Good Ol’ Hannity

Amazing. Just listen to this. It’ll be worth your time.


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No. Hell no. I’m not falling for one of those S,N! links ever again; not after you gave us the Vlog of Pam. *shudder*

I’ll wait until after other, braver commenters of similar worldview mockingly summarize its content before I react to it. I think this process is called “going over the heads of the filter.”


summary: Hannity says Mike Stark is “sick” for “attempting to politicize” a fundraiser for dead soldiers’ families. Actual clips from fundraiser include Ann Coulter and Tom Delay and Hannity himself talking about how evil liberals and democrats are.

totally hilarious.


I don’t really think that was worth my time. It sounded like a Two Minute Hate rally from 1984. Quite depressing.

And they think *we* hate *them*?

Goldstein! Ted Kennedy!!!


It’s not that easy to understand the clip by itself. I didn’t get that it was audio from all one event and a clip of Mike calling in to Hannity’s show afterward. I think it makes more sense if you are a regular reader of his blog. I do see his “Calling All Wingnuts” reports on Kos from time to time, but this confused me before I read Kathleen’s summary.


Two Minute Hate? Hell, we don’t have to reach into the fictional record for those kind of rallies.

Hint: They started off in Beer Halls.


They’ve officially gone beyond satire and sarcasm. Making fun of them now would be like kicking a handicapped child.


Making fun of them now would be like kicking a handicapped child.

No, it would be like kicking a handicapped child who really deserves it.


Good point. Kick away!


It’s only politicization when the Dems/liberals do it.


Hannity is a pussy.


It’s only politicization when the Dems/liberals do it.

Obviously, because Dems/liberals are the only ones who actually have politics.


I came to the realization in 2004 that the new Republican agenda is to lower the level of discourse so low that people just assume both sides are doing it. I mean, not only wasn’t Kerry doing attack ads for most of his campaign, he barely campaigned at all, and yet Republicans I spoke to were convinced he was running all these anti-Bush ads.

Same thing here. If Ann Coulter says Democrats are inefficient as leaders, she’ll lose the argument, but if she says we’re g-dless, anyone who actually argues is assumed to be down at her level. Hannity leads his little hate rally and they all eat it up, but Heaven forfend a liberal should even be in attendance. So Mike becomes the bad guy without even having said anything political at all, regardless of the fact that he paid admission and wasn’t disruptive.

All of them sucking at the teat of Rove, and yet we’re the ones who have lost it.


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