Get Your Hate-Hates Out

Hate has its uses. To be “neocon” about it, “I believe that [hate] can be a force for good in the world.”*

So another quick survey: Who or what, of and in America, do you really hate?

I’m looking for entities or people here, not events or objects.

There’s only one rule and it is important: You can’t be hatin’ on anyone for a condition they can’t help. Which means no hatin’ based on race, sex, ethnicity, age, national origin, or sexual orientation. (Religion, as Auden so wisely noted, is not included because it is a choice.)

I’ll offer my shit list first:

Religious nuts
Greedy corporations and their willing whores
Wingnuts – with emphasis on blood and guts neoconservatives
Libertarians both “real” and of the bullshit-Reynolds variety
Sensible Liberals (TM)
The Yankees and their fans
The NY Mets and their fans
The SF 49ers and their fans
Barry Fucking Bonds
Manufacturers of “modern” country music
Cineaste snobs
Indie music snobs
People who want (and lobby for) America to consider the blood of their own ethnic tribe as more precious than that of any other
And last but not least the true scum of humanity, worthy of sun-surface infernos of hatred: the Chicago Cubs and their fans.

*Imagine this said in a sweet sing-song voice of mocking malice.

[Update: My god! How could I forget? Very high up on my list should be “Texas”.]


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I hate politicians.


Red-staters who think they’re “more American” than the rest of us.


Apologists for the Confederacy.


Bleh, I forgot the Mets and their fans — what human atrocities they are.


I was afraid you would go too far one of these days, but to go hating on the Cubs?

Only a Yankee fan could do so.


I had several entries in mind until I read the last thing on Retardo’s list — his needless slur of the most loyal fans on the face of the planet, the fans who have continued to support their Cubbie Bears through victory and defeat, mostly, indeed completely, defeat when you get down to it, including this one who had to endure the shame of watching the Cubs on Saturday get beaten, no, spanked, by, of all teams, the Washington-frigging-Nats. Bleh.

So the only thing I now hate in the universe is Retardo!


Oh, Christ. This list would be even longer than the one of bands I’m ashamed of.

Can I just say my housemate (the non-partner one) and move on? What about my family? They can’t help being my family, but on the other hand, I’ve got other reasons to hate them.

How about, I hate people who don’t know the difference between harmless deviancy and harmful normality. On this stupid mudball people die in vicious ways every minute of every day, children starve to death because of business decisions made by part time philanthropists, people die of curable diseases because of policy decisions made by someone the nation would like to have a beer with, families have bombs dropped on them because of marketing decisions by people who think Arabs are so fundamentally different from us that reshaping the world will be easy.

And then there are, you know, the *real* sinners. The ones who love each other despite their sex or race. The women who want to work outside the home. The folks who don’t believe there are simple answers in war, or who worship the wrong god, or no god at all. The ones who say bad words in public, or think animals should have some rights, or say mean things about the president, or support public schools or get evolution or want to use clumps of random cells to save lives or have consentual non-marital sex or own vibrators or practice yoga or like the French or are poor or dance naked or what-the-fuck-ever.

And I can’t even tell you how much I hate people who can’t tell the difference.


Pamela Geller Oshry for being a racist cow.


So the only thing I now hate in the universe is Retardo!

The best one yet! That’s more like it!


Alas, I hate everyone who voted for George W. Bush in the last election. This would probably explain my increasing sense of isolation and gloominess this past year or two.

Definitely a ditto on the religious nuts, but as much as I hate to say it, I hold within my heart a touch of contempt for the nice, moderate religious folks who don’t do anything to counter the effects of the Pat Robertsons and Jerry Falwells of the world. Let’s face it – Pat Robertson wouldn’t be on TV twenty-four goddamned hours a day if “nice, sensible” Christians around the country weren’t sending him scads of cash every month. Here’s a case where the “collective responsibility” thesis holds up perfectly well – if you buy shit from the 700 Club or Focus on the Family, I wish you in the same level of hell that I wish Robertson or James Dobson.

And as far as the “Sensible Liberals” go….I have had many thoughts the last couple of years of taking a particular paragraph from Letter from a Birmingham Jail” and tattooing it on their foreheads. In mirror writing, so that every time they brush their teeth, they’re forced to confront it.

Can you guess which paragraph? It would be the one that ends “Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection”.

On a much more pedantic note, I hate people who think they are clever when they “verb” every word in the whole fricking English language. If I read one more thing this week about the importance of making time to “conference with your peers”, I’ll scream.

I’ll conference with you – right after I’m done laughter at you, punk.


any articulate conservative (except buckley. for some reason, I can’t hate him these days. . )

the goddamn poison ivy that turned me into a walking, oozing welt of itchy pain

the dogs next door that bark into the night.

the neighbors next door that let them.

my minivan, a necessary vehicle and now source of shame

the yankees but mostly because of G. Steinbrenner

the bizarre fear behind the letter I posted in my blog


Arrogant Americans abroad. I once over heard an American woman in Avignon (probably with a brand new passport) say “and the people are so rude they don’t even speak English”.


People who do not try.
Folks who think going to war in Iraq was the Right Thing.
People who think calling someone ‘liberal’ is a put-down.
Suburbanites with 4WD SUVs that’ll never see anything but concrete and asphalt.
Anyone who thinks the No Child Left Behind Law is about advancing student achievement.


I’m not a big hater, but…

Ann Coulter Look, I’m willing to give people who disagree with me the benefit of a doubt, even in very extreme cases. I’m usually willing to accept that most people are sincer in their beliefs, no matter how stupid.

But Ann fucking Coulter isn’t. She’s the real-world version of a shit-spewing internet troll. Not only does she say stupid, worthless things that don’t even have the core of a useful idea, she knows full well that that’s what she’s doing.

People say she’s doing “schtick”, but her schtick is to drive America towards fascism and to encourage terrorism against undesirables. She doesn’t even have the KKK’s excuse of sincerely believing it will better America. That’s right: She’s lower then the KKK. If that isn’t reason to hate somebody, I don’t know what is.

Appliance Manufacturers They’re building worthless, breakable shit and they expect people to buy it. Recently, my laptop broke down. This wasn’t so bad in itself; the thing was 7 years old. And the problem was a bad solder joint in the power source. You expect these kinds of things after a few years; I’ll just pop off the case, find the joint, and stick a little solder on it. Easy, right?


In order to get to the joint, you have to remove literally every other component in the computer. Moniter, hard drive, fan, led power indicators, CD drive, everything. You have to yank out screws that were glued in. You have to break plastic pins that are enclosed in welded-shut sockets. That’s right; you literally have to break the computer to get at this fucking joint. By the time we were done it was beyond repair. The only way to get to the joint and leave the computer intact would’ve been to use a hot knife and metal cutters to cut a fucking hole in the casing.

Not to mention my dad’s girlfriedn had her last Maytag washer for 25 years, but she left it behind when she moved, and bought a new set for her new house. How long did it last? Two years.

Not to mention the people who use acid-filled paper to make books.


I’m sure we all agree that we ought to love one another, and I know there are people in the world who do not love their fellow human beings, and I hate people like that.
Here’s a song about National Brotherhood Week…

Oh, the white folks hate the black folks,
And the black folks hate the white folks;
To hate all but the right folks
Is an old established rule.

But during National Brotherhood Week,
National Brotherhood Week,
Lena Horne and Sheriff Clark are dancing cheek to cheek.
It’s fun to eulogize
The people you despise
As long as you don’t let ’em in your school.

Oh, the poor folks hate the rich folks,
And the rich folks hate the poor folks.
All of my folks hate all of your folks,
It’s American as apple pie.

But during National Brotherhood Week,
National Brotherhood Week,
New Yorkers love the Puerto Ricans ’cause it’s very chic.
Step up and shake the hand
Of someone you can’t stand,
You can tolerate him if you try!

Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics
And the Catholics hate the Protestants,
And the Hindus hate the Moslems,
And everybody hates the Jews.

But during National Brotherhood Week,
National Brotherhood Week,
It’s National Everyone-Smile-At-One-Another-Hood Week.
Be nice to people who
Are inferior to you.
It’s only for a week, so have no fear;
Be grateful that it doesn’t last all year!


Dammit, my LEHRER-tags didn’t show up as they did in preview.

Karatist Preacher

Is a Snowflake Baby an object or a person?


(and any everybody he appointed who is higher than a GS-15).
but mostly


Nurses, social workers, advocates, do-gooders, and all scapegoaters to the core.


flawed — you forgot teachers and preachers.


I hate George W Bush and every single fucker who helped him get “elected,” works with him, works for him, voted for him, supports/supported him, married him, is related to him, excuses and enables him, or thinks he’d be a great guy to have a beer with.

This would include an awful lot of people and organizations, including the media. And that’s okay with me.


Stupid, rude or willfully ignorant people.

I know, who’s left?


Bucky Dent

Michael Behe

Every employee of AEI

Tak, the Hideous New Girl

I hate libertarians, people who post on the “Rapture Ready” message board, Ann Coulter, and our current administration.

Schwag of Tulsa

Tifosi (and their damned airhorns).


Smug would-be neocons who see the world as one big football game between US and THEM, even though they’ve never left their damn cubicle except to double-park me in.

Oh, and Budweiser. Fuck that shit.


Bucky Dent? Oh . . . the line drive homer. I had the biggest crush on him then. I was 7 or 8, but even my childish love could not withstand those horrifying commercials for a fur salon that he did with his wife.

But this comment probably won’t show up since I have already been incinerated by Retardo’s death-ray of hate, owning, as I do, a blue hat, with a red “C” on it. You probably thought that hat was a different blue, with other letters on it, didn’t you?


Everything that isn’t the 49ers or Barry “Fucking” Bonds.

That’s what I hate.


I hate:

Self-obsessed posters on both internerd forums and blogs. But especially the prolific ones on forums.

The word ‘blog’.

That retardo’s comment on the 49ers piqued my interest enough to post something in a goddamn blog comment field.

That retardo’s hatred of indie music snobs and people who see ‘films’ redeemed his list.

Our freedom. In that David Cross way.


Prescriptivists, expecially liberal ones


Michael Ledeen, Grover Norquist, Bill Kristol, Ken Adelman, Frank Gaffney — all unelected fucks who should be first against the wall. Dick Cheney, Karl Rove.

Telemarketers, and call-centre people who won’t get off the fucking script.

The Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services, all of whom are on secondment from a Kafka novel.

Lou Dobbs, the Father Coughlin of our era.

Televangelists and god-botherers who buy TV commercial time.

American sports journalists who are sniffy about soccer. Closely followed by American soccer snobs and soccer parents who are just trying much too fucking hard to be anything other than hated.

and: Rachael Ray, the world’s worst tipper.


People who, every time the media expose some atrocities committed by US soldiers in Vietnam, Iraq, etc.., immediately try to find excuses and deflect the blame: those poor soldiers, they’re just good kids from rural small towns, it was too hot, they couldn’t tell the good guys from the bad, somebody shot at their best friends yesterday, they snapped, they had to carry 400 tons of equipment in 250 degrees Farenheit, our brave men and women in the Army, it’s not their fault, blah blah blah, etc… In that case, when they get attacked, it shouldn’t be the enemies’ fault either.


[…] Women like that are like, members of a secret tribe living in a forbidden city. « Get Your Hate-Hates Out Jul26 […]


Anyone who gives support or comfort to politicians
The guy who made Haiku Tunnel
Anyone who gives support or comfort to the guy who made Haiku Tunnel
Bland mainstream musicians
Radio hosts (once known as disc jockeys)
Film critics who use an excessive amount of puns
Everyone involved in the making of bland, moronic movies
Everyone involved in making modern Broadway musicals
Everyone who pays money to go and see modern Broadway musicals
Steve Niles


-People who reflexively side with authority. Self explanatory. Republicans, most democrats, fans of the show “cops�.
-People who send me email forwards at work. The jokes aren’t funny, the amber alerts are fake, and the fecal porn is disgusting. Please go die now.
-The Yankees
-Derek Jeter gets his own entry.
-Everybody responsible for making Gwen Stefani famous. That was just mean.
-Partisans. People who defend their guy, party or country no matter what.
-People who want to tell me about Jesus.
-Have to second Retardo’s vote for libertarians.
-“free market liberals� – Clinton, Blair, Thomas Friedman.
-Social Darwinists and their enablers.
-Bostonians who bitched about the Brazilians celebrating during the world cup. They didn’t seem to mind the party in the north end. Wonder what the difference is?
-People who are mean to retail workers, waitresses etc. You are human filth.


The Dallas Fucking Cowboys
Bands that Really Really Mean It (Live, Creed, I’m lookin at you)
Bands that are only ever ironic (indie haircut, you there moping over your stompbox in your lady jeans, I’m lookin at you)
The entire American film industry


Ann Coulter
White supremacists
Missionaries of any decription
G.W. Bush
Any sports fan who thinks wanton desruction of property is a valid form of celebration


I hate people who hate people! Pardon me while I disappear inside my own navel.


-Bostonians who bitched about the Brazilians celebrating during the world cup. They didn’t seem to mind the party in the north end. Wonder what the difference is?

I’m pissed Brazil didn’t go further. The party in East Somerville would’ve been off the hook. With less tourists!


Hell yeah. I would have taken time off work for that…


I hate Mike Fuckabee and the slack-witted Arkansans who voted for him.


Bullshitters. Especially paid bullshitters, otherwise known as PR people, or flaks. People who can either take or leave honesty and truth, depending on whether or not it helps them make their argument. People who will say anything to confuse an issue, to smear an opponent, to get the average person to throw up his hands and say, “I can’t figure this out.” People who willingly and casually lie.

People who hate the Yankees.
People who don’t use their turn signal while driving.
Anyone who was ever involved in producing the TV show Friends.


Jerry Seinfeld for not giving me new Kramer material in this time of chaos and Republicans.


There are only two things I can’t stand in this world:
Those intolerant of other people’s cultures… And the Dutch!


What’s wrong with the Mets?


I’m really sick of the Swiss!


Yanni, for crimes against humanity.


Carnies. They know why.


I hate to hate in general but I do hate people who think it is fine to inconvenience or directly harm others to improve their comfort levels. That article is not all that definite. I hate the person causing the harm.


My boss. He knows why.


– lil jon and all those crunk guys. please stop yelling.
– men who refuse to let go of video games, comic books and cartoons, even though they’re pushing 30 and have no career plans or ambitions. it’s not cute, guys; i’m not here to be your mama.
– curt “george w. bush is the bestest preznit ever, and btw, i know everything” schilling
– anyone ever involved in the production of reality television
– michelle malkin and the racist right
– ann coulter and the slanderous right
– tucker carlson and the frat-boy right
– bob novak and the evil soul-sucking right
– people who don’t “believe in” global warming
– sam brownback and his incredible talking blastocysts
– people who politicize sports (lynn swann, curt schilling, the head of the baseball HOF)
– knee-jerk yankee-haters who only bitch about the yankees because it’s popular
– front-runner bosox fans who only bought the hats because “the yankees suck!” grow a pair and get a life, OK, fluffy?
– that stupid whore who had the audacity to yell “yankees suck” at me on the street in washington, DC
– people who hate derek jeter. seriously, what the hell did he ever do to you?
– the fact that there is not ONE music video channel left on comcast digital cable that runs ONLY VIDEOS. even VH1 classic abandoned me on this one.
– people who make fun of me for being southern, but are bigger idiots than anyone i’ve ever met back home
– people who tell me how backwater and racist alabama is, but who come from states with worse race problems now than alabama’s had in 25 years (bostonians? i’m looking at y’all…)
– anyone in the following groups who voted for george w. bush: women, gays, ethnic/racial minorities, people with terminally ill relatives, people with friends/family in the armed services, people with IQs above 75

did i miss anyone?


I hate large corporations with inflexible bureaucracies, but especially Wells Fargo Bank, and their ididotic apparatchiks and lawyers who are bricks in their wall of stupidity, cupidity and apathy.


also..Mallard Fillmore, Johnny Hart and any comics editor that thinks old Dinosaur strips like Cathy, BC, Wizard of Id, Andy Capp, Family Circus, Marmaduke, Beatle Bailey, Hagar the Horrible, Mary Worth, They’ll Do It Every Time, Gasoline Alley, ewtc, etcv are STILL worth publishing..

Hey Red Sox fans: Ed Armbruster!! heh heh….


John Lieberthal for dropping the ball four times in one inning last night at the Phillies game I was at. Christ, man, you’re called a catcher, but that doesn’t mean take it up the ass!


I hate the Colorado Avalanche and everything they stand for.


I love everyone and everything!

Except *you*, Retardo.


“John” Leiberthal? I’m combining people. Mike Lieberthal. Bastard.

Wildwood, NJ, and all the stupid mouthbreathers who hang out there.

People from the town I grew up in out near Reading, PA, full of Klansmen and other assorted assholes.

Kid Rock

Assholes who defend the Confederacy.


anyone associated with Pox News
Oklahoma Senator James Imhoff
dreary, overcast days
radical Islamic “clerics”
those who use the existence of radical Islamic “clerics” to justify war on all Muslims
97 percent of what’s on television
95 percent of what’s on commercial radio
anyone associated in any way with Regnery Publishing
Dr. James Dobson
hot, humid weather
cell phones
Grover Norquist
libertarians (amen)
reactionaries (on either side of the spectrum; i.e., those who define themselves mainly in opposition to what they hate)
people who reflexively side with authority
people who reflexively side against authority
the Cleveland Browns

In Vino Veritas

Yeah, what’s up with the Met hataz? By the way, no one’s fans are more insufferable than Aussie fans rooting for their national team, be it cricket, rugby or soccer.

Hate List:

-The “F” Train in Manhattan
-Mort Kondracke



“God” and his fans

The LA Dodgers, Tommy Lasorda and all the evil he represents

Capers – Who Decided those nasty little fuckers were edible?

Pineapple on Pizza

The catholic church, especially the thug skinhead mofo pope

Did I mention COPS?

The Discovery institute and it’s stupid ilk

People magazine and it’s stupid ilk

MTV’s CRIBS and it’s stupid ilk

Superheros of all kinds

Congress – Fer Crissakes DO SOMETHING other than lie, posture and take bribes!!

Right wing pundits who can’t admit being wrong

Anyone who self – identifies as “Pro War”

Priests, Rabbis, Preachers, anyone who sells this idea of some invisible super hero who lives in outer space






I hate every person who ever said or believed “Businesses only exist to make money for their owners and shareholders. Any resources expended to {airquote} be a good citizen {airquote} are wasted, and companies that waste resources that way should fire their decision makers”.

I hate people who abuse dogs and kids.

I hate the Holy Land. If the government ever has the wisdom to give me a control of a nuclear weapon, everyone within 30 miles of jerusalem gets 3 days to move, then it becomes a softly glowing sheet of glass that no one can own for a few thousand years.

If I get two, the same goes for Las Vegas. What a freakin waste of a city.

I know the last two are technically things, but I don’t care.


People who move to Manhattan from various other places throughout the country and then immediately commence turning their noses up at “Bridge and Tunnel-ers” and “outer-bourough types.” Vile classism anyway you slice it.

Anyone who has ever used the phrase “I never go above 14th St.” Idiotic hipster parochialism.


Bloggo said, I hate every person who ever said or believed “Businesses only exist to make money for their owners and shareholders. Any resources expended to {airquote} be a good citizen {airquote} are wasted, and companies that waste resources that way should fire their decision makers�.

Resources extended to being “a good citizen” are not wasted if they ultimately help the bottom line. PR is just another business expense.

Unfortunately, in a capitalist economy, your quote is true. It’s a fact, and on the face it’s neither a moral fact nor an immoral one. It’s an amoral one. The sin isn’t in believing the quote. The sin is treating the unfettered free market as a high moral good in spite of knowing that the quote is true. Business can and will do “good” that isn’t also profitable only (ONLY) if required to do so by sound and sane regulation.

Thank you (steps off soapbox)


How can you hate 49er fans? There’s only about a dozen of them left.


Only two groups come to mind, as it is generally not in my temprament to hate (unhealthy use of emotional energy, I find).

-Those who hate me first (evidentally most people here), and even then, just the most assholey loud of them.
-Retardo (I’m giving you the finger now, Cubs hater!)


Ned Beatty.

He knows why.


People who “get too depressed” hearing about what’s going on in the world so they choose to not pay attention.


1. Dickweeds

2. Gross polluters

3. Cell phone companies

4. Conor Oberst


Otto Man said,
July 26, 2006 at 17:11

Carnies. They know why.

And the Malta too. Damn Sappers.

Really, hating Cubs fans is just too much. A gentle, condescending pity is the proper treatment. And libertarianism is as much a disorder as anything. Carefully applied doses of reality can bring many cases into durable remission.


Charles “Manboobs” Johnson and his partner hack writer Roger “the hat” Simon.
The people who gave them $4Mill to “catapult the propaganda”

The company that produced the “Head On” commercials.
The executives at CNN/MSNBC etc who took their money.

Smiling Mortician

Bill Frist and John McCain — not only as themselves, but as symbols of the kind of craven, shameful powerlust that drives people to abandon whatever values they might have gleaned through professional training or personal, life-altering experiences. Diagnosing Schiavo on teevee to court the christofascists? Embracing Bush to curry favor among the coldblooded neocons? These guys *know* what they’re doing is wrong to its core. I might believe in hell if I thought there would be a special circle reserved for these guys.


I hate sports fans who think it really matters what team someone else roots for. I hate sports fans who take their ridiculous team “loyalty” to such extremes so that that they hate millions of people they’ve never met. Who make statements like, “I hate racists and Yankee fans!” as if the one were the moral equivalent of the other.

This site likes Seinfeld quotations, how about the one about how he hates sports fans who think they really have anything to do with the team’s performance? The fans come out of the stadium shouting “We won! We won.” and Jerry says, “No. THEY won. YOU just watched.”

Oh, and I really, really, really hate the lie that American sports leagues propagate when they declare our national championship the “World” championship. The World Series, gimme a fricken break. How did the US fair in the real world championship series, hmmmm?



not just wingnut republicans, but even “sensible” or “moderate” republicans. you know who i’m talking about. the guy who admits that bush has fucked over the country and that the republicans in the senate and congress are ruining the country. the guy who thinks that religious fanaticism is destroying the u.s. yet STILL identifies as a republican and votes these loons into office. they always have some lame assed excuse. THE DEMOCRATS ARE TOO RADICAL!!1! I’M ONLY FOR THE REPUBLICANS TO STOP HILLARY!!1! THE DEMOCRATS WILL RAISE TAXES!!1!

fuck those assholes, they are worse than wingnuts. they are a bunch of pathetic cowards. yeah, that means andrew sullivan too.


People who move to Manhattan from various other places throughout the country and then immediately commence turning their noses up at “Bridge and Tunnel-ers� and “outer-bourough types.�

Hell, I know people who didn’t even grow up in America who pull that shit.

people who hate derek jeter. seriously, what the hell did he ever do to you?

He has four Series rings, he makes $20 million a year, and chicks dig him. That’s enough for a lot of people.

Oh, one more:

Straight-edgers. If you don’t want to drink, do drugs, or eat meat, that’s fine (more for us!) There’s really no need to be an asshole about it.


The company that produced the “Head On� commercials.

Yeah, I gotta second this. When the Ministry of Love picks me up, they’ll just force me to watch this over and over again, instead of strapping rats to my face.


I hate Karl Rove. I really do.

And George W. Bush.

Child abusers – really I hate abuse of all kinds but that’s a broad category and lots of dynamics can be involved. But people who abuse children deserve a special place in hell.

This topic makes me tired…..


Thalyi — Heh. I was once told “I don’t go above 14th St” by a six-foot blond model-type just recently off the family farm in Estonia. It was a bit much. Best part: She was on her way to a party in Chelsea when she said it.


“Unfortunately, in a capitalist economy, your quote is true. It’s a fact, and on the face it’s neither a moral fact nor an immoral one. It’s an amoral one”

No, it is an immoral one that purveyors of the belief system try to portray as amoral through that language. It is a combination of “Whatever I can take is mine” and “I accept no responsibility for how my actions affect others”, both of which are immoral.

A capitalist economy does not make that mindset true. A capitalist economy is just a system for applying and merging wealth. It is not incompatible with responsibility and citizenship.


“And the Malta too. Damn Sappers.”

Tru dat.

Who can hate Carnies, when they have answered question of “Are Clowns Funny or Scary?” with “Clowns are HOT!”


I was once described by some friends as a “glacier of hate, carving fjords of fury.” That was a good day.

A short list:
-People who believe the Bible rather than their own eyes.
-White Supremacists. I pretty much hate all supremacists, but white supremacists inspire true hatred in me.
-The goddamned e-cliner.
-Slow drivers in the fast lane.
-Zombies. Hate and irrational fear of.
-Sports stars with inflated senses of self-worth. They’re people who play games with balls, they are not warriors.
-Paris Hilton’s Celebrity status. She’s an ugly, twiggy bimbo who is only in the public eye because she’s the daughter of a disgustingly rich family.
-Tom Green. There are burn victims who could probably make better use of his skin.
-Jerry Falwell, and all of his “blow them all away in the name of the Lord” ilk. I am no longer a Christian, but these fuckers have totally missed the message. He’s called The Prince of Peace for a reason, jackass.

I could go on and on.


men who refuse to let go of video games, comic books and cartoons, even though they’re pushing 30 and have no career plans or ambitions. it’s not cute, guys; i’m not here to be your mama.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa…. whoa…. whoa…

Don’t hate the player, LS. Hate the game.

And for the record, I am *adorable*.


The Human Race…I think that pretty well covers it.


In light of sohei’s comment, I would also like to say that I hate bother the player _and_ the game.

And yet, I still read comics, play the occasional video game and watch a truckload of cartoons.


“both,” not “bother.”

Stupid fingers today.


East Coasters who think they’re more “blue” than the rest of us.


I don’t hate anybody. Seriously. I feel sorry for a lot of folks and think a lot of folks should be relentlessly mocked and laughed at, but I don’t hate anybody. I do, however, smoke a lot of marijuana, so that might have something to do with it.

So…people I wouldn’t split a bowl with, which – if you’re hip – is almost as bad:
– People who didn’t listen to any country music up until Cash’s American Recordings – or worse, just “listened to it when I was in the car with my parents” – yet have the audacity to tell me what is and what ain’t country (i.e., “modern country sucks”, which it does, but where does someone who actually likes New Order get off)

– People who think things are “religions”, when they are so totally not in any way shape or form, because they don’t like ’em and have nothing to really compare to it. You know, “evolution is a religion”, “Liberalism is a religion”, “atheism is a religion”. Those people need things thrown at them and ruthless mocking.

– People who don’t keep up with the world’s comings and goings because they’re “too busy living my life”, which generally means they’re out getting shit-hammered every night and indulging in unneccessary drama. Correlate that with people who come in to work hungover/still drunk and expect sympathy.

– People who, although they’re not actually me, feel comfortable in saying things like “Oh, you’ll change your mind someday” when I tell them I don’t wanna get married or have kids, like, ever. I’m three decades into the game now and I’ve studied on the matter some, so go away.

– People who interrupt me when I’m speaking. Very specific circumstances, mind: when I’m embroiled in a debate of some sort and my opponent interrupts with some tangently related point that, basically, shows he/she wasn’t paying attention and was just waiting for his/her turn to speak. Respect the dramatic pause, dammit.

– People who don’t think their actions affect anyone else and even if they do, don’t think they should be beholden to the consequences. This goes for punk kids who get busted for drinking on the street to nitwits who drive like maniacs because “hey, I’m in a hurry” (leave earlier, then, asshole) to big corporations who only see their “bottom line”.

– People who are mean for no reason. Not because their object d’ire deserves it, but just cause he/she’s a mean bastard who gets off on seeing someone else suffer. People who enjoy “Bumfights” fall into this category. So do people who think everyone who isn’t exactly like them should be repressed or denied rights or killed.

– People who tell me what I think without first asking me what I think, from my brother telling me I really do want kids to people telling me how much I lovelovelove Bill Clinton.

– People who don’t like Willie Nelson. You people are just sick.

So. No weed for all them, but I don’t hate nobody.


90% of the other drivers on the road, particularly those who cruise along in the left-hand lane doing 10 mph under the speed limit. Especially when they are yakking away on a cell phone.

Republicans in general, as many have said, but specifically Bush and his whole administration, John Cornyn, George Allen, Sam Brownback and Joe Lieberman. (Rick Santorum and Bill Frist inspire only pity.)

The “pro-life” movement. Fuck you. An extra special fuck you to the pro-lifers who feel it’s morally justifiable to make exceptions for rape or incest — either you think it’s murder or you don’t. If you seriously believed that aborting a 10-week fetus was the same thing as killing, say, a 6-month old baby or a kindergartner, would we be talking about exceptions of any kind? Sadly, no.

Larry the Cable Guy and all “blue-collar” Republican comics. Want to know what’s really funny? The way Republicans still manage to get you blue-collar working fellas to vote against your best interests. Git R Dun!


Wildwood, NJ, and all the stupid mouthbreathers who hang out there.

I don’t really get why anyone would complain about Wildwood when it’s in the shadow of Atlantic City, the most obnoxious place on the eastern seaboard.


Don’t see any reason to reiterate ones which have already been said so:
Dem’s who refuse to play to win, ex: Bob Shrum
MLB players, who shou,ld be getting the shit Barry is but aren’t for one reason or another, see: the Jackassed Roger Clemens, and Cpt. HGH Albert Pujols.


I hate Mark Prior and Kerry Wood for being two really great pitchers for one or two games every couple of seasons.

Star Wars “Special Edition”. Fuck you, George, you greedy prick!

9/11 Conspiracy Theorists. Bush can’t ride a bike and chew gum at the same time but he can organize a world wide neocon conspiracy. Sure.

Warren G. Harding. A taint.


– Clowns (to paraphrase Bob Goldthwait, ever notice how clowns are attracted to places like hospitals, where children can’t run away from them?)

– The customer service representative asshole who decided that customer service = adding sir or ma’am to the end of a sentence describing why they don’t have to help you

– Studying biology since Bush, Sr. was president, and then having to listen to every Jesus freak who is more than 2/3 of the way done reading an article about ID/creationism explain to me that there is no evidence for evolution and that we should teach children “both sides”

– Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, and the unholy Satanic coven that spawned them


No question, Celine Dion and Henry Kissinger, in that order.

I know they’re not Americans, but neither am I and I feel like y’all need a little bit of love sometimes.


No one and nothing, because hate is for irrational angry bloggers and blame-America leftists and nothing any of them says is worthy of note. I love everybody, just like Rush, Ann, Sean and Bill do, and if I could buy the world a Coke, I totally would! So there, you Negative Nellies! I’d kiss you all on the forehead if I wasn’t afraid of your Rage Cooties.

Besides, chimps are cute. Phooey on these endless kitten pictures! Who doesn’t love a cute little chimp? I know I do!


The Bush Administration
Republican Congresspersons from squarish states (I’m looking at you, Oklahoma)
Sean Hannity
Bill O’Reilly

MTV and VH1 for never playing videos
The lack of a serious TV news program on in the morning
Rob Schneider and David Spade
Todd Solondz, for substituting predictable nihilism and unrealistic characters with no redeeming values for depth and complexity

The Vikings (the team, not the Norsemen)
Foam cheese hats
Michael McCaskey
White Sox fans who complain about Cubs fans. Comb your mullets and mustaches and shut up.
The New York Knicks

That America has a pole up its but about sex


I am kind of hating on the Cubs fans who seem to think they need to apologize for Wrigley. WTF?

And I love Brando for saying: White Sox fans who complain about Cubs fans. Comb your mullets and mustaches and shut up.


I was gonna say Red Sox fans, just to stir up shit, but I don’t really. What I do hate is the MSM (mainstream sports media) who seem utterly unaware that baseball is played outside Boston and New York.


What I do hate is the MSM (mainstream sports media) who seem utterly unaware that baseball is played outside Boston and New York.

Really. And the part they don’t get is that on THIS coast we get the east coast games at 4pm, the Chicago/St. Louis/Houston kinda games at 5pm and the west coast games at 7. We never have to miss the end of a game like you poor right-coasters, where the west coast games come ON at 10. That totally messes me up when I’m out there. (It’s even better in Hawaii) Blah…



Being from Nebraska, I probably have a different list than you guys.

1. People who are from Nebraska who have Confederate Flags on your trucks. Holy shit, the Nebraska-Kansas Act caused the civil war, and Nebraska was going to be a Free State! You’re obviously not celebrating your “heritage” (which by the way, you shouldn’t be celebrating the racism of your past) if you don’t know your heritage!

2. The kids who I went to High School with, from obviously rich families, but absolutely love Larry the Cable Guy. You’re not rednecks. Larry isn’t either, nor is he funny, but Christ on a stick, learn your own culture. Stop trying to absorb one.

3. I went to the pool, and there were like 9 year olds trying to dress and act sexy. I don’t necessarily hate the nine year olds, and this might seem a little prudish of me, but c’mon. When I was nine, I was, like, playing Gameboy. You can’t be sexy if you do not know the mechanics of how sex works.


I don’t really get why anyone would complain about Wildwood when it’s in the shadow of Atlantic City, the most obnoxious place on the eastern seaboard.

Yeah, but AC has two things:
1.) They had the first boardwalk
2.) They transcend tacky and enter a realm of absurdity that Wildwood can’t even comprehend. Just go to the Taj Mahal, where you can buy all the hot dogs you can eat.

What I do hate is the MSM (mainstream sports media) who seem utterly unaware that baseball is played outside Boston and New York.

When Tug McGraw died, ABC ran a brief tribute on that horrible Stephanopolous show. What did that tribute say? Only that McGraw played for the Mets. God forbid they metion that he won the Phillies their only World Series. God forbid they mention anything positive about this city. Might as well just play a loop of Wilson Goode bombing Osage Avenue while they talk about the fucking Mets.


men who refuse to let go of video games, comic books and cartoons, even though they’re pushing 30 and have no career plans or ambitions. it’s not cute, guys; i’m not here to be your mama.

Awwwww! I was so looking forward to dating my mommy! 😉


I hate SmirkWad McChimp all the time, but especially when he gets all nice and folksy.


Brando saidRepublican Congresspersons from squarish states (I’m looking at you, Oklahoma)

Oklahoma squarish? America’s toothbrush is squarish?

Anyway, I hate the inexplicable success of Brittany Murphy. Edward Burns. And how does the insanely unfunny and untalented Kevin Smith keep getting to make movies?


Mostly, I hate your mama. She burnt the bacon again this morning.


I think Retardo is really Frank Deford, b/c Deford was railing on the Cubs this a.m. too. But, as a Cubs’ fan, I hate the others: mostly the frat boys & girls and their slightly grown the corporate yuppie scum who go to the games to drink & don’t care about the game. And I hate the front office, Larry Rothschild, Todd Walker, Will Ohman, Roberto Novoa and most especially Ronnie Woo Woo.

Oh, and WPE, everyone who voted for him, Cheney, Condi, the Mets, the Dodgers, the Lakers, Kobe Bryant, AJ Pierzynski, Jay Mariotti, Carlos Mencia and the parents of any child profiled on MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen.”


Geez, I’m late for all the good threads. Oh well, here’s my list:

-Being late for good threads
-The things my racist coworker says (sweet woman, crazy worldview)
-Moderates who think they’re better than you because they have no opinions
-The Indiana Lottery
-People who only go to concerts to drink, and then talk while my favorite band is playing
-People who justify hitting their children by saying “I turned out alright!” Especially when they didn’t turn out alright.
-Consumer culture
-Art snobs who bullshit about Postmodernism without actually knowing what it is.
-Humanity in general


Crap, I forgot to add Buckcherry to that list. Worst. Band. Ever.


Pro-anorexic web sites and the celebrities who inspire them. Skeletor wasn’t ever sexy, y’all…

Dumbfucks who lose their union auto plant jobs but tell me that they still have to vote republican or the gay people will be allowed to get married. WTF?

Anyone who claims to be pro-life and supports the death penalty or war. Pick a moral platform and ride it all the way or shut the fuck up about abortion being murder.

Folks who talk about “reshaping” the middle east but have no background nor interest in learning about the history and culture of the people who live there. And they’re gonna be all surprised when it doesn’t work out and blame the folks living there instead of the hubris and greed of those who set this stupidity in motion.

People who tell me I’m “lucky” that I have such good children. It’s not luck, asshole, it’s parenting and it takes a hell of a lot of dedication (but since I want to like my kids, too, it’s worth it).

On that same note, I hate the people who refuse to check out what their kids are watching or where they’re going on the web or what kind of video games they buy, refuse to use the technology that makes it difficult for the kids to see things of which they don’t approve, then want the government to step in to “protect the innocence” of their children. Dude? That’s YOUR job.

People who think their religious beliefs trump the rights of my family to dispose of my (hypothetically) vegetative body as they see fit and as I asked them to do. If you are that deeply religious, why are you standing in the way of someone meeting up with God? Seriously….why?

Anyone who uses the phrase “because it is, that’s why” without any relevant information proving the statement. Double hate to those who expect this argument to convince me of how right they are. Triple if they combine it with “you don’t understand.”

Politicians who think people in the middle of the country are ignorant props for their national campaigns but otherwise know fuckall about farming, rural life and the vagaries of catastrophic weather that occurs regularly. These are the same kinds of folks who say “no one could have predicted” that certain parts of the country would have hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. when there are entire government entities devoted to doing just that.

Rural people who vote for them anyway.

Jerks who abandon their animals when they move. I’d like to lock them in a room and not let them leave or eat or get fresh air for a week and see how they turn out.


Windows administrators. But they don’t have a clue why.


I don’t use the word ‘hate’ lightly. I reserve it for Hitler and other perpetrators of evil on a grand scale. Cheney really tempts me into hate, though, but I can’t sustain it. Still, this kind of bullsh*t really drives me to hate. Here’s my blogrant on it. I feel much better now.


Oh, and I hate insurance companies, too.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Misuse of apostrophes. Mikey, you’re a borderline case.

Charlotte Smith

John Stossel and Stephen Harper. Actually, many members of the federal Conservative Party, here in Canada. Also, whoever stole the planter out of my yard. Dick.

More generally – willful ignorance, undeserved disrespect to others, people who refuse to practice foresight and empathy, people who are abusive and wasteful, people who want to control other’s lives through legislation, and rash generalizations.

I could go on, but I have to go buy another planter and chain that fucker down.


My god! How could I forget? Very high up on my list should be “Texas�.

Hey! As a native Texan, I resemble that remark! There are parts of Texas that are rather liberal, Austin, and by extension, Travis County, being chief among them. There’s a reason the local FReeptards keep calling it “The People’s Republic of Austin” and “The People’s Republic of Travis County.” Hell, Travis County was the only county in the whole state with a majority vote against the gay marriage ban. And you should’ve seen the reich-wingers’ LTTEs after that! One called Travis County a “cesspool of liberalism.” (I shit you not!) A local columnist called for Austin/Travis County to be kicked out of the state. So please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

With that out of the way, I also wanted to comment about this:

And the Malta too. Damn Sappers.

Ian, sounds like you’ve been playing too much City of Heroes. But then, given my tendency to reference that game in my posts, I guess I have no room to talk, eh? 😛



The title of this article wouldn’t be a play on the name “like likes,” would it? Or am I too much of a nerd?


People who like mayonaisee (all of you should be shot!)
That old naked white guy at the gym
Mini-vans with rims on them
The preppie guy who tries to crip walk at the club
The people at Comedy Central that drove Dave Chappelle away
Black conservatives
Black ensemble casts in movies that aren’t good
neocons who advocate war will solve many-o-problems, support the death penalty, as well as torture, but claim hip-hop is too violent
warmongers and war profiteers (they do exist people. See: The Carlyle Group)
The Federalist Society
The term “race card”
Redneck comedians who aren’t funny
Racists who make country music that capitalizes on faux patriotism
Black elitists who hold young black people in as much contempt as racists
Clarence Thomas
Anton Scalia
Brit Hume
The Supreme Court for, oh, the first 100 years of its existence
People who miss the point about “politically correctness” (it was never to sedate people, only to stop ignorant-ass people who saying ignorant-ass things)
People who hate hip-hop without listening to an enitre album or even song
Rich people who think homeless people should “just get a job like everyone else”
Ann Coulter
Bill O’Reilly
Skip Bayless
Raja Bell
People who hate the Dallas Cowboys
People who hate the L.A. Lakers
People who hate Kobe Bryant
People who hate California
People who hate liberals because Rush Limbaugh tells them so
People who ONLY watch Fox News


I don’t really get why anyone would complain about Wildwood when it’s in the shadow of Atlantic City, the most obnoxious place on the eastern seaboard.

Because Wildwood is where teenagers who can’t go to Atlantic City go. Fuck, now I’ve been reminded that I hate Wildwood too. Fuck Wildwood!

Lately the people I hate most are the “oh noes, GAYS” people, especially when their main excuse for why they shouldn’t be allowed to marry is because they can’t make the babies. I have zero intention of having a baby ever, yet I seem to be married. So shove that completely idiotic reasoning right up your ass, fucko.

I tell you what I love, though. I love City of Heroes references.


Agnostics. Pick a fucking side, because it’s basically fucking meaningless either way. I’m sick and tired of getting a 30-minute explaination of your not-really-a-belief-system-per-se.

Libertarians. The “fake” ones in particular, but the ones that hang out on Reason and act like it’s a fucking surprise everytime one of the fakers claims to be one and we all shout at him.

Objectivists. This filters into the Libertarian thing, but by fucking God, do I hate fucking Objectivists. They’re a fucking cult of personality centered around the most undeserving person to ever have a cult centered around them. Not to mention their beliefs basically boil down to the worst kind of egotism possible.

Scientologists. I fucking hate them.

White Supremacists.

Black Supremacists (with the exception of Louis Farrakhan. I know it’s sad and wrong, but I just want to love him in a completely un-J.C. Christian-approved way.)

Anti-Semites of all stripes and colors.

People that give a shit about baseball of any kind. You watch the most boring fucking sport America ever came up with. And you fill up my television with crappy front-runners and celebrational riots. Fuck you, baseball fans.

The people who are registered Republicans.

The people who are registered Democrats.

In particular, I hate the people who are registered one way and vote the other. Especially fucking Dixiecrats.

People who can’t stand cursing, and don’t want to let me curse. Especially ones who use their children as shields from bad language. Your children will be foul-mouthed unless you shelter them so thoroughly they’re incapable of making it in the world. Teach them to curse.

Evangelical non-smokers/drinkers who’re only like that because they can’t do either any longer and want to spoil my fucking freedom of choice.

People who think that the Confederacy or the KKK was somehow a noble Southern tradition worthy of being immortalized.



Oh, and before I forget, while I don’t *hate* Zionists, I do hate the Zionists that think that anything Israel does is justifiable based upon it being The Jewish State, and so treat it like the last line of defense against Jewish extermination.

There are Jews not in Israel! Real ones!


One of these days, I’m gonna go off on a long rant about why I find hearing someone say agnostics should “pick a side” as irritating as hearing someone tell bisexuals to “pick a side”. But not today. It involves too many definitions.


Patkin, I think you should turn off the TV. I’m a baseball fan who doesn’t have a lot of use for any other spectator sport. I manage to go all football season without seeing any games or having any idea what’s going on in the sport. You know how? I don’t watch TV while the games are on, or at least I don’t turn to a channel that’s televising games. It works! I’m blissfully ignorant of football (don’t get me started on how boring that sport is), hockey, basketball, NASCAR, etc.


The Advertising Industry
The Health Insurance Industry
Commercial Property Lawyers
Property Management companies, particularly those who buy beautiful old buildings, throw out the tenants, tear ’em down, and replace them with 20-story monstrosities.
WIRED Magazine
Anti-snobs. People who respond to your carefully-prepared, painstakingly-developed, rationally-derived argument with the words, “Well, that’s your opinion.”
Cars in the bike lane, and bicyclists on the sidewalk.
People who say, “There are lots of ways to make money with an English degree, for instance, in Advertising or Public Relations.”
The Public Relations industry
The disgraceful state of our country’s passenger rail system.
People who consider themselves realists for believing that our current way of live will continue infinitely.
Myself, some days.


John Lieberthal for dropping the ball four times in one inning last night at the Phillies game I was at. Christ, man, you’re called a catcher, but that doesn’t mean take it up the ass!

–Alleged liberals who drop casual homophobia in to their rants ^^^
–Asshats who use gay to mean lame; you fuckwits would never say “The [object of derision] are sooooooo Jewish/Black/Latino” so shut the fuck up
–Heteros who can’t wrap their heads around the FACT that not all gay men, probably not even a majority, engage in or enjoy butt sex
–The Ramones. A LOT.
–Liverpool FC, the Red Scum
–People whose knowlege of prog rock doesn’t extend beyond Rick Wakeman’s spangly cape, because that’s all they fucking whine about
–Religion, truly the opiate of the masses
–People who insist that the earth is only 6,000 years old
–Ants (though I recognize their evolutionary niche)
–People wearing USC t-shirts only because of their recent success (I’m a UCLA fan, I just hate bandwagon hoppers)
–Drivers who are so busy flapping their gums on their cellphones that they drive 20 miles an hour below the speed limit
–People who worship Hitler, Mussolini or the Confederacy; they LOST you tools
–Straight dudes who, even though they look like John Poderhertz, think that just because I’m gay I want to sleep with them; I’m gay, not blind, asshole
–Dallas Cowboys; America’s team my bunghole
–Atlanta Braves; see above
–The British music press, who constantly hype bands with two singles as The Greatest Band Ever In The History Of Rock Music but who turn out to suck
–Dodgers fans who tried to hop on the Angels bandwagon in the last few years; fuck off, you’re not welcome
–People who say “like” or “you know” or “yaknowhatImean?” every fifth word. YaknowwhatImean?
What I do hate is the MSM (mainstream sports media) who seem utterly unaware that baseball is played outside Boston and New York aka ESPN, all Yankees and Sawx, all the time
–Notre Dame football [gives one finger salute to Touchdown Jesus]

Wow, it’s scary how easy it is to tap in to hate….. [must go to The Poorman to look up cute kitties]

Herr Doktor Bimler

Agnosticism? I reckon it’s a valid label, unless you want to come up with some other term for the stance of “Not taking the basic is-there-or-isn’t-there premise of someone else’s argument enough to take a side.”

Homoousian: Kill the Homoiousians, deniers of the divinity of Christ!
Homoiousian: Kill the Homoousians, idolaters of Christ!
Gibbon: These daft plonkers are killing each other over a mere iota. How can anyone take either side of their debate seriously?
Homoousian and homoiousian together: You agnostic! Pick a fucking side!

Or alternatively…
Retardo: I hate Yankees and their fans!
Brad R.: NO ONE is worse than Atlanta Braves fans.
Pratkin: I hate people that give a shit about baseball of any kind.
Retardo, Brad R. and practically everyone else: Agnostic! Pick a fucking side, because it’s basically fucking meaningless either way!


When I think about it hard, I realize that I don’t really hate people on political grounds; I’m incredibly frustrated by them and I’m horrified at what they do, but I don’t really hate them.

I realized that I hate certain types of people for very personal reasons, the only kind of stuff that hits your heart hard enough to provoke such a powerful response.

I hate men who think that they can do whatever they want to women because they’re so charming (and the women who allow themselves to be charmed).

I hate men who apologize when they fuck up (to get you off their backs, not because they care that they’ve hurt you), then do the exact same thing again as soon as they have the chance.

I hate men who can’t even bring themselves to be mildly friendly to me because they don’t want to encourage the “fat girl.”

I hate the people who can’t see my creativity, my big heart, my intelligence because all that matters to them is that I’m not skinny and beautiful. I hate that they assume that I lie on the couch and gorge myself on donuts and french fries (they never consider the truth: that I eat healthy and work out an hour a day, 5 or 6 days a week).


It’s weird, but after reading a long list of comments. I do not recall a single mention of Karl Rove. Karl Fucking Rove. Now there’s a specimen of soulless protoplasm truly deserving of a nation’s, nay, a world’s hatered. Think of what this man has foisted upon us all through the cynical manipulation of our democratic traditions. Feh!


Hatred sigh


Ooh, a chance to put on my pedant hat! I love it.

“Agnostic” and “A/Theist” are not necessarily exclusive positions.

Agnosticism is a position about knowledge. Theism is a position about belief. Knowledge and belief are not the same thing.

To be agnostic simply means that you do not believe it is possible to *know* whether or not there is a deity. Most theists are agnostic theists – that’s why “faith” is such a big dealio for them. They don’t *know* that there’s a deity; they *believe* it.

On a side note, the knowledge problem – what do we mean when we say we “know” something – is one of the oldest and most intractable problems in philosophy. David Hume is probably the guy to start with if you really want to get into that one. I still haven’t made my peace with Hume, which should be apparent in that I reject epistemic scepticism enough to think of myself as an atheist – but I struggle with the distinction between knowledge and belief as much as the next guy does.

As long as the next guy is a dreadfully dorky philosophy nerd, I suppose.

But if “agnostics” annoy you, and you are a faith-based theist (as opposed to one of those theists who buys into that “Reasons to Believe” theology), you can always annoy them by retorting “Great, so am I, but I didn’t ask you what you were capable of knowing; I asked what you believe”.


Torture apologists.

Actually, I dont’ really hate them. A few year’s worth of studying them has allowed them to understand why they hold that position, and why it doesn’t necessarily make them evil people.

(Sigh) I guess that’s what makes me a bleedin’ heart liberal.


I “hate” the people who consider themselves “intelligent” because they are well read despite being willfully ignorant about mathematics. It is socially acceptable to public admit, with a casual shrug, that ” I was never very good at math. I’m more of a humanities person.” but when have you heard anyone say “I wuz nevur ani gud at dat readin and ritin, but I can solv a diferentle eqatiun like nobudys bizness.”

Herr Doktor Bimler

What’s that, Jillian? I couldn’t hear you. The agnostics in this echo-chamber are terrible.


1. Neocons
2. Toby Keith & his rock twin, Ted Nugent.
3. Wal-mart and the morons who shop there, but most especially the people who know bettter, and shop there anyway because it “saves us money”.
4. Faux News
5. Bible thumpers
6. People who insist on pitting dogs against cats. Like, what do you think it proves, or says about you, that you LURVE dogs and hate cats? (Or vice-versa.) I once said to someone, “It’s possible my cat isn’t as smart as your dog, but I’ll bet ya dollars to pocket lint that my cat is brighter than YOU are.”
7. Stupid wars, or, um, wars.
8. People who are PROUD that they don’t read… anything… ever.
9. White people who assume I’m racist and/or Christian because I’m a white person, like they are, so therefore I must agree with their racist, homophobic, xenophobic tripe.
10. The fact that *nothing* inspires people to post like the opportunity to rant about what they hate.


Red-staters who think they’re “more American� than the rest of us.

Some people were saying the same thing at a party and I chimed in with something to the effect of “If another Texan acts the patriot and starts complaining about Illegals, I am going to have to retort ‘Dude, you’re from Texas. I dont care about the Alamo, you’re still a Mexican to me'”.

I just meant it as a little zinger – considering Texas was once formally part of mexico – but a few cold looks made it obvious that some people had taken it as a dig at latinos. Irony is lost on the stupid.


Karl Rove falls into my bullies-with-no-priorities matrix.


Sorry about that, my good Doktor.

My evil inner pedant got the best of me.

I hang my head in shame.


Reba, I love you. Simple as that.

Herr Doktor, I try. I really do. I CARE about grammar and I want to get it right. I understand possesive and plural, but lot of time it’s/its just flummoxes me, and I just guess. I understand your angst, I feel your pain, but I think at this point it’s (oh shit – its?) as good as it IS gonna get. Sorry…

Gus. Can I just say: Thank you!!

STH. C’mere, siddown, let’s see whatcha got – creative wise…

Jillian. I can make a pretty good case for there is no god. I’m sorry, but I just have trouble respecting people who actually BELIEVE in mythology. I mean, anytime they talk about god, ask them if you said the same thing but substituted the word “Zeus” or my vaccuum cleaner, could it possible be taken seriously?



I hate Americans. Bitchy, whiny little turds who stamp their feet when they don’t get their way. Arrogant, supercilious, over-exuberant little crap-sacks. Anglo-Saxon cunts. Germanic square-heads. Black-enslaving hyprocrites.

The world will be much improved when America, finally, comes to an end.





Sports fans.

Conservatives/neo cons


Guys who talk about their “feelings” too much.

Emo music

Country music

Mainstream Hip-hop.

Sex Pistols esp. John Lydon.

The South.

The mid-West.

and Fuck You, Norway.



and religion. All of them, specifically those pretentious, arrogant buddhists.


I picked a side, Bimler. I just happened to pick hockey, which is a whole other spectrum.

Anyway, I wasn’t aware I had to support my hate-on in this thread. But, let me try anyway.

Atheism basically says, any religious choice you make is inconsequential because when you die, you will be dead. Therefore, unless your religious standpoint influences your behavior in life to a degree that it affects other people, your choice is about the same as deciding whether to die your hair blue or orange or green or white.

Cause you’ll be dead.

Theism posits that the choice is so infinitely varied that whatever choice you have has a statistical probability of being right… let’s make up a number 0.000001% of the time. And having to follow that path correctly, which if you’re making a choice, you probably haven’t.

SO you’re boned anyway.

Agnosticism posits that we can’t know either way, and frankly nobody’s ever gonna find out because the only people who would know for certain are impossible to question. Given that they are currently dead. Therefore, to take the baseball analogy Herr Bimler used…

If Retardo and Brad were to say, watch a baseball game between the Braves and Yankees, and just as the ninth inning of a tied game came to a close, an atomic bomb blew up and incinerated everyone involved.

Would what team you cheered for/against matter?


The Weather


Well, MdM’s back– and no worse for wear, I see.


Mikey, I’m a mean, vicious, rotten, hardcore atheist who cannot help but have doubts about the rationality of *anyone* who professes religious beliefs of any stripe. My only redeeming feature in this aspect of my life is the fact that the only thing I hold to more strongly than the inherent crapulousness of every religion out there is the supreme importance of each person being able to hold to the dictates of their indivual consciences as much as possible. No matter how stupid *I* may think your belief is, your right to hold that belief is paramount.

Although, depending upon the belief, I don’t have problems with restrictions on a person’s *expression* of that belief.

Whether or not it’s possible to make a case for there being no god depends upon how any given individual chooses to define the term “god”. Most definitions are so nebulous that they’re impossible to falsify – which, to my way of thinking, means they’re also devoid of any semantic content. “God” is – quite literally – nonsense. It doesn’t mean anything. Or it means whatever the user wants it to mean at any given point in time, which is the next worst thing.

If religion didn’t do so much to make the world worse, I probably wouldn’t care as much. But it does, and I do, and it just adds to my increasing sense of hollow despair anymore. Even the things which are supposed to make the world better just screw it up more.

A number of my friends are a decade or so younger than I, and I find mysef tremendously worried about the world which awaits them. I can’t find anything to be hopeful about anymore.


I hate Americans. Bitchy, whiny little turds who stamp their feet when they don’t get their way. Arrogant, supercilious, over-exuberant little crap-sacks. Anglo-Saxon cunts. Germanic square-heads. Black-enslaving hyprocrites.

The world will be much improved when America, finally, comes to an end

Excellent rant there, Mal der mer. One of my favorite moments on TV ever was in the Paris edition of The Real World. It was all Americans save for an Irish guy. So, something happened (they found what their job was going to be, I think) and all the Americans are jumping up and down and whooping it up and high-fiving and this voice-over from the Irish guy starts: “Why is it that Americans are so enthusiastic about everything, no matter how small?”. He said it with real bewilderment in his voice.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Thanks for bringing up the topic in the first place, Patkin. Frankly, there are few opportunities to use the word ‘homoiousian’.


If religion didn’t do so much to make the world worse, I probably wouldn’t care as much. But it does, and I do, and it just adds to my increasing sense of hollow despair anymore. Even the things which are supposed to make the world better just screw it up more.

A number of my friends are a decade or so younger than I, and I find mysef tremendously worried about the world which awaits them. I can’t find anything to be hopeful about anymore.

Could NOT have said it any better. And the amazing thing, is in my experience many (not all, but a defitite majority) younger people are looking to faith, rather than empiricism and reality, for their answers to this increasingly screwed up world. I think we are learning the answer to the last variable in Drake’s Equationon…



What do I hate about America? As a furriner, I’m allowed to hate America. In fact, I think I’m expected to do so. It’s the blind arrogance you see. The arrogance to start an illegal war causing the death of tens of thousands of innocents. The arrogance to ignore the opinions of the rest of the world, sniffily dismissing “Old Europe”. The arrogance to ignore the fact that “liberating” Afghanistan had led to huge increases in heroin production, putting more of it on the street, at higher quality and for lower prices than before. Heck of a job, George!

That, and Paris Hilton.

Note that I said America, not Americans, and especially not the fine denizens of Sadly, No!

Herr Doktor Bimler

If religion didn’t do so much to make the world worse, I probably wouldn’t care as much
All religion? I can’t bring myself to hate Icelandic Ã?satrú.

The ceremony was held at Arnarnes near �safjördur in the Westfjords. Both members of the ásatrúarmenn and other religions were present and the Westfjord Chieftain of the Heathens presided. To cap off the day, a big barbeque was held.

And that’s where atheism and agnosticism fall down; they couldn’t organise a barbecue in, umm… [gropes for appropriate comparison]… in a barbecue factory. I am so calling myself “an ethnic Ã?satrúarmaður”.


Alas, many Asatruer (at least in America) are also members of Stormfront or other white power groups.

Yeah, I can hate that, too.

Retired Catholic

Smug Virgins,The Raiduhs,The Yankees and their owner, K-Street Denizens, Creationists, Dominionsts-theogonists-Christrian Reconctructionists, the IDF, Hezbullah, Al Quaeda, Thomas Kinkaid, most people at Faux News, Designated Hitters, Immigrant Bashers, Insurance Executives, Tiger Poachers and Seal Clubbers, Whalers, Blairites and Bushies and last, but not least, people who burn the goddammed pancakes.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Alas, many Asatruer (at least in America) are also members of Stormfront or other white power groups

Oh. Damn. Is nothing safe?


Not even atheism.

Lots of ’em are Randroids.

A good martini recipe is probably safe, but who can be sure in these days?


At or near the top of my list is Richard(dick) Perle. The pearl should be thrown before swine(so the hogs could eat him!


Am I too late?

Sean Hannity. And: Sean Hannity.

And, you know, everybody else. But mainly Sean Hannity.

(And my ex, but never mind.)

And Sean Hannity.


Oh, wait, I forgot:

Xtian nutbars, e.g., Tim LaHaye. And what’s his name Inhofe.

Creationists. “Intelligent designists.” Tim LaHaye. Sean Hannity.

I’ll keep thinking.

Herr Doktor Bimler



I hate those unfortunate moments when you rip off a mind-blowing, ball-tearing fart but finish with a little follow through.


I hate:
– working for a company that thinks a few pieces of metal in one’s face or pink hair will somehow render its employees unable to answer the phone (or that someone on the other end of a fucking PHONE LINE will somehow know that the persona answering has pink hair/piercings, which will somehow affect the bottom line…)

– said company has a contract with a food-service company to provide coffee and chow to us and one of the food-service company employees has a freakin’ stud in her nose. She’s in FOOD SERVICE! How DARE she have her nose pierced! Aaaaieee!

– people that call a company in the travel industry and don’t know where they want to go or when.

– people that call said company and start their conversation with, “I got this e-mail…” only to tell me that they don’t know _when_ they got it. Also, people that call regarding the promotions in the mythical e-mail and then get pissed at me when the promotion has expired… Because the e-mail is a couple of months old.

– Travel agents that call the company and don’t know where their clients want to go, when, or what their clients’ names are. How the fuck do you last in business if you don’t know these things?

– people that hang up on me in the middle of my ‘goodbye’ speech.

– people that hang up on me before I can even ask if there’s anything else I can help them with.

– people that don’t bother to look both ways before they cross against the light

people taht cross against the light

– people that think I’m “cute” or “funny” when I’m annoyed at them

– people that do not recognize that my license plate means that my scooter has as much right to be on the road as their big-ass car.

– people that don’t bother to look before changing lanes

– bus drivers that think the little “yield to busses” sign on the ass end of their rigs means they can drive like assholes

– whoever decided that anyone could have access to on-street parking in downtown Seattle, instead of restricting it to the disabled and delivery vehicles

– whoever decided that the streets near my house needed fixing, but not Fourth or Fifth avenues, which actually have -weeds- growing in the cracks and holes

– the people of Seattle for waffling so much on the monorail issue that they could have opened fifteen IHOPs

– whoever decided that petitions for putting the estate tax on the ballot should call it “the death tax”; it should be -called- by its name: the estate tax

– a scool system that produces people younger than myself who have no idea what the estate tax is

– my building management company, who is raising my rent

– loan companies that cannot comprehend the words “I have no money” or “if you had not been so fixated on the address of who paid you we wouldn’t be having this conversation”

– people who look at me funny when I mention I like sports, not because I am a girl, but because I like sports

– my own clumsiness, which has resulted in the purchase of at least four new power supplies for my laptops, two trips to the hospital for stitches, and now requires me to shell out to get the screen on my laptop repaired (sigh)

…I’d go on, but this is more than long enough. Just put me down as another voice in the ‘I hate the people of this administration!” chorus (well, almost everyone — I don’t hate Gail Norton, though I can’t say I’m exceedingly delighted by here, and there’s at least one DoI bureaucrat that I am quite personally fond of, but that’s an anomoly).


OK, I now officially have a crush on Jillian, irrational as that may be. 😛 That said…
I got you all beat, hands down (except for that “Karl Rove” dude, whoever *he* is!).
I hate everyone and everything that’s not me. And sometimes I’m not too fond of me, either, so “nyaah!”

Me, for teh win!!1!


I only ever have crushes on gayboys anymore, mostly because of how much dating sucks. So back atcha! And it’s not irrational.

Or if this is irrational, I don’t want to be Socratic, baby!


Oh, and while this isn’t an “I hate” post, I’m suspicious of Retardo. I think he’s secretly researching an article for, oh I don’t know, Michelle Malkin’s place that talks about the “hateful Left.” ‘Cos there’s an Assful (Of Secrets) of things that could be used as out-of-context quotes for such an article here.
We are such suckers!


Stand in line, Marq.

birdseatbugs: Can we get a Tim Eyman in there?


I hate Americans. Bitchy, whiny little turds who stamp their feet when they don’t get their way. Arrogant, supercilious, over-exuberant little crap-sacks. Anglo-Saxon cunts. Germanic square-heads. Black-enslaving hyprocrites.

I hate that the Default American is always white. White Americans are generally the worst offenders as far as this goes, but … bleh.

Yet at the same time, I bet you a dollar that if a white American saw a black person, their first assumption would be that they’re an American.


Mal, if you can accurately generalize about 250 million people of all races, backgrounds, experiences, viewpoints, etc., etc., etc., you’re a much smarter person than I. Just a suggestion: since we all know you’re having a very difficult time right now, you might want to temporarily make a habit of writing your potential post, then walking away for a while before you reconsider whether you want to send it or not.

Mikey, have I mentioned that you are a total sweetheart? In case I haven’t, consider it mentioned. I’m not much of a creative writer–spent too much time writing scientific papers–but my creativity is in other areas (click on my name).


Actually, we’re hitting 300 million somewheres around… September, is it? And, let me tell ya–I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT!!!!!1!


People who show up the hotel and start bitching at me because they got lost. Like I personally located the hotel in a hard to find spot.
I tell them, “It’s not my fault you left the airport without knowing where you were going, and if you don’t shut up I will ask you to leave”.


Okay, I gotaa add:

People I wouldn’t go so far as to say I hate, but who annoy the piss out of me:

-People who say things like, “As long as they don’t cancel the fall-season on TV, or get caught fixing the Superbowl, the government is apparently free to do whatever it wishes.”

These people are almost always ostensible liberals. You know what? Liberals should be aware of the fact that the middle class is shrinking to beat the band. I’m not exactly poor, but I have lately hung out almost exclusively with lower-class people, and yeah, they like to watch American Idol.

They like to watch fucking American Idol because it starts right after they get home from their 12 hour shift on the assembly line and as soon as it’s over they have to have a long talk with their wife/husband to figure out how the fuck they’re going to be able to afford to fix the car AND still have any money left over for groceries this month, and then they get to tell little Billy, “No, I’m sorry son, you can’t try out for basketball; we just can’t afford the equipment” and they just want one hour, one fucking hour in the week where they aren’t dealing with life-shattering crises.

Jesus, I hate it when people reflexively lionise te poor as salt of the earth types, but the fucking yuppies who watch American Idol because they’re vacuuous twits who simply choose not to have any problems are a dying breed.

The longer I spend with poor people the more pissed off I get at how liberals reflexively remove them from the discussion.


The longer I spend with poor people the more pissed off I get at how liberals reflexively remove them from the discussion.

Then you should hate Sensible Liberals (TM), a.k.a neoliberals, because they are the jackasses that say in effect, “yeah well, fuck the poor here, because Free Trade is so attractive for its consistency, and besides, fuck those factory workers in the South, I just saved 10 dollars at Pottery Barn!” And unions are corrupt! Blarg, inefficiency is worse than poverty!


merlallen, at the last hotel I worked at, people would routinely get to room 114 and throw up their hands, standing in the middle of the hallway with the “Why does the world vex me so?” expression and demand of the nearest maid where, exactly, we “put” room 121 or whatever.

I used to shuffle through the little bars of soap and the coffee filters on my cart and say, “Dang, I know I had it here somewhere. You know, I bet I left it down the hallway, next to room 119.”

Remember, heads of corporate America: pay minimum wage, be forced to keep employees who alienate customers.


Folks I hate:

(1) That dude in the bar who says he can hook me up if I can just give him the money, so I give him the money, then I never see the shit.

(2) The current government.

Oh, sorry, that’s redundant, isn’t it?

(3) The guy who takes your number but never calls.

Wait, that’s me, ain’t it? Um. Sorry. Must have lost it. But at least I’m not:

(4) That guy who calls whom you never gave your number to.

Around here we call them telemarketers. That, or we say, “Hey, man, I gave you my number when? No, I don’t know any Tom, dude. No. No.” *click*

(5) What, he called back? “Nope, still no Tom here. No, sorry, you must have the wrong number. Well, these mix-ups happen, Senator Lieberman.”


Assholes in SUVs and pickups who tailgate me in the slow lane when I’m already doing 15 miles over the limit

Gotta go with the rest of the crowd on the abusing animals and kids

And speaking of animals, I hate the assholes who refuse to spay or neuter their cats/dogs because they want their kids to “experience the miracle of life.” Bookend that scenario, numbnuts, and take your little darlings to a shelter to “experience the miracle of death” that is the fate of millions of unwanted animals every fucking year.

Bush, Cheney, and and the whole disgusting crowd.


Ditto on libertarians. What a bunch of crybabies.

Authors of crappy books. And a special unquenchable hate for authors of crappy books that become bestsellers. Patricia Cornwall (or whatever the hell your name is) and David Baldacci, I’m looking at you. And the twit that wrote “The DaVinci Code.”

Whoever decided that CDs and DVDs needed to be encased in childproof packaging.


D. Sidhe — sure, why not! We can use him to patch the holes at Fourth and Spokane! *Snicker*


Texas. Fucking, Texas.

Oh sweet Jesus, how I hate Texas.

Oh yea, and fucking Texans . . . like and Karen Hughes and Kenny Boy Lay and Ross Perot.

And fucking adopted Texans . . . like W. and Cheney and Jerry Jones.

Oh yea, and fucking Texas oil companies . . . like Exxon and Enron and the rest of those blood sucking bastards.

And the worst . . . the fucking Dallas Cowboys.

I hate fucking Texas.


After an obnoxious call on my mobile yesterday, while I was still at work, number one on my list today is pyramid sellers and the people who run the organisations that back them.

I’m talking Amway people and their party-invading, friend-torturing, hungry-eyed ilk.

A girl I know (but no longer like) sent out a massive bulk email to everyone in her address book, saying she was part of a great new business opportunity, selling phone services in a pyramid scheme. I ignored it – being an Aussie, I like to support the local companies, and this one is a US import.

Yesterday I got a call from her “upline”. You know those people who greet you so enthusiastically by name that it takes you a few seconds to realise they are not actually anyone you know? One of them. Loud, eager, and totally fucking obnoxious. After twenty seconds I already wanted to kick him in the balls. He kept me on the phone for five minutes, while I pulled out progressively less and less polite excuses.

“I work full time.”
“I work full time and I’m planning on doing postgad study next year.”
“I don’t think I really have the time.”
“I really don’t think it sounds like something I want to do.”
“No, seriously, I’m not interested.”

I fucking hate people who corner you and force you to be rude to them to get rid of them, and overly aggressive pyramid sellers are the worst offenders at this. I especially hate when they corner you at parties, and you think “I must find the host and suggest that he never invite this turd to any future gatherings.”

*pant pant*

Okay, rant over.


I need to fix the list:

Bucky Dent

Bill Buckner

William F Buckly Jr.

Joe Buck

Buck McKeon


Oh, except for my dog. I luuuuuuuurves my dorggie, but not in a Santorum sort o’ way.


[…] But as I give my S,N! comrades a much-needed breather from wingnut-ridiculing, I’ll now apologise to the Cubs fans among our readers, whom I viciously slurred. I’m sorry. I should have made an exception for S,N! readers in my wholesale anti-Cubs diatribes, anyway. But I also should have known that as soon as I wrathed-out on the whole Cubs Nation, the Great Jebus In The Sky would see fit to reward me with shit like this: CHICAGO (AP) — Carlos Zambrano outpitched Chris Carpenter to win his ninth straight decision as the Chicago Cubs completed a four-game sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals with a 6-3 victory Sunday. […]


Illinois Nazis


-Willfully ignorant people/people who know they’re wrong but refuse to admit it
-people who suck at writing and then say I’m awesome at writing, it just makes me sad
-being depressed
-being unemotional
-my ex, he knows why, and has no soul, and thus, doesn’t really care
-music snobs who laugh at my terrible taste in music


I hate HUMANITY because it abandoned God(and spirituality all together)and happily embraced vulgar,evil,stupid materialism,created an unforgiveable Hell on Earth,and then has the fucking NERVE to so often blame Her for it’s problems! (yes,God’s a female.Deal with it.) Payback’s going to be a BITCH you talking monkey fucks. Wait and see.


hey i think its fine cos im famous


I hate people who litter. I hate my stupid core humanities class and my professor for giving us a cumulative midterm, without a study guide, on top of a paper and required participation in discussion.


Syrien: specialreportage från Homs
Skrivet av: Mavera | 01/12/2011

Terrorister härjar i den syriska staden Homs. Själva syrierna kallar staden Homs för andra Afghanistan. Varje dag här skjuter terrorister och kidnappar människor. Staden är indelad i inflytandezoner var även lokalbefolkningen är rädda att gå. Man skjuter på bilar även under dagtid, många hus är totalt förstörda.

En rysk journalist A.Popova gjorde ett specialreportage från staden Homs för att visa situationen där.

Här finns nu mängder av radikala islamister och utländska legosoldater. Enligt vissa uppgifter deras antal uppgår till omkring fyra hundra män. Bashar al-Assads trogna lever här i rädsla.

”Visa bara inte säljarens ansikte, de kom till honom redan tre gånger och hotade att skära halsen om han inte stänger sin grönsaksbutik, de kräver pengar av alla köpmän. Upprorsmän ofta rånar lastbilar och stjäl varor. Om man gör motstånd eller misstycker kan man mista sitt liv” säger en man från lokalbefolkningen. (1:36 – 1:44)

Det finns ganska många ryska/ukrainska människor i Syrien, mest kvinnor som är gifta med syrier. En av dem, Nadja, blev dödad av terroristernas galna kula. Hon reste hem med barnen till Ukraina efter att oroligheter har börjat, men barnen saknade sin pappa och hon kom tillbaka. En dag när familjen åkte bil genom staden Homs, hördes det skottlossning. Hasan hörde bara ett svagt ljud, vände huvudet och såg att frun var skjuten rakt genom hjärtat. (1:44 -2:46)

Antal dödade växer med varje dag. Västerländska människorättsaktivister kallar det för ”dödade demonstranter i kampen mot regimen”. I själva verket är dessa människor vanliga medborgare som har ingen anknytning till vare sig politik eller protester.

”Min bror arbetade som busschaufför. En dag blev han stoppad på vägen. De sa att han inte var en riktig muslim, de stack ut hans ögon och sedan skar av hans hals” säger en man av lokalbefolkningen. (2:59 -3:06)

Terrorister dagligen dödar, kidnappar och trakasserar lokalbefolkning.

En kvinna säger att hennes bror blev kidnappad. Terroristerna bröt in sig i hans hem, mannens son försökte göra motstånd med de sköt honom med 17 kulor. Kvinnan säger att om syriska armén inte ingriper, de kommer alla att vara mördade. (3:16-3:30)

Kidnappades även rektor vid Homs universitet. Så småningom blev han befriad av den syriska armén, men universitet fortsätter att beskjutas av terrorister.

”Vi alla vill att armén ska vara inne i staden och skyddar oss från brottslingar. Både kristna och muslimer – alla vi lever tillsammans i fred, men de försöker att splittra oss. Dessa banditer låter oss inte att leva normalt. Låt soldaterna komma tillbaka!” säger en stadsbo Alia Youssef. ”De skjuter med granatkastare på bussarna, bostäder, skolor. De är inte människor, de har inget med islam att göra” säger en annan lokal invånare.(4:06- 4:28)

För några månader sedan var soldater i staden och tog hand om oroliga områden. Men under trycket från väst var de tvungna att lämna staden. Kvar blev bara några vaktposter.

Ibland lyckas polisen. Nyligen har de stoppad en lastbil med vapen som var avsett för terrorister: maskingevär, granatkastare, gevär, hagelgevär, ammunition och sprängämnen. Alla vapen hade amerikanska och europeiska märke.

Det kommer hela tiden folk til sjukhus med skottskador, många överlever inte. En skadad kille berättar att när han gick med vänner, kom det fram maskerade män och började skjuta, hans vän blev dödad. (5:12-5:18)

Terrorister angriper civila och soldater/poliser som försöker skydda folket.

Under åtta månader bara i Homs dödades 557 soldater. Skadades mer än två tusen militärer och poliser. Enligt borgmästaren banditerna följer ett tydligt mönster. Om detta står skriftligt i de handlingar som syriska säkerhetsstyrkorna fick tag på. Kopiorna finns i hans skrivbord.

”Homs är bekväm för banditer eftersom den ligger nära alla gränser, säger borgmästaren. Det pågår smuggling av vapen. Terrorister vill lamslå liv i staden. De anfaller regeringsbyggnader, dödar civila, poliser och militära….”

Det märks tydligt i Homs att någon vill provocera fram ett inbördeskrig och hetsa alawiter, sunniter och kristna mot varandra. Lokala äldste kämpar hårt redan för att förhindra medborgarna från blodig hämnd för de döda.


Det gör så ont att se människor plågas av terrorister, som stöds av väst. Väst hjälper terrorister som dödar folk! Var är rättvisan?


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