More complicated than that, who would have thunk?

The New York Times, that great liberal propaganda machine, unleashes this gem on its readers today:

And yet, just as Hillary Rodham Clinton was more complicated than her feminazi image, surely Laura Bush has a few currents, a little tension, in her inner life.

This comes from a review of Ann Gerhart’s The Perfect Wife, a biography of Laura Bush (who did not collaborate in the project.)

Now, we don’t know who came up with the feminazi label for Hillary. Yet given the very nature of the word, is there anyone above the intelligence level of a mollusk that would not have guesses that Hillary’s image was “more complicated than that?” Clinton apparently graduated from Yale Law School and managed to do a few things on her own, so who exactly would think she wasn’t “more” than a feminazi (whatever the fuck that is.)

And hence we bring you yet another idiotic and pointless Sadly, No! Enterprises game: The It’s Way More Complicated Than That Discovery. The goal is to use a mostly (or entirely) baseless smear or insult while appearing to “defend” the target of said smear. [See also the never-ending War on Straw.] Such as:

  • John Kerry is more complicated than his communist sympathizer, Jane Fonda-lover, and traitor to his country image…
  • Howard Dean is more complicated than his out of control shouting psychotic image.

    [On that note, does anyone remember when Bush I yelled (yes, yelled!) My dog Millie knows more about foreign policy than those two bozos about Clinton and Gore? Somehow, we don’t remember this being taken as proof that Bush was an out of control loon.]

    In any case, please post your own suggestions in the comments. The really funny ones will be added to this post with much praise and never to be fulfilled promises of a non-existing prize. [Thanks to Blair for the NYT link.]

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    After reading his new book, it is evident that Michael Moore is more complicated than his fatty-fatty, flag-burning, America-hating, unshowered, did-I-mention-tubby image. And I’d like to kill him. But I’m just joking. Or not.

    (say in haughty Bill O’Reilly sneer)


    As far as I know, it was Rush Limbaugh who created (or at least popularized among the cretinous masses, including my mother-in-law) the “feminazi” line. btw, note that the anagram of “mother-in-law” is “woman Hitler.”


    Frederick is more than his “expert on all matters cock” image. btw, you get all kinds of interesting hits if you do a Google search for this: “sadly, no!” cock


    Ann Coulter is more complicated than her image as a shrill, screeching harpy driven stark, raving batshit by anorexia…ah, fuck it. No, she’s not. That’s pretty much her.


    Yep – it was the Pillspoppin’ Doughboy Limbaugh who popularized the term “feminazi”. On a related note, I just mentioned at Pandagon recently how another stellar wingnut, Emmett Tyrrell, once compared vegetarians and vegans to Hitler. But the Right, you know, wouldn’t dream of trivializing Hitler and the Nazis by carelessly throwing their name at political opponents…


    William Bennett is more complicated than his image as a sanctimonious pontificator who is always lamenting the moral lapses of everyone in sight; in fact, he can at times be quite tolerant of moral turpitude, provided the immoral conduct was engaged in by his political allies or himself.


    Great set of posts. What interests me about the original feminazi comment is that it is so entirely beside the point and backhanded–the original quote is, of course, supposed to be about Laura Bush. So why put hilary in there at all? And of all the previous first ladies, if such a comparison is necessary to the review, surely Hilary is thought of as one of the *most* complicated in her own right, not least. So one would have thought a better comparison would wbe either Pat Nixon, Dolly Varden, Mrs. Lincoln (for the nut case aspect) and etc…


    Dick Cheney is far more complicated that his conspiratorial, Illuminati-controlled, corporate shill image would have you believe. He also enjoys fishing and duck hunting.


    Bush is more complicated than his ‘compassionate conservative’ image. He unfortunately has more than one repulsive characteristic.


    Dick Cheney is far more complicated then his enthusiasm for mass slaugher of farm-bred confused pheasants would suggest.

    And shall we be content with the simple image of Ann Coulter? Perhaps she IS a nymphomaniac, just as she claims?

    On a more serious note, what does it mean “feminazi”? A woman who (a) thinks for herself, and (b) does not pretend otherwise?

    On the second serious note, are there any convincing indications that Laura Bush is not an idiot?


    I wrote the post at 2/16/04 9:27 PM


    Newt Gingrich is more normal than his cranial elephantitis would suggest. As proof of his self-described Lothario status, he enjoys leaving his cancer-ridden wives on their death beds while taking up with his mistresses. He is definitely NOT a crackpot and has often been known to be called “professor” by the people he invites to be in his special club.


    Dick Cheney is definitely not named aptly. He never acts like a prick or a cock up or a weenie or a dink or a pizzle and–heaven forbid!–he would never, never, ever, ever be considered in the same realm as a shrivelled useless angry little shmeckel hellbent on fucking everybody.


    Brad DeLong’s site has a quote up from Sen. Graham which would be a good candidate for the game, with the substitution of ‘…is more complicated than’ for ‘It’s not fair to say…’ in the original. )

    “It’s unfair to say that the president’s only plan is massive tax cuts for the wealthy,” Mr. Graham said, according to remarks distributed by the Kerry campaign. “That’s not his total economic policy. He’s got other plans, one of which is to cut overtime pay.”


    Tim Russert is more complicated than a bowling ball. Sort of.


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