Why do Treasuries hate America?

Reuters reports:

Treasuries Cheer as Consumers Turn Gloomy

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Treasury prices extended early gains on Friday as a shockingly weak reading on U.S. consumer sentiment provided another reason to assume the Federal Reserve would be in no rush to raise interest rates.

Prices had already been higher helped by foreign demand and market relief after the U.S. government successfully navigated another quarterly borrowing binge.

Will someone please notify John Ashcroft?


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All I want is a stronger dollar. It’s getting too expensive to buy yarn from the UK with the nasty exchange rate and all.


Tell me about it. I was backpacking around Europe last summer, and while the Japanese and Korean kids were eating in nice restaurants and carrying luxury brand shopping bags, we Americans were stuck in the crappiest youth hostels, eating kebabs twice a day, and not even having money for snow globes.


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