Beneath the Planet of the…

[En hommage à Miguel]


Oh PZ the good Pirate of Darwinism, the wingnuts did get you?

“It was the Leviathan, sent from the evil Davy Frum’s locker

PZ you must attack! THE CREATURE WILL EAT YOU!!!

Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni has eight arms and two tentacles, a sharp beak, and hooked suckers which….” [BLAARGH!! CHOMP CHOMP. PBBBBT.]

“…proves the awesome utility of pandering to the bullshit populism of Creationists! Praise Jebus, students!”

Eeek it is to late! The evil wingnut beast did eat PZ and then poops inky blackness on science!!!


Shhh! We are like Levi-Strauss persons among the natives. Look it is their snake doctor! We must observe the crazy wingnut creature! It goes into the Klonopin trance….

“I am a classical liberal, like Glenn Reynolds is a libertarian! No wingnuts here, just cock! LOOK AT IT! BY THE POWERS OF THE MAGICAL COCK FETISH, YOU TOO CAN OUT-SOLDIER THE SOLDIERS!

Now begins the cocko cult ritual! It is to funny!


“Blarggh! I will slap you with my cock, reveal your identity, then my tribe will snuff you with axe handles and make sexual remarks about your children! Yet I am a victim!

Wingnut cock shaman is a crazy retarded.


Hahaha! It is the spacedork from emu quadrent!

“Why hello there! Cynthia McKinney is a Klingon but Katherine Harris is like my favorite Ferengi evar! Now send me some money so I can teleport to Paris for some orchid shopping on the Rue de Douchebagoises!”

Haha the aliun is a orange humanoid! Did the wingnut gravybeasts eat your eyebrows, aliun?

“You are banned from the Americablog space-time continuum!”



Why does buttertroll fiberal try to sabotage Riverdale? It is not Jughead? Gilbert Gottfried or Jughead? It is a mystery!

“It’s the only way a fugloid like me can find his own Betty or Veronica! Plus, their politics are more sensible and centrist than Kos‘s, Blarg!!”

The Jughead creature is a trickbeast! A wingnut in desgise! Archies and Reggies beware. The Jughead is a secret Moose Mason friend!


Hahah it is the Kernul Clodhopper wingnut!

“Blarggh! The soldiers are pussies!! And beware the Chinese earthquake ray!”

Now the soldiers have stabbed the wingnuts in the back!? It is logicel. For a wingnut.


“‘Wilsonism‘ is just my bullshit way to sweeten for the masses what I’m really on about: ‘Exterminate the brutes!'”

Poor liberals and islams, the jingos did eat your babies! It is to sad. Haha poor ‘idealist’ sensibel liberals, neoconmen did knock you up and run away! It is to funny.



“Bosh, flimshaw! Bilious, video-gaming fools, I am not that pixellated mountebank; I am, rather, piece number 8 from the WingNet’s favorite (second only to Risk) of great games whichforth we apply to life: Stratego! ‘Tis a game that I am, by the way, much better at than Kos!”

Oh Stratego miner, are you digging for poop?

“I am delving for bombs — techniques of the fascist right which I simultaneously subscribe to and project upon the bilious Left, like Kos! It is part of my ploy suchtofore to present Phalangist Reaction as Centrism, and Outright Fascism as Acceptable Conservatism.”


“Indeed and certes! Online Civility: a cause lost, marry and forsooth! Sabotaged (‘swounds!) by bilious hatemongers of the bilious Left, like Kos!

But silly wingnut! It is because you are the hypocrite!

“Thou bilious obsessive, so not unlike Kos! There be other castles athwart Kos’s ‘neathwise which I tunnel!”



What a cute little crybaby! Look out baby the wingnuts will eat you!


Oh it is a wingnut tantrum by a wingnut baby! And the trickcreatures diapers are poopy. IT IS TO STINKY!

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Oy. I need more coffee.


What’s fascinating about Goldstein in particular is that he displays the full wingnut complex, for all to see: sadism, sexual hostility, macho posturing, bullying, fearfulness, paranoia, persecution fantasies — the whole nine yards. It’s hardly a surprise that this self-styled “rugged individualist” runs whimpering to a trial lawyer (!) after someone insults his family on other peoples’ blogs. Watch him sue the crazy woman for inflicting emotional hardship.

Not exactly a guy you’d want on the front lines of the war he loves so much.

Oh wait, he’s not on the front lines.


Kudos on the Michelle pic… the hat even color coordinates with her outfit.

Two thumbs up!


Not quite sure why PZ Myers merits a hat here.

As for the rest… well, there were way too many correctly-spelled words for my taste. But extra points for the Dig Dug references.


We love PZ. We put him in for fun.

PZ, of course, is no wingnut.


Kudos retardo. Not just anyone could carry on the proud tradition of fat chicks in party hats.
The inclusion of aravosis makes it seem like a left-wing-nuts in party hats would work too. Just consider the well of material that is john-currently-vacationing-in-paris-and-still-begging-for-donations. While there are no pictures of Chris in Paris or Joe in DC, you can put a hat on an orchid. Americablog in party hats: make it happen!


The inclusion of aravosis makes it seem like a left-wing-nuts in party hats would work too.

Ah yes, the ‘Moonbats in Party Hats’ project. We really do think of everything, you know.

[going back to bed after an episode of sleep-typing]


Miguel is the hottest leaf-blower EVAR!!!!1! He can ford my Rio Grande any time!


You know, I just can’t seem to find the humor in this. Unlike alot of your other contributions, Retardo, this one is stale. It breaks, it doesn’t bend. It’s unfunny. I am the most liberal asshole on the planet, and it still isn’t funny to me.

Your REAL writing is much more engaging than this stuff that seems like you threw it together in five minutes.

I must point out that the Goldstein-with-cockhat image is brilliant, however. You are quite good with the photoshoppery. The l33t speak has got to go, however.


Call that a cephalopod hat? This is a cephalopod hat.


You’re a sick motherfucker.


Dan Someone, do you really think PZ will complain? He got the AWESOMEST HAT EVER. I want one of those, dammit!


Sorry PZ, it’s not as good as my cuttlefish hat.


Blech. The SN comment authentication doodah went all peculiar on me, sorry for the double nd potentially triple post.


Blech. The SN comment authentication doodah went all peculiar on me, sorry for the double (and potentially triple) post.


There’s no way that’s a colossal squid. Unless PZ is, I dunno, the size of an apartment building.


It hatched baby squids that ate poor PZ.


Your REAL writing is much more engaging than this stuff that seems like you threw it together in five minutes.

I must point out that the Goldstein-with-cockhat image is brilliant, however. You are quite good with the photoshoppery. The l33t speak has got to go, however.

Agh, you don’t get the reference!

(The original.)

And I do all the art around here, fer yer infermation.


Blah. I guess the people who liked that last one arent around this time (except Teh — hey Teh!), or I just didnt write this one as well. It can’t be the art because it’s top-notch. Fuck, Tacky hasnt even shown up yet, and I was certain we’d get some trolling comedy out of him. Sorry for the fucking disaster post.

At least PZ liked it.


Yeah, total waste and completely missed the target if PZ just laughs it off, and yet no winguts come a’trollin’

write it off to collateral damage, fellas, and get back to the video wars!


Oh jeebus, you guys slay me. I just scared the hell out of my pets (and probably my neighbors) by laughing loudly enough to wake them all up. You guys are my idols. I can’t decide whether the cockhat or the cephalopod hat is better. Poor PZ! I’m sure he was a good sport about it, though. Oh oh oh, still laughing while typing. Thank you again for all you do. I think, as wonderful as the photos are, it’s the Miguelspeak that really sends me round the bend. I don’t know why I think it’s so funny, I just do. Blaargh! You are banned from the Americablog Space-Time Continuum!


I had a really good laugh, Retardo. I just tend to avoid commenting when I don’t really have anything to add besides “Awesome post, dood! You rule! You owe me for a new keyboard/monitor!” and so on.

So, for me, the default setting is that you rule. If you should ever happen to reek, I’ll be sure to bring it up – in the spirit of constructive criticism of course. Or the spirit of “we’re big boys, so we can speak our minds and hug and make up later”. So, yeah, be proud of your work here.


Retardo, I think I love you.



Charlotte Smith

Damn, that was too funny! It almost hurt not to laugh out loud when I read it the first time (stupid job, cutting in to my S,N! time). I applaud you, sirs. Keep up the good work!


Are you kidding, Retardo? Comedy Gold! Do another next…say, month ro so, eh?


this one is equally awesome, you guys are just poopshooting so fast.


Yeah, this one’s good and should have future installments. There are so many well-shaped wingnut noggins to, um, cover.


Jeebus, Retardeau, one lone commenter doesn’t like your opus and you’re all like, wah, wah, wah, nobody likes me, I suck.

Well,boy, genius is always misunderstood, so suck it up princess and get back to your creating.

I would say something about the genius of Gavin’s artwork, but unfortunately, my eyeballs clawed their way out of my sockets at the sight of Jeff in his “cocked” hat and were last seen at the station waiting for the next train out of town. But I saw enough of it to conclude that the pic of Jeff reminded me of Tenniel’s illustrations for Alice In Wonderland. Was such your intention?


It is to funny!


Well, Mr. Montalban, not quite my cup of tea, old boy. I much prefer a merry jape at the peccadilloes of our betters, as is most typically your wont. Or perhaps some bawdy commentary accompanied by a lithograph of JLo in her knickers. Bwah ha!


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