wrigley, there are real fans there. We were the ones who gave Maddux a standing O not when he finally left Saturday’s game, but prior to that when he laid down a perfect sacrifice bunt. There are real baseball people at Wrigley, it’s just harder to find us these days among the recent MSU grads.


CRB is exactly right. As a native Houstonian and (consequently) Astros fan, all I can say about teh Cards’ loss is: bwaahaahahaha! Of course the Cubs beat us too (2-1 in series), so you can take that with however many shovels of salt you require.


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