Coach Dave Returns

I don’t have time to do a full write-up now, but Coach Dave has returned with a spiffy new column that I PROMISE to review later tonight!!!


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Remember, the only way to fully appreciate a Coach Dave column is to pretend he’s yelling it at you while you’re doing push-ups.


SO I went to and clicked to hear Terri laugh.

That is one crazy video…


YES! Thank you Sadly, No! You make my day full of dread for the future of humanity complete.


(and in case the blink tag doesn’t work in comments the way it does on preview)
Apparently the pasta-pusher is doing the usual “poor persecuted Christians” whine that fundies are so well-known for – all over something that happened at an anti-abortion protest sponsored by the terroist group Operation Save America (nee Operation Rescue).

It was a hard read, not just because of the radioactive level of wingnuttery, but also because of the piss-poor site design. Have any of these “Christian” Pharisee Worldview Network jackoffs ever taken even the most basic course in usability or Human-Computer Interaction?


Hell, dood, they can’t even get human – god interaction right…



Please let there be some form of metaphore that speaks to Coach Dave but leaves the rest of us a’scratching our heads doing our best not to shout “WtF?”


Brad, you tease, you! I’m cooking up a big plate of spaghetti, doing my wind sprints, and clicking refresh every ten minutes. Coach Dave rules.

Notorious P.A.T.

Today’s topic: “Some people break dinner rolls in half, while others cut them”


It’ll never be as good as the first time.

Chris Moorehead

You know you’re going to hell, right, Brad?

Uh, oh… Kaye Grogan use of commas.


I think that teh Fire Joe Morgan blog should do a review of a Coach Dave column. Now that would be a damn fine sight…


I look foreward to shotting the stallion and riding the nag.. Maybe.. saddling the goat and ….. laddling the… beef stew. Ummm… Painting the frog with the broad side of a barn?


I am thoroughly in favor of cutting dinner rolls in half.

I don’t imagine Coach Dave yelling at me, but I usually picture Brad R. in gym shorts. which is a neat trick for a total stranger.


Prick tease.


Actually, that’s, a Marie Jon’ use of, commas.


Round ’bout midnight on the east coast, fellas…


I’m not good at figuring out time, how much longer in Texas? Answer in linguini, thanks.


Of course, you all will have to answer to The Noodly One for your callous treatment of a Priest of The Pasta.

Pirate talk won’t do it for penance, this time, buckos. You’ll have to don the garb, shoulder parrot and all.


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