Spot the Irony!

Jonah Goldberg decides to take the conservative pundits’ favorite joke out for another spin:

Okay, so [Kerry’s] no weenie, no matter how French he looks. Fine. But, who cares? How bereft of ideas and how overcome with cynicism is the Democratic party if it honestly thinks the solution to its problems is to trot out the same old tired message, but with a new messenger boasting a
good war record? Sure, the American people like guys with military experience. But they don’t melt at the sight of them. Bill Clinton defeated two war heroes, and Al Gore served in Vietnam (as a military journalist) and lost. Ideas matter. Policy matters. [Emphasis added]

Bereft of ideas? Goldberg is more repetitive than a Sadly, No! post on Amber Pawlik’s theories about female homosexuality. As for Gore, it never ceases to amaze us how, in spite of the fact that Gore won the popular vote and lost the electoral college vote by the smallest possible margin, the 2000 election is trotted out as incontrovertible proof that the voting public was overwhelmingly supportive of Bush and his “policies.” The country could not have been more divided, and to pretend now that Gore (who had never lost an election before) is a gigantic loser who brings political death to everything (and everyone) he touches is one of the more astounding feats of current political ‘analysis.’ Why, Gore wanted to use the surplus to deal with the social security funding issues — and who wants that? [Remember when Bush’s tax cuts were intended to give the people “their” money back, because the government’s deficit was going to disappear any day now?]

In other news, Jonah figures that even if you break federal laws, it’s ok as long as you can say you did it for a good cause:

[Kerry] still boasts of fighting “Ronald Reagan’s illegal wars in Central America,” which is a perfectly snide way of saying that Kerry fought Reagan when Reagan was fighting and winning the Cold War.

That bad man Kerry wouldn’t let Reagan, Bush, Poindexter, Weinberger, North & Co. do all those illegal things in Central America. That means he loves communists! Bad Kerry, bad!


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How does Kerry look french? I’ll admit it looks like he perhaps walked head on into a closed sliding glass window, and I’ll admit that it looks like his face may melt the rest of the way off, but I don’t think he looks particularly french.


I agree with Gail: I don’t get this “looks French” merde. To be honest, if someone told me I looked French, I’d have a pleasant buzz for the rest of the day. But this is as unlikely to happen as Linda Tripp (before or after cosmetic surgery) being mistaken for Catherine Deneuve or Jonah Goldberg (before or after liposuction) being mistaken for Jean-Louis Trintignant.


He actually looks like that group in the 70’s that would show up on kids shows, dresed in black with clay on their faces and then start pulling at it until they had a long droopy face and pointy chins. Then they’d really mess it up.

I heard John Kerry no longer loves commies and he’s into traitors now. Just another politician trying to stay “hip” with the counter culter.

Communism is SOOO last century, man! Get with it… it’s cool to be a liberal traitor now a days…daze… Or if you’ve read coulter’s book… now a ditz. Hohoho.


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