Friday Night Glennzilla Thread

The goode Mr. Greenwald writes about David “Axis of Evil” Frum and the failures of neoconservatism:

Frum has been arguing for the last five years, at least, that Iran is an evil supporter of international terrorism and a monumental threat to the U.S. Indeed, Frum is credited with creating the phrase “axis of evil” when he was at the Bush White House, which famously included Iran, and even now is agitating for confrontation with Iran. And yet, by Frum’s own admission, the invasion of Iraq which he and his comrades so desperately wanted, has delivered control of Iraq into the hands of our arch Iranian enemies, and Frum admits that the U.S. has no realistic hope of doing anything to reverse that result.

Bush’s foreign policy: it’s like the Keystone Cops with lots of dead people.


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But, sock puppets! Squawk! his reputation is ruined! Squawk! Patterico and Ace really gave him the what-for! Magic boyfriend! Squawk! It was another Big Triumph for the Right! Squawk! Greenwald was totally destroyed by their 9,000,000 word posts! And shit!


Peter Pan Politics?


Sorry to interrupt, but Brad, seriously, fear Howie Kendrick.


The fact is that America can magically correct everything that’s gone… slightly wrong in Iraq by invading Iran. And Syria. Oh, and shh, don’t tell them, and Saudi Arabia. And Egypt. Oh, oh… and Turkey.

And the UAE.


And Pakistan.



And Libya….


Good lord, they’re still doing the sock puppet thing? Man. That’s so, so sad.


The best description of Bush’s policies I’ve read yet is the opener to this post: “Individually, the things President Bush does just seem like a random string of poor decisions made by letting a monkey throw darts at a bulletin board. Nuclear darts. And the bulletin board is made from the skin of Iraqi children.”


I went to the sockpuppet site, and after a while I stopped reading the text and instead developed a non-sexual hetero crush on the doggypuppet. Or maybe non-hetero, since it’s a sock puppet and so has no doggy peepee. and maybe also non-non-sexual, since the doggypuppet in a mustache is REALLY HOT.


i’m blushing just thinking about it.


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