Shorter Mark Steyn

(Yeah, I know I’m late with this, but…)

‘Great Men’ Have Grating Effect On Mideast:

Fuck diplomacy; what we really need to do is be more like the Iranians!

Bonus wankery:

During all the time the Great Men were shuttling back and forth, a kind of toxic globalization occurred: The Palestinian “movement” (insofar as there ever was a genuine nationalist movement) became infected and eventually annexed by hard-core Islamism and the Palestinians’ most depraved terror techniques were exported to every corner of the world. You can build a “security fence” in the region, but what we might call Palestinianism has leapt the psychological fence and incubated in radicalized Muslim communities worldwide[…]

Awesome! So next time some fascistic police force shoots kids who throw rocks, can we all call it “Israelism”? No? It’s different somehow?

Also note Steyn’s smear laying doubt on any legitimate Palistinian urges to nationalism — see, for Steyn, they don’t really want a nation, they just like to murder Jews. Which is funny in the general projection sense, because in rejecting diplomacy tout court and urging that the U.S. emulate Iran, Steyn is basically saying that he agrees with Iranian tactics that elsewhere he has described as being of genocidal intent. So, actually, it’s Steyn, like so many other wingnuts, who just likes the idea of mass-murder (but then of course it’s not the same because the victims, Muslims, are subhuman while Christians and Jews are good people!!!) for its own sweet sake.

At least he’s consistent: it’s always been Steyn’s schtick to basically take every anti-semitic blood libel on earth, change the ‘Jews’ part to ‘Muslims’, and call it a day. This is why I keep saying that wingnuts and the real ‘islamofascists’ like al-qaeda and the Taliban deserve each other. They are conjoined twins forever gnawing at each others necks.

As for his categorical dismissal of diplomacy by ‘Great Men’, it’s old hat for him, too. A.J.P. Taylor sneered at power-worshipping historians with this righteous bon mot: “when you say a ‘great man’, you only mean that he is quicker on the trigger.” For Steyn, they are never quick enough.


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For me the rage is too near to get into this. Screaming on a lefty blog about right wing gutter-fucked morality is counter-productive. This issue is so complex it gives me some insight into the ravings of Adam Yoshido… when your mind is not big enough to grasp the whole issue, fuck it.
Fuck it, nuke the whole fucking region. Nuke the whole fucking world. Bring on the Rapture.


for a canadian, steyn sounds an awful lot like one of the dudes in the texas chainsaw massacre, although those people at least were honest-to-life freakshows. this guy is just a pathetic wannabe.


XeroMan, why should we nuke them? I say we start a moon-landing level project to make the US completely energy independent. Then we pull our embassies out and walk away. Let them nuke each other if they want to.

And if any of the global corporations choose to stay and do business, they do so at their own risk.


Drats; Steyn didn’t actually say “fuck diplomacy” in the column.

Yeah, the Palestinians don’t have any legitimate urges toward nationalism; that’s why so many of them still carry the keys to the homes from which their families were evicted ca. 1948.

And be careful: If you Give a Muslim a Key… (children’s book pending)


“Fuck it, nuke the whole fucking region. Nuke the whole fucking world. Bring on the Rapture.”


I look forward to our radioactive cockroach Uberlords…


So next time some fascistic police force shoots kids who throw rocks, can we all call it “Israelism”?

Well, if the kids are part of a nationalist movement. But I’d prefer if you called it Israeliism.

Though I suspect it wouldn’t catch on, what with its predecessor Boston Massacreism.


Mark Steyn: For your information, gentlemen, I intend to bring down your Queen and country. The Master of Disguise will become the Master of the World. HA- HA-HA (continues laughing).

Edmund: Ah, yes, one thing Mark, just before you go.

Mark Steyn: What?

Edmund: Were you ever bullied at school?

Mark Steyn: What do you mean?

Edmund: Well, all this ramping and raving about power, there must be some reason for it.

Mark Steyn: Nonsense, no… my school, having dirty hair and spots was a sign of maturity.

Edmund: I thought so and I bet you mother made you wear short right up to your final years.

Mark Steyn: Shut up! Shut up! When I am King of England, no one will ever dare call me ‘shorty, greasy, spot-spot’ again!

Edmund: Touched a nerve there. I think.


A cunning plan!


[…] Courtesy of NobodySpecial in comments, I’m treated to Mark Steyn’s latest bit of fascist tosspottery. It’s stunning; in the same vein as his last offering, but the general thesis is expanded. Last time he urged our government to act more like the Iranians’. Now he’s urging our society and culture to be more like that of militant Islam. […]


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