“Excuse me, infidel. How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”

From Atlas’s Jugs emits the following:


It’s also why we drink booze, woo a flooze, and take poos in our shoes — because hey buddy, you snooze, you lose.

But indeed, why doesn’t the New York Times quit it with all that high-flown cloak-and-dagger ‘warrantless spying’ stuff, and simply haul off and print a New York City subway map, so that al-Qaeda can know where all the secret and never-advertised subway routes are?

Answer: Bloggerz are doin’ it for themselv’z.

(Bwaha. Eat it once again, MSM.)


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I just noticed that the New York Times prints both the Mets -AND- the Yankees home schedules. I mean c’mon!! What other possible reason could there be to provide such information other than to encourage Al Qaeda to attack?


And those wedding announcements. Why not just print targets on the brides’ faces?


I feel so much more secure now that I know Boo Radley has pledged to defend the N Train with his Very Life.


I’m waiting for David Horowitz to announce that he’s found the hidden terrorist chatter in the crossword puzzle.


Oh, “Fox” news. I get visual referances.
What, was Office Depot out of “Outrage Red” poster board, and only had “Yummy Summer Clouds”?
NYC subway routes? That’s the best you got? Of all the potentially dangerous information to disclose, that’s what you picked? Man. I’m guessing you’re not from around here.
Next protest, you may want to consider working on the lay-out designs of your protest sandwhichboards. This one looks like a sloopy and thrown together Elementry school science fair project. It undermines your message of outrage.
Also, I can only extrapolate that, since the NYT bias gives you the “blues”, Fox bias gives you a fit of the giggles. I’m glad that’s working out for you.


Why is it, I ask, is it that these people don’t think al-Qaeda ever has *anything* if an American newspaper doesn’t provide the information? I mean, fuck’s sake, my invalid grandfather can get a NYC subway system layout from bed. I’m pretty sure the gravest threat to the American way of life can get similar, if not the exact same, information in the same amount of time.

They knew about the phone tapping. They’re bound to know what the subway system looks like. Considering they managed to flip off immigration before 9/11, I’m pretty sure they know how to work the system.

And they’re standing right there behind you! Booga booga!


Ugh, I hate have to post twice cause I missed something.
Someone might want to point out to Atlas that a counter-protest doth not a First Amendment violation make.


Well, at least they don’t have comics. So Mallard Fillmore’s secret location is safe.



So there was a protest, consisting of guys like this guy, who want to shut down freedom of the press?

And then a counter-protest of guys like this guy, consisting of, I suppose, people who want freedom of the press?

And the counter-protest is supposed to be what signifies a First Amendment violation?


Practice, man, practice!

(Someone had to say it.)


My local paper did a piece on securing NYC’s water system, which included a (not very detailed) map of where the reservoirs are. Several letters to the editor followed, screaming about how the paper “gave vital information to the terrorists”. I wrote a letter in response, saying in effect “how do you hide a lake?”


Witless Jugs has edited that entry on her blog. When I looked last night there was a photo of some Orthodox Jews protesting against her group of protestors with a claim that the Orthodox Jews were anti-semitic.

BTW, I went to her site to see if she had a derogatory comment about Zizou and she didn’t disappoint me.


Apologies – I got that wrong, the photo of anti-semites was in this post and is still there about half-way down..


“how do you hide a lake?�

Do you get the feeling most of the conversations we’re having with the wingnuts over national security these days basically boil down to questions just like that?

Why does the USGS hate America?


In the UK, the government’s map makers used to omit sites that were of military significance from their maps. All you had to do was drive around and compare the map with what was on the ground.

The best example was RAF Welford which is just north of the M4 motorway and was served by a “Works Unit Only” access road which did not appear on maps. At night you could see an orange glow equivalent to that from a small town but there was nothing on the map. They have now modified the map to show RAF Welford but not very well.


That is an *adorable* sign.

And on the next sign, how can the NYT publish Bobo’s idiocy every week? It makes us look weak, and stupid, but mostly stupid, in the face of The Terrorist!!1!

Curse you, NYT, with your non-tabloid sports section….


“In the UK, the government’s map makers used to omit sites that were of military significance from their maps. All you had to do was drive around and compare the map with what was on the ground.”

For American readers, this may be more interesting when you realise that the Ordnance Survey maps cover every inch of the country in 1:25,000 scale. We’re not talking roadmaps here.

Oh, and all I have to say to the NYT is: “Get a brain, morans!”


I like his decision to use white fluffy clouds on his placard. Takes a little bit of the sting off.


And it’s catchy – blues rhymes with news. Musta been written by Karen Hughes.


“how do you hide a lake?�

With a multi-gagillion dollar Ballistic Missile Defense Shield of course….didn’t you ever watch “The Philidelphia Experiment”?!?!


how does anyone expect Al Queda to know about the subway if the New York Times doesn’t publish articles about it?!

I mean, maybe they did know once, but they might have forgotten. The point is, why does the Times keep reminding them?


Did he use a pciture of a fox because he couldn’t spell fox?

Devil's Advocate

You can get a subway map at every toll booth. Or you can print it directly from the MTA site. What a moron!


From what I remember about Atlas Shrugged, wasn’t it about some uber libertairan super guys (and girl!) who go away to let society colapse?

Isn’t it about time that this girl go to her valley and leave us the hell alone?


Walcott’s take on this “protest” is short, sweet, and surgical: Thousands Fail to Turn Out for Protest Rally. Man, I *never* want to be on the receiving end of that!


Sure, the subway maps you can pick up at every establishment in the city are pretty comprehensive, but there’s not much info on where to put the bombs, how to build them, how to hate America, etc.

New York doesn’t hate itself enough.


Another example of a man using altogether too many words to write “I am a fucking cunt”.


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