Another Shameless Plug

Yes, I’m am going to plug S.Z.’s book again, for two reasons:

1.) It’s really funny.

2.) S.Z. was the first blogger that I read religiously every day. She pretty much pioneered the convention of MST3King incompetent right-wing pundits, and for that the world owes her a debt of gratitude. She has worked tirelessly over the last few years to make us laugh, and buying her super-awesome book is the very least we can do for her 🙂

UPDATE: Oh, and apparently Season 2.5 of Battlestar Galactica is out on DVD now. Be sure to pick up a copy o’ that too. (Yes, I am a nerd.)


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I finally (“‘fucking Amazon and their fucking slow Transfuckingatlantic delivery, grumble fucking grumble’, he muttered under his breath”) got it this week, have been dipping into it, reading a chapter or two when I’ve had an idle moment, and wholeheartedly endorse the plug. It’s good clean fun for all the family.

Season 1 of Rome should be out on DVD next month, as should the much anticipated new edition of Dawe’s commentary on Oedipus Rex.


World ‘O Crap is one of the few blogs that makes me laugh out loud (others: Tbogg, Walcott, and yes, Sadly, No!).

K. Ron Silkwood

My copy is chugging its way through the mail to me. Plug away.


I need this book. I’ve been a WoC fan for a while.

Sadly, No!, however, sucks. The fact is it is a haven for radical leftists who use humor to hide the fact they hate America and are objectively pro-terrorist. Also, they are deeply unserious about winning the War on Terra (TM).


Yo, Brocket, what the hell, man. We still have more than a month to wait on BSG 2.5.

September 19? Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Effing SciFi Channel is messing with me. They originally set a July release date for the ganstacious glory that is BSG. Those dicks pushed the release date back to Fall Sweeps territory. I am tweaking here.


Dude, when are you guys coming out with YOUR book? Eh? Come on, I know you’re working on it. That’s the way these blog things work, right? I mean, I know s.z. has been around longer, but you have had her good example to show you the way. You obviously have enough material — just the Swankster alone is a comedy vein that runs all the way down the bedrock. Get on it! 🙂
— TP in UT

Smiling Mortician

But, Kobie, didn’t the Yankees already win the war on Tara? Back in, like, 1865? What gives?


Ahh, I remember the days when the only snarkings around were World O’Crap and Brad’s old livejournal.

And, yeah, the book is funny.


But, Kobie, didn’t the Yankees already win the war on Tara? Back in, like, 1865? What gives?

the southerner totally supports the GWTW (that’s gone with the wind, for y’all who don’t know) reference!


Yes, yes, you love s.z., but…
I wonder who, just who gets a cut of the sale price of that book when it’s ordered through the link on the front page of S,N! ? Hmm….
When the smart interweb shopper could order it through the link on the front page of World O’Crap, thus ensuring that s.z. (and scott c–let’s not forget HIM!!) get their fullest cut of the sale price. Hmmmmm!


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