Michelle never met a Muslim she didn’t hate

Michelle Malkin, who had such a jolly good time writing all sorts of nonsense about the previous espionage-related arrests gets all excited over at NRO. You see, another swarthy male has been arrested:

The baby-faced, high-school yearbook photo of Ryan G. Anderson is deceptively mundane and seemingly innocent.

That’s because he doesn’t even have pointy ears or horns, like all Muslims do in Malkin’s alternate universe. But then — it all starts to read like an E! Exclusive Story:

Who is this suspected al Qaeda sympathizer with the boy-next-door looks? Is he another Johnny Taliban who conspired with foreign terrorists, or is he a traitorous wannabe who got caught playing with fire? Either way, the case underscores the continued vulnerability of the U.S. military to Islamist infiltration.

Does Malkin have an answer for that? Sadly (though not surprisingly,) No! In fact, the rest of her column consists of her pasting copies of messages apparently posted by Anderson on usenet. The life of a paid NRO columnist ain’t easy you know. We’d offer more if only there was more. Anderson converted to Islam, and is alleged to have eventually sought to contact al-Qaeda to offer information on the armor used by soldiers in Iraq. Of course, to Malkin conversion to Islam is sufficient grounds to detain you (sans access to counsel of course,) so Malkin was likely too giddy to have a chance to rant to offer anything more than this conclusion:

In the end, it seems that Anderson finally got someone to answer to his pathetic pleas for attention on the Internet. We can count our blessings that it was federal investigators who nabbed this useless idiot in a sting operation before he had a chance to make friends with America’s worst enemies. [Emphasis added]

And no, we don’t think she realized she was also describing a typical day’s “work” in The Corner.


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But Michelle actually did some research for her first (as far as I know) piece for the NRO, and I consider that a remarkable achievement (for her).

Remember her piece about how the Muslim Chaplain was permitted (nay, encouraged, thanks to foolish PC regulations letting Muslims in the military) to commit espionage, while CHRISTIAN soliders weren’t even allowed to have Bibles mailed to them? And remember how even a 10-second Google search would have proven that you can too mail Bibles and all kinds of Christian materials to soldiers in the Middle East? And remember how stupid and lazy we thought she was?

So, Michelle has now learned to use Google, which is a big step forward for her. I think we should all give her a hand.

And she’s discovered at least one online dating site, which will undoubtedly prove invaluable to her during her lonely days at home with the two kids and the lack of Saddam rape fantasies to sustain her.


Well if all else fails maybe they can get him for downloading porn or not soluting properly or something.

And less not we forget this is all the fault of those damn liberals… if they weren’t trying so hard to ferret out the Bush lie about his TANG days then… mmmm, TANG!… Then they wouldn’t need to find someone to prove what a great job Dubya’s Homeland gestapo is doing.

Damn those liberals!!! ALways trying to get the facts before they report one way or the other.


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