I Didn’t Want to Do This, But…

Dear Mr. Amato,

If you want to fuck with the eagles, you have to learn to fly. Case in point: the Urkel Rap:

Please don’t take it personally. But I couldn’t let your act of aggression stand.

Gavin adds: Eagle? John needs his Earth Book. (Cow.)

Actually, that isn’t so annoying. This, on the other hand…


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My eyes. My beautiful eyes! Curse you Brad, curse you and Urkel for eterinity.

Don’t you see how dangerous the Youtube War of Aught-Six is? You may be winning, but think of all the collateral damage you are causing makes everyone losers, particularly anyone who has the misfortune to listen to urkel rapping.


Damn, man, that’s worthy of a war crimes trial–you just better hope you win this war.


Ah, I don’t even have to click. That’s one’s still burned in from the first time.

Do they have the little daughter that they bumped off halfway throught the show involved?


Seriously. Amato would have been better off if you guys had just bombarded him with depleted uranium rounds. Crikey, lob a canister of Sarin gas at him, if you want to teach him a lesson.

But Urkel rappin’? You guys have shown yourselves to be both cruel and inhuman. To the Hague with the lot of you, I say!


Ah, Brad, Gavin… we at the Axis didn’t want things to come to this, but you left us no choice.

Please think before you do these things in the future.

As for the rest of you, it isn’t too late to band together to protect yourselves. Join us in the Axis! Together we can defeat them!


Did Teegra and/or Bunny grow up to be Pammy AtlasShrugged? Cause it would explain alot.


I, also, enjoy the cars that are equiped with the Boom.


Completely OT, but the General is now kitten blogging!!!eleven!!11one!


Yay! New recruits!


Urkel. For gawd’s sake, think of the children!

Also, that final video is proof that Jersey Hip Hop will never be taken seriously.

Finally … Book. yupyupyupyupyupyupyupyupyupyupyup.


Note to potential lefty-outers: Some Guy’s real name is Tigra. Or Bunny.


I stand in favour of the boom. Making somebody watch that is a love-letter, or a brick to the head of Krazy Kat or something.

But dylsexia has a new champion.


“Urkel. For gawd’s sake, think of the children!”

what are you talking about? i grew up on that crap and i turned out fine.

no really! i turned out fine!!!


yar matey, i’ve turned her into the wind, squared to ye’ starboard, and await yer commands. I’ve even brought the ammunition ye didn’t ask for.


Oh. My. God. Marita, you have no heart. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to strike a lower blow. Oh. My. God.


I remember when I first saw that episode. I said there was no way the kids could all dance that spontaneously and my sister got mad at me for it.



Underage hoochies….

‘HolyJoe’ is right you liburals will all burn in Heeeeeeeeeeeeeell!

Go boooooom! Uh-huh…..



I’ll see your SBTB clip and raise you one Zack Attack.

Now watch this drive…
(not technically a music vid, but a generally bad one anyway)


I think you are missing the Toa of Tigra and Bunny


Big ups for the Yup Yups.


The ULTIMATE WEAPON of ANNOYANCE. Watch at your own risk! http://www.yosmile.com I am sure it will cause strong reactions. Click here to watch it There is no cure!


jrm78, you have talent. That much is clear. But why waste it here in the S,N! trenches when a more glorious future could be yours? Join us.


I LOVED the space muppets!


Dear Cthulhu, that was only 02:49?!? It seemed like an *eternity*!!1 Curse you jrm78, unto the twelfth generation.


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