Fun with George… continues

Sure, Norbizness told us not to continue. Do we care what he thinks? Sadly, No! Fun with George W. Bush’s A Charge to Keep continues:

…we must do a better job of stopping those who seek to come into our country illegally. [p. 237]

Have you proposed an amnesty lately?

I want to end tariffs and break down barriers everywhere, entirely, so the whole world trades in freedom. [p. 238]

Or not.

I was proud of my senior team, and at one of our first meetings I gave them a piece of advice: ‘Always return each other’s phone calls first.'” [p. 100]

Hi Colin, it’s Donald. I just got your message and wanted to tell you to fuck off. Merci!


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Donald doesn’t say Frenchy things like “Merci.” I haven’t read Dubya’s book, oddly enough, but I hope and trust he says stuff about nation building and big government and pork-barrel spending and lying to the American people being bad, and balanced budgets and fiscal conservatism being good.


A Charge to Keep? Sounds likes an overextended credit card… kind of like his budget…


More, more! Sadly, at I keep running into this message:

“Our Search Inside the Book feature includes only books for which we have the publisher’s permission to display copyrighted material.”

And I am certainly not going to buy this crap!


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