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Via Squiggler, who has the best opening line of any post on the entire Internet today…

How do you spell hypocrite?

C-i-n-d-y S-h-e-e-n-a-n.

…We learn that all is not as it seems in the deadly hall of mirrors that some call ‘the left-blogosphere’:

But what if something wierd is going on? After contemplating all of the above, and recent news on the blogs, etc., one must consider all of the rumors going around that The Daily Kos blog is a Bush-CIA-RNC Nixonian construct designed to discredit the Democratic Party [emphasis theirs]. Since all of the Rovian hallmarks are there, I suspect that it is likely, but I can’t prove it.

Just think about it: you set up a couple of websites to get a million angry amateurs and mentally unstable kooks (many of them probably CIA junior staff guys and RNC junior staff folks having great fun posting and cheerleading, plus thousands of Christian right-wing extremist volunteers) to dig into the core of your opposition, and weaken it from within. What could be more Rovian? More devilishly ingenious and convoluted? And to hire a haute-nurdy ex-Army guy for cover… too clever to be an accident. Don’t ya think?

We hasten to add that no one on the left has summoned the courage to challenge this accusation in fair and rational debate, therefore the left is guilty of hypocrisy at best. Why are they so afraid of this charge? Many would like to know.

PS: Bwa-ha-ha. Infinity, no backsies.


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I held a place in line for someone the other day and when he got back I made some lame joke about how I could give him frontsies but not backsies and he was not amused.

He must have gone to a different elementary school than I did.


but I thought the CIA was run by Bush-hating Democrats?


And, just consider – how many blogs could rent a place in Vegas for a meeting of their readers? Could your blog do that? Hmmmm.

Outback Steakhouse just had it’s annual “No Rules, Just Right” franchisee convention. How many steakhouses could rent a place in Vegas for a meeting of their franchisees? Could your steakhouse do that? Hmmmmmm.


but I thought the CIA was run by Bush-hating Democrats?

But the Bush-hating Democrats are run by … DKos … which is run by the CIA … which is run by …

Escher would love this.


¿So thees squeegler, ees she a libertarian or a “libertarian”?

The fact that she calls anyone mother moonbat speaks to me of implied scare quotes around “libertarian”.

Een fact, she may even be a “‘”libertarian”‘”, no?



CWN is going to have to work mighty hard to top this …


How do you spell hypocrite?

C-i-n-d-y S-h-e-e-n-a-n.

Bwahahaha. What a maroon!

Squiggler claims to be a “libertarian”. I wonder if he/she is an “Instapundit Libertarian” (i.e. a Bush-butt-licking authoritarian cultist), or a “true libertarian” (i.e. someone who thinks the best way to keep dark people from sleeping on their neatly-manicured lawn is for there to be little or no government at all). Somehow I don’t want to read the site to find out.


I don’t think that is how you spell “hypocrite.” But then, it’s not how you spell “Sheehan,” either.


WtF? Is this supposed to be funny, because it comes off as a sort of deranged ranting that would give a mentally ill homeless person pause.

What the hell is the point of this drek?


If I was Kos, I’d start selling tinfoil hats in my webstore. At $9.99 each, think of the profit!!



The Kos plot is a kinda joke. Kidding on the square, I think.

That said, the site of its origin calls itself New England ‘centrist’ Yankee — and it ain’t. It’s warmed over Bushite zombieism. A lot like Chris Shays.


Outrageous!!!SHIFT+1! He’s blown the cover of the president’s secret domestic intellgence asset, code-named KOS (Kommunist Outing System)

Try him for treason, I say!

Furthermore, he has ruined my cover and exposed me as the right-wing Christian extremist that I am. Back to the Jesus Cave!


That has to be satire. No way.


I KNEW you all were “Christian right-wing extremist volunteers” who’ve dug into the core of — oh, what the hell– I’ve not read such crap since the last Marie Jon’.

And not only is Sheehan misspelled but nerd is as well. How much of a weenie do you have to be to misspell NERD?


So is Jeff Goldstein an agent provacteur–one who serves to distract the left from more important measures? Oh my God–S,N! is in on it too–they link to Jeff Goldstein to keep me from fighting the good fight!

“Goldstein.” Thought they didn’t notice, didn’t they? It’s all coming together now. Wheels within wheels, my friends, wheels within wheels.


That has to be satire. No way.

Sadly, no!

In Vino Veritas

It’s all – the blogosphere, six years of King George the Lesser, Abu Ghraib, Zidan’e headbutt – an elaborate promo for A Scanner Darkly.

Now playing, only in movie theaters. EVERYTHING IS NOT GOING TO BE OK.


I suspect half of the attendees were plants, collecting personal info, and half looked like homeless brought in for free food and tee-shirts to set the stage for the sting, and the third half was true believers.

Come on, three halves?


Oh yeah – half oyster, half carrot, half warthog…


So they’re objectively anti-crankery down at the old capitalist commune, huh? If that’s so, there ain’t gonna be nobody postin’ on Maggie’s Farm no more.


um, FWIW, just thought I’d let you know that I clicked on the link and the next post has the squiggler offering up his/her domain name for sale.

both squiggler.com and squiggles.com

minimum bid: 8 grand.

interesting timing, no?


interesting timing, no?


Maybe today is a special, magical day. Let’s go visit michellemalkin.com!


Hey, wingnuts, there’s at least one lefty (moi) who doesn’t read Kos!! So eat it, cobags!!1!

I find it amusing that the Wingnet fixates on Kos so. They would have so much more fun with Alternet.

And the idea of the left marching in lockstep is hilarious. We’d be too busy arguing about whether such marching oppresses women, kills trees, or is counter-revolutionary to even get to arguing over the rhythm and tempo, or whether marching in a line offends the less-linear cultural viewpoints of some non-Western cultures.

At least chaos is inclusive.


MCH, I am also a lefty who doesn’t read Kos. Madness abounds!


> …the next post has the squiggler offering up his/her domain name for sale

Squiggs can’t stand the S,N! heat, so’s getting out of the kitchen.


did y’all hear that squish just now? my head just exploded.

we’re living in a world where reality trumps satire. damn…

still another lib who doesn't read Kos

What are the odds?


Hey, friends. Thanks to Sadly, No! for the link – but the post is SATIRE.

I wrote the darn thing. It is an effort to duplicate and have fun with the paranoid kind of thinking I see on the internets daily.

Any two dots can be connected with a line – right?

Read our blog and see – we are all loony right wing ignorant ADD wacko Christian uneducated redneck nutjobs.


Also, unless there was a copy-paste error, He (or she) spelled SheeHan wrong.

If Bird Dog is legit, HA! Gavin owes me a cookie.


Squigs is a she, according to her picture on the site. I think.

she’s a real m-o-r-a-n!


Oh, Bird Dog is legit, believe me. But I’ve heard rumors he went long on tinfoil futures before writing that, trying to earn enough money for the survivalist bunker he’s planning in cote d’azur

disciple of Jeff

Hey, friends. Thanks to Sadly, No! for the link – but the post is SATIRE.

That sure was some hilarious satire. Fortunately, here we are guided by the author’s intention.


the next post has the squiggler offering up his/her domain name for sale

She tried blogwhoring in lots of comments on other blogs but she doesn’t seem to get many comments herself, so she’s probably givin’ up. She’s a rather late entry and the market for boring and predictable righty boilerplate is awfully crowded already.


the market for boring and predictable righty boilerplate is awfully crowded already.

Hell, man, it’s worse than that. It seems they bring it over and put it on our front porch and light it on fire and ring the doorbell and RUN!! They must be awful proud of it, eh?



I thought Sheenan was a punk rocker, but what do I know?


No, no…. she was Queen of the Jungle.


Meh, who cares about this weird shit…what I want to know is who is the next person to be baptised by the Goldstain’s cock!?!


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