Perhaps they don’t want to inflame the situation

The latest from our favorite Dolce & Gabbana shriekbot:

The Press secretary of the Embassy of Israel called to cancel my trip to Israel. They recommend that I not go to Israel. Apparently they have canceled all my interviews and war coverage. Ugh.

Coming in her next video: Pamela accuses Israel of anti-Semitism while dancing to ‘I Touch Myself’ by Divinyls.


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If Pamela didn’t exist, would we have to invent her?


Tbogg had a commenter with a priceless comment- Pamela as spurned lover/stalker of Israel. Go over there and check it out.

Hee, Israel better be careful or they’ll find some sugar in their tank tanks.


Shit. Damn Israeli government. Can you imagine the vlogs that will never be made? Enough to keep 8 or 9 blogs busy for weeks to come. sigh.


The comments at Pammies are priceless, does she not know that her bloggo has been compromised?


Worth reprinting (thanks Pinko Punko):

She should go anyway. There’s so much she could do to show Israel what a good friend she is. Hang around, be there in case it needs her. Show up at Israel’s office right at lunch time, saying she was just in the neighborhood and do you want to grab a quick bite. Call Israel several times a day and leave emotional messages on its answering machine. Go to clubs where Israel hangs out just in case it wants to talk to her. Sleep in her car outside Israel’s house. Break in and boil Israel’s pet bunny in the kitchen.
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That’s a fucken tragedy. A three hour documentary about Pammy running around Lebanon would blow Al Gore’s pissy little slideshow into bugmush.


Ok, I had to check it out. Not the vlog, no freakin way. But I wanted to see the comments. Damn, she’s all overrun with lefty trolls over there. And you know what? Lefty trolls are way funnier than wingnuts. But the one that caught my eye was this, apparently serious one, where a wingnut laments her being precluded from going clubbing in a combat zone. He says:

A person like you can do as much damage as a tank.

Heh. Indeed…



Aw damn, no photos of Pam writing her hate-filled drivel on Israeli shells.



as you said:

But the one that caught my eye was this, apparently serious one, where a wingnut laments her being precluded from going clubbing in a combat zone. He says:

A person like you can do as much damage as a tank.

Heh. Indeed…

But you should appreciate this: whether you support Israel’s action or not, they have much damage at hand (and tanks to spare) and – if i’m informed correctly – suffer no dearth of homegrown ultra-fools.

Thinking again, this was probably what you were about to say … greetings!


Could we too, ask Pam to leave? We don’t need the embarrassment either.


So every overseas correspondent/reporter is looking for interviews with Israeli mucky-mucks right now and somehow pinhead had appointments. Hmmmm. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.


There’s much better songs about master baiting such as Pictures of Lily and Turning Japanese.

I will give the twit props for at least even having a comments section.


Remember Pammie’s little garbled comment about “Kantian nihilism” from a couple vlogs ago? Seems as if Day to Day‘s intrepid Chris Muir has adopted it as his latest all-purpose explanation for why teh media refuses to report the good news from Iraq. See this post at Crooked Timber for more details…


So, Israel won’t let her in.

I assume, then, that she’ll be going to Lebanon instead? Surely there’s plenty of newsworthy stuff to be unearthed in Lebanon, regardless of one’s political outlook, yes?

When is she planning to leave? I look forward to her insights from the land of the Cedar Revolution.


Does dear little Pammieloo realize that there are areas in Israel where she would be pelted with garbage for dressing like a slut? The Israeli government is probably just bendin to the will of their most reactionary citizens in keeping a skanky bad example of an uppity female off the streets. The ultra orthodox have far more power than their numbers merit in such matters. Just like her friends want here. Rand would have bee stoned.



Well, I’d get stoned, too, if I thought I’d inspire a follower like sPammy…
Oooohhh–! You mean stoned! That’s different!

Who the fuck cares about Rand?

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I love delightful Pammys forehead. Its always so shiny.

I swear. She uses TurtleWax or something.


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