The thing is, I’m not that clever your honor

Last May, Catherine Nicole Donkers was pulled over in Ohio. It seems that:

A mother traveling from Detroit to Pittsburgh got into trouble in Portage County while trying to drive and breastfeed her baby at the same time.

Her trial has come and gone, and she was found guilty:

Catherine Nicole Donkers, 29, was found guilty of violating child-restraint laws, driving without a valid driver’s license and fleeing police while on the Ohio Turnpike in May.

Prosecutors recommended Donkers be sentenced to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine instead of the maximum one year in jail and $2,000.

Not too surprising, giver that her defense amounted to arguing that since she’s not an Ohio resident its laws do not apply to her.

And now the punch line:

A woman convicted of violating child-restraint and other laws because she breast-fed her baby while driving didn’t get effective legal help, even though she acted as her own attorney, according to two appeals filed by her husband.

It only gets better though: “Barnhill also signed the court papers with the written notation “I permit this,” apparently meaning that he allowed Donkers to press the appeal.” What a good guy her husband is. One can only begin to imagine what would have been if Mr. Donkers had met Amber Pawlik before Nicole. [Amber link via TBOGG.]



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