Do my fellow countrymen lack a sense of humor?

Apparently, and sadly, Yes! We’ve mentioned our Montreal origins in the past, and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has also been featured in some posts. It appears that Conan O’Brien’s week, spent shooting Late Night in Toronto, was full of adventures:

The antics of a plastic puppet dog ignited a national-unity uproar
yesterday, as anti-Quebec remarks made on the Conan O’Brien show forced its
Canadian broadcaster to apologize. …

Some federal politicians reacted with outrage to a taped segment, aired
Thursday night on Late Night With Conan O’Brien , in which a puppet called
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visited Quebec’s Winter Carnival and, as his
name suggests, insulted passersby, calling French Canadians “obnoxious and
dull.” …

The controversial segment featured Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, a plastic
puppet that chomps on a cigar, speaking in a quasi-European [it’s Eastern European!, S,N!] accent and frequently using the word “poop.”

“So you’re French and Canadian, yes? So you’re obnoxious and dull,” Triumph barks at a passerby in Quebec City. Later, he shouts: “You’re in North America, learn the language.”

The plastic dog was even the subject of debate in the House of Commons, with
New Democrat Alexa McDonough calling the sketch “vile and vicious,” and
asking Ottawa to demand its money back. Mauril B?langer, the deputy
government House leader, told the House of Commons that the government found nothing amusing about the sketch. [Emphasis added]

What can we say really, besides: It’s a shame we missed it.


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Please, oh please find a video clip of this.


There is no uproar in Canada about Conan’s antics. It’s soley an NDP–party of the barking moonbats–and press induced uproar.

Alexa’s parliamentary rant should provide our comedians with months of material though.



If you bothered to read the papers at all you’d see that even the former leader of the right-wing Alliance denounce the “skit.” Since the NDP hasn’t formed the federal government (not since I last looked), the “government House Leader” must be a Liberal … hence not just an NDP thing.

I think they overreacted, but frankly I don’t see what your problem with the NDP is in any case. You’re the only one acting like a moonbat.


I love the fact that French Canadiens can’t take a joke. I’ve yet to see the video myself but from what I’ve read, I love it. No surprise though that certain government persons were quick to use the “racist” card. They love doing that….It’s their only weapon to combat the facts. The Fench have always been an interfering, complaining, little people that have never forgiven a favour( Both World Wars). Triumph did not say enough as far as I, and many others are concerned.


do tell


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