How many vulgarities do you enjoy?

Put us down for at least one. Kyle Williams is another one with nipple on the brain:

While [MTV] may be the poster boy for the evils of entertainment, the reality is that MTV is simply one of countless media outlets marketing sex and other vulgarities to teens. [Emphasis added]

But it isn’t just about the vulgarity of heterosexual sex of course — it never is:

Viacom also owns Paramount, a company that delivers trash to our wide screens every year, and the kids network Nickelodeon, which has broadcast many programs supporting the acceptance of homosexuality.

If there’s one thing we can’t have under any circumstances, it’s the acceptance of homosexuality. Because, well, because once we accept homosexuality, Kyle just won’t have any reason not to come out anymore. So what’s a boy to do?

Unfortunately, our society is way past that. If we want to clean up television, then the best thing we can do is throw our televisions out the door.

Given how much Kyle knows about various TV channels however (the “sex-saturated, profanity-airing station BET,”) it seems like he has yet to follow his advice.


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“Nickelodeon…has broadcast many programs supporting the acceptance of homosexuality.”

Yeah…I fondly remember the episode of Fairly Oddparents where Cosmo goes down on Timmy. Man, I wish they’d re-run that one. My “homo-acceptance-level” is running low and needs refueling.



One can only stand in awe of a teenager living under the delusion that sex is a “vulgarity.” At Kyle’s age, I thought sex was wonderful (or would have been was I getting any). Of course, if Kyle’s folks look (as we may assume they do) anything like their offspring, then perhaps the one instance of sex in the Williams home _was_ a vulgarity.


This kid will be arrested one day for flogging his bishop between parked cars at the mall while muttering “so dirty . . . so dirty”.


Yeah, Kyle is a “conservative pundit found cruising well-known prostitute areas” story waiting to happen.


‘This won’t go away. What happened is much nastier than is being reported’
By Adrian Blomfeld in Nairobi and Andrew Alderson
(Filed: 15/02/2004)

Alex Polier, the twenty-four year old journalist who could end Senator John Kerry’s hopes of becoming the next president of the United States is alleged to have had a two-year affair with the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. Last night the rumours were in danger of becoming a full-blown scandal.

“This is not going to go away,” one American friend of Miss Polier said yesterday. “What actually happened is much nastier than is being reported.”

The allegations come at a crucial time for the senator. Polls showed him leading Mr Bush by 52 per cent to 42 per cent, and aides will be anxious to see if the apparent scandal affects his standing among voters.

Miss Polier, a former intern who also spent some time in 1998 doing work experience at the Houses of Parliament in London, is in Kenya staying with Yaron Schwartzman, her fiance and a member of the country’s fashionable young set. The couple have refused to make any comment on her alleged links with Senator Kerry, who is married to Teresa Heinz Kerry, an heiress to the food empire.

Senator Kerry, a decorated Vietnam veteran dubbed the new JFK, has vehemently denied any relationship with Miss Polier, and shrugged off allegations that he had a two-year affair with her from 2001. “I just deny it categorically. It’s rumour. It’s untrue. Period,” he said.

Mr Kerry, 60, has won 12 out of the 14 Democratic primaries and has looked all but certain to seal the nomination to take on President George W. Bush in November’s elections.

His aides have blamed a dirty tricks campaign for bringing the allegations about Miss Polier into the public eye; they first surfaced last week on a Right-wing internet site, the Drudge Report, which famously first broke the news of Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Miss Polier’s parents, Terry and Donna, from Malvern, Pennsylvania, added fuel to the fire by claiming that Mr Kerry did pursue their daughter.

“I think he’s a sleazeball. I did wonder if she didn’t get that feeling herself,” said Mr Polier. “He’s not the sort of guy I’d choose to be with my daughter.

“John Kerry called my daughter and invited her to be on his re-election committee. She talked to him and decided against it.”

The Drudge website also quoted retired Gen Wesley Clark, one of Mr Kerry’s rivals for the nomination, as having told journalists off the record: “Kerry will implode over an intern issue.”

Mr Clark later dropped out of the race and endorsed Mr Kerry.

Miss Polier, a journalist who once worked for Associated Press, is a graduate of Columbia University, New York. She apparently met the senator as she was beginning her media career. Miss Polier and her fiance were believed to be hiding yesterday at the Nairobi home of Mr Schwartzman’s parents, who moved to Kenya from Israel.

She appears to have few friends of her own in Kenya: she has never lived in the country and makes only occasional visits. “She seemed perfectly nice, although she was a little cool,” said a Schwartzman family friend.

“She didn’t seem to be very willing to open up but whether it was because she was aloof or just shy, I couldn’t work out.”


This guy has sex offender written all over him


“What actually happened is much nastier than is being reported.”

So John Kerry had an affair with Kyle Williams?!?

(Actually, since all that has been reported is that Kerry invited Alex to Washington to work on his re-election campaign, it would HAVE to be nastier than that, or Kerry would get his “French looking” label taken away. My guess as to “the rest of the story”: Kerry also told Alex about the Seinfeld episode with the girlfriend with whose name rhymed with a female body part.)


Boy, these wingnuts have really been stalking the lefty blogs. Ed G. must have really put the word out to his storm troopers, I mean foot soldiers.

But getting back to Kyle and his BET-watching. This reminds me of a story about John Quincey Adams and his post-presidential days in congress. One day he introduced a letter from a group of southern women talking about the horrors of slavery. Up jumped one of the southern representatives who said that he knew for a fact that one of the women was a colored and had low morals. To which Adams asked very politely “and how do you know this?”


It just occurred to me (I’m slow) that the Janet Jackson incident gives new meaning to the term “the boob tube.”


“What actually happened is much nastier than is being reported.”

Kerry calls Janet “Miss Jackson”?


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