What exactly is the problem?

K-Lo seems upset that the “right” gets “blamed” for the Kerry had an affair allegations going around:

On Inside Politics, Judy Woodruff just talked about John Kerry’s Imus interview this morning; Woodruff said Kerry responded to rumors that were circulating on conservative websites.
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Unless Matt Drudge has suddenly become a non-right news source, or unless you believe that FoxNews really is fair and balanced, isn’t Woodruff’s (for all her suckiness) description pretty accurate?


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I know that Altercation, Daily Howler, Daily Kos, Eschaton, Hesiod, Pandagon, Wonkette, and World O’Crap have all mentioned this rumor, and none of them are conservative websites. They were primarily debunking the rumor, but they “circulated” it in a sense.


They were primarily debunking the rumor, but they “circulated” it in a sense.

Surely Kerry wasn’t “responding” to the debunking, and as far as we know it all started with Drudge. K-Lo’s quote was, if anything, not even critical but more observational. As for bunk:

Jerry: I thought the whole dream of dating a doctor was debunked.
Elaine: No, it’s not debunked, it’s totally bunk.
Jerry: Isn’t bunk bad? Like, that’s a lot of bunk.
George: No something is bunk and then you debunk it.
Jerry: What?


Gad, you’ve got a Seinfeld reference for every occasion — much the way my daughter applies the lessons of “Friends” to every real-life situation she encounters.


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