Presidentin’: It’s Hard Work

There must be nothing important going on, since Bush had the time to do this:

The stars of TV’s American Idol have met US President George W Bush on the same day that he discussed the Middle East conflict with the UK’s Tony Blair.

The reality show’s most recent winner, Taylor Hicks, and runner-up Katharine McPhee were among the 10 contestants who went to the White House on Friday.

The group gave Mr Bush a harmonica with the show’s name engraved on it.


Mr Bush gave the visiting group a tour of the Oval Office and spoke to them briefly about his job.

He also encouraged them to remain true to their beliefs.

It’s hard work.


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I dunno. If I was a D-list celebrity, like the American Idolators and they wanted me to make nice for teh c4m3r4z with Big Daddy Wino, I’d be like, “Fuck, no, d0000000d!!1!” Hell, I’d break a contract before I’d help the Jerkwad In Chief look good. ‘Course, I probably woulda read the fine print in the contract to start with, and if I had noticed any “must appear with teh preznit and be deferential and polite” language in the bleeding thing wouldn’t have signed it. But then these peeps are hellbent on succeeding, which I definitely am *not*.
P.S. Commander Bunnypants should send our “faaaaabulous” American Idol players over as “goodwill ambassadors” to Iraq. Or Lebanon. Or Afghanistan, whatevah. Sayonara, suckerz!

Ick of the East

George W Bush: American Idle


It’s so fucking weird through the looking glass.


I am so depressed that the guy there with the least talent who did the least amount of work to get to this photo-op is the one who actually works there.

Karatist Preacher

Look, this is how it will be for the next two years. They honestly don’t give a fuck after they accomplished their main goal of repealing the estate tax. He’s wasting time with dicks from American Idol, Rice is playing piano in Malaysia, Cheney is in hiding again, on and on. We are truly fucked, and it will take generations to undue the damage these people have caused, if that’s possible.

Now I’m going to blast some MC5 and try to put this shit out of my mind for the weekend.


He’s wasting time with dicks from American Idol, Rice is playing piano in Malaysia, Cheney is in hiding again …

Wow – that’s a distillation that just makes you want to cry.


Let me see: harmonicas are played by mouth. In fact, they are sometimes called “mouth organs.” Where did this take place? On a tour of the Oval Office. The Clenis used to work in the Oval Office. Hmm, what to call this movie? I got it, The Oral Office.

What’s so funny? You want a slap?


Well he had to meet with them first, so he could show Toady Blair his cool new American Idol harmonica. Duh!!!11!!1


The scariest thing about that photo is that it isn’t a photoshop creation.


too bad we don’t get a chance to vote for our favorites, I’m pretty sure
that loser with the harmonica would be gone.


I don’t know, seabiscotti, I think Bush may be slightly _less_ of an embarrassment to America than Taylor Hicks.


Hey, hey, c’mon, back off a little now. As long as bush is farting around with TV nobodies, he’s not contributing actively to the immense suffering he’s individually responsible in the world. We have got to find a way to encourage him to spend even more of his time meeting with celeberaties, posing for photos, giving or receiving little awards and mostly just doing figurehead shit. As long as he’s doing stuff like this, he’s not involved in legislation, economics, foreign policy, politics or policy. And that, my friends, would be a VERY good thing indeed…



Mr Bush gave the visiting group a tour of the Oval Office

A tour? ummm…

‘Well, there’s my desk.. and, o’course we got a couple windows there, you can see out of ’em… uhh, this is the rug…. yeah, that’s new… that’s a lamp over there… lights up at nite and stuff, so I can read… and uh.. well, here we are, back at the desk again. Thanks for stoppin’ by, kids. Love that pop music you kids are doin’…’


The group gave Mr Bush a harmonica with the show’s name engraved on it.

Surely a street organ would have been more appropriate?


Or a base drum

Herr Doktor Bimler

Hee hee. A dog whistle?


My god, what a motley bunch of losers. Except Katherine McPhee; she’s cute. OK, and the other two women. I guess I’m just talking about the fellers. Well, really just the guy in the middle. Whoever he is, they should have asked him to step out of frame; that crazy-grinned, beady-eyed coot is ruining the shot.


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