Dear Roxanne:

We have noted your three-pronged Mary Poppins/Kate Bush/Osmonds assault,* and must advise you once again that you are playing with forces you do not understand.

Such as…



And this**:

And this, from our friends in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea:

And finally, a video so deadly it cannot even be embedded.


*Osmonds previously seen here.
**Briefly posted here before sanity came back from a beer run and saw what was happening.


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And finally, a video so deadly it cannot even be embedded:

Apparently it cannot even be clicked on either.


Land of the Lost? Are you effin’ kidding me? This here’s a real TV show theme.


Apparently it cannot even be clicked on either.

Oh, I fixed that. It blew out a few hundred miles of Internet pipe, but now it should be good for a couple dozen more plays before DARPA goes down and the Midwestern electrical grid starts to go black and all that.


You must not have hearrd me the first time. So let me repeat myself

Chicken Dance Bitches


Is anyone pretty sure of the symptoms of internal hemorrhage? I now have chills and cold sweats…


Your powers are weak, old man.

I defy anyone to sit through this entire little number.

And yes, it will be on the exam.


Dude, Nomi kicks ass. That’s like giving new wave aid and comfot to the enemy. Lame.

— TP in UT


Right, that’s it! This unprovoked agression against the intertubes has gone unchecked for far to long. Time to break out the emergency Gerardo.

You think that was unfair? Well, Pity the fools Рen espa̱ol.

What was that? A battlecry of some sort, sounded kinda like iya… yee… Ieyaaaa!

Why, you ask, is there no limit to this man’s cruelty? No. No.

No. No. No. No.

No. No. No. No.

No. No.

There’s No Limit.

Now, please allow me to introduce you to Morris, Rusty and Phil, who makes fun of the disabled in a rhythmical song format.

There’s been a fair bit of Hasselhoff employed so far, but I don’t think anyone has yet had the determination to field The Hoff Live.

To the victor the spoils, but don’t worry. Just because you lost, doesn’t mean you have to take Jermaine Stewart’s clothes off.

And no more wanton agression, you hear? Or I’ll have to dip into my stash of semi-artsy Belgians.


In local news, residents of Sadly, No continued the low-level warfare with Roxanne, although it appears The Editors have withdrawn back across the border. Casualties are reported as “moderate”, with militants on both sides suffering from dizzyness, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. In a new conference, President George W. (Gavin) Bush proclaimed “We will stay the course and lead the way to complete victory. Certainly there are members of teh “Cut and Walk” commentariat community represented by mikey who say this war is unnecessary, illegal and downright unpleasant. Well I say we will watch crappy music videos over there so we don’t have to watch them over here”.

David Brookes and Charles Krauthammer have both reported that things in Left Blogistan are really much better than the mainstream are reporting. Brookes said “If all you show are craptacular music videos, then people in America will believe that all there is to this conflict is craptacular music videos. In reality, there are many examples on YouTube of videos that are substantially less craptacular than these”.

mikey, reporting from the frontlines, somewhere in Left Blogistan


He's dim, Jed...

It’s internet TUBES!


Dude. Kate Bush is good. Most videos from 1982 suck rocks.


Alright, that’s it.

I must now invoke the dread powers of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

Eat that, bitches.


Hey, S,N? What’s that coming atcha? It’s naked. It’s Italian. And it smells like Tony Danza!




If you’re going to escalate this with Krofftian weaponry, you might as well go with the big guns.


My official statement on the frivolous Wilson lawsuit:

The lawsuit of Ambassador Joe Wilson and so-called super secret agent Valerie Plame Wilson against the administration is their biggest mistake.

This is much like how the slander lawsuit by Alger Hiss against Whitaker Chambers led to Hiss being exposed.

The lawsuit by the Wilsons will expose them as chronic liars.

The Wilsons not will be able to claim a fear for their lives because Joe Wilson exposed his wife’s face to millions of people in Vanity Fair.

As well, the Wilsons will not be able to prove any sort of conspiracy or anything similar. Their claims are the worst kind of irrational.

Also, my official statement on the DCCC exploitation of dead soldiers in Iraq:

It’s not a stunner that the DCCC prominently exploited the dead bodies of American soldiers in their negative advertisement.

The Democrat Party has been cheering against our troops in Iraq from Day 1. They’re delighted to be able to exploit their deaths.


All things considered, Klaus Nomi isn’t quite as shrill as The Associates.


The Democrat Party has been cheering against our troops in Iraq from Day 1. They’re delighted to be able to exploit their deaths.

Ok Gary, I’m gonna keep an even keel here — for a minute. I’m extremely pissed, but I’m gonna give you a chance. Why don’t you go back and revisit that comment. You are certainly entitled to your political opinions, but you have, once again, crossed the line. It’s a big, blood-red line, you really should be able to see it.

Gary. Have you ever been in combat? Answer the question, fact-boy. C’mon, yes or no? Have you ever held the remaining pieces of someone you cared about and told them lies about how it’s gonna be ok while they died — and incoming rounds kept falling all the time? Gary. I’m a member of your so-called democrat party. You have just accused me of being delighted by the deaths of my fellow American soldiers and marines. I think you better go back and try again, boy. RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!

And as far as the photos of flag-draped coffins go? It’s obscene to exploit them, but it’s more obscene they’re dead. If the politics ends the war that much quicker, maybe, just maybe, they didn’t die in vain. Lemme put it in simple terms for you:

If you can’t look at the results of your fucking “Policy”, maybe you need to re-examine your fucking “Policy”.

I await your motherfucking clarification. Get to it pronto, boy…



As well, the Wilsons will not be able to prove any sort of conspiracy or anything similar. Their claims are the worst kind of irrational.

Good thing conspiracy is a crime and not a cause of action, then.


yay!!! everything’s a link!!!!

sabotage, I say!!! sabotage!!!!! curse those fifth columnists!!! where’s Captain America when you need him????

oh, wait…


This is a repeat from the thread below, but its time to put an end to the madness.

Prepare for your imminent annihilation: – dropping pamphlets warning the civilians – the air raid sirens sound – the flash from the initial blast sends the remaining populace into a mania
Their mania is short lived as they are vaporized because… – The Bea-Bomb has been dropped, I repeat, the Bea-Bomb has been dropped!


Gary Ruppert is giving official statements??? To whom? Does he think we are his constituents? Does he think he has constituents??

Seriously, Gary, take your meds.

S,N guys, Klaus Nomi was deployed yesterday. Or the day before. I can’t remember, it’s all a blur.

Although I agree that Kate Bush is great, I think I like her better without lizards.


In the previous thread, tigrismus said:
I think jrm78 wins the internets. The smoldering burned out hulk which is all that’s left of it, anyway.

I concur. That Toni Basil vid should break the resolve of even the most battlehardened youtube-fighter.


Gary, time and place, man. Don’t be so gauche.


[…] Screw all of you. Take this! […]


One of those Slestaks was portrayed by Detroit Pistons arch-villain Bill Laimbeer. True story.


I don’t I’ve seen this WMD yet:


*think* (d’oh-that’s what the preview feature is for, isn’t it? I’ll do better in the future, I promise!)


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