Oh no they don’t!

FoxNews (Sadly, No! loves the FoxNews) had a story earlier on an event held last month featuring Kevin Phillips, Al Franken, and Paul Krugman. (Details here and there.) According to the reporter, there are “critics” out there with one pressing question:

Critics wonder if they’re performing a public service.

They are? Who the fuck cares about that? Does anyone on the left wonder if conservative comedians/authors are performing a “public service” doing what they do? The WhiningDar is really off the scale at Fox.


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FoxNews: bitter, mean-spirited and angry! 😉


I went to the Fox News website and was checking out a column called something like “On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars”, which had a lot of the type of stuff you would expect from Fox. But the comments posted below the propaganda were all highly critical of Fox and the column!


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