First it was the pandas of mass destruction…

… and in case that had failed to shock you, World O’Crap reports on the Girl Scout Cookies of Lesbianism. And you know who loves cookies? Oh yes, the one, the only… Miss Amber Pawlik! Oh my, what a tangled web we weave.


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Yes, but Amber is not eating a Lesbian Girl Scout cookie. She is eating an Independent (i.e., Right-Wing) Women’s Club cookie being fed to her by a guy. So Amber’s cock-loving credentials are intact.


Boy, my Girl Scout troop was way more boring than the ones mentioned at Wo’C. It didn’t offer the Junior Daughters of Bilitis merit badge at all. Maybe we didn’t get the memo from “Dutch” at the head office. Mostly we did light pyromania (campfire-starting) and help old people recycle and go to the grocery store.


Peanut is a girl, too?! It was startling enough learning that WOC was female-authored, and now this! (I guess I must be a total sexist, notwithstanding my pretensions to the contrary.)




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