“Over?” Did you say “over?”

The Editorocket and his faithful sidekick Sifu seem to think that they’ve “won” the video war, even though we recently torched them with Mormon Rap and a bunch of furries dancing like the Backstreet Boys (or maybe it’s the Backstreet Boys dancing like furries- I wouldn’t put it past them at this point).

The fact is (to coin a phrase): sadly, no!

First, we’re gonna rock your faces with the musical adventures of a styrofoam octopus and talking peanut. Yes, my friends, it is time to drop the GIMME GIMME OCTOPUS BOMB:

Next, we’ll dropkick the Editors’ head right up his butt with a bunch of German people pretending to be the Village People making fun of Ancient Mongols. Witness the horrors of “Dschinghis Kahn”:

And finally, we destroy the entire planet with the most evil video of all time. We dare not mention its name, so you’ll have to click on it yourself to discover what it is. But suffice to say, if Hitler and Satan had a child and named it Mao Tse Napoleon Dahmer IX, it would still not be as evil as what you are about to watch:


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Oh, thank you!

That actually made my night. I’m having a majorly, massively crummy night over here, and won’t be getting to bed for quite some time, and that Shari Lewis video is probably the first smile I’ve had all day.



You bastards. You fucking bastards. That was a fuckign war crime, not an attack.

Jesus fucking Christ.


I sorta liked the puppets. Then again, I am stoned.


Oh man. This reminds me of a great Lightnin’ Hopkins song: War is Starting Again.

Speaking of the bluesmaster …


Wait. Is that an Adam Yoshida vlog? I’m confused.

K. Ron Silkwood

I liked the Shari Lewis video. Am I showing signs of combat fatigue?


Oy. Thanks for the NHK memories, you bastards*.

*not to be construed as a remark regarding your lineage.


wow… just… wow…

That was like a bad Japanese knock-off of the Banana Splits. And the octopus comes out like a street pimp with the hat and cane.


YouTube War is too important to be left to the Norweigan cover bands. Send in the puppets!


This blog war is so much better than the non-fight going on in the other threads.

Sometimes I wonder how the Japanese keep coming up with such crazy stuff. Then I watch videos like that one and remember than an entire generation grew up thinking that a singing octopus puppet was cool. Then I wonder why they’re not more screwed up.


A singing octopus puppet isn’t nearly as cool as as dancing sea monster whose best friend is a little boy.

Or a….what the hell was H.R. Puffenstuff, anyway? And the talking magic flute?


A singing octopus puppet isn’t nearly as cool as as dancing sea monster whose best friend is a little boy.

Having watched an hour of the octopus voluntarily, I’ll take the thieving octopus. It’s like having Witchy-Poo win all the time.

Or a….what the hell was H.R. Puffenstuff, anyway? And the talking magic flute?

The magic flute represented a penis that Witchy-Poo wanted to remove from the poor young man’s person.


I may have lost in the war, but I won’t go down without firing back… even if it is futile.

“From hell’s heart, I stab at thee. For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.”

Oh yea, my humps… it isn’t a massive bomb but it is a bomb.


jrm78: Ah! Ween! I haven’t heard that song in seven years! Now that was some grade-a awful alternative music.


Dude. Do not speak poorly of Ween. They are fucking genius. I am not being sarcastic at all.



One of their greatest songs.


Has anyone posted Oh! Mikey yet?

jrm78 (bad music mercenary)

Brad R. said,
Dude. Do not speak poorly of Ween. They are fucking genius. I am not being sarcastic at all.

I agree completely with this statement. “Pushing Daisies” was annoying on some level though. “quebec” and “Chocolate and Cheese” are a must for any music conniseur.

Here’s two more gems from the shit pile…

and please do look at the french POS I linked earlier… the doo and the shades sings il castrato…

feel free to use in wartime

Porgy Tirebiter

Nah man, your flailing about is pointless. The Editors destroyed the whole fucking world two days ago. We are now in the post-apocalyptic era. Get used to it, cocksuckas!


I love Lambchop.

sorry boys, that grenade was a dud.


I think Sheri may have been hitting the sherry…


Susan Powter sez:



What the shit? That’s messed up. Watching Susan Powter on Good Morning America is like having a ground-up espresso bean injected into your eyeball.

No more. The rules of engagement need to be re-established. This sort of thing will consume a man’s soul.


I’m gathering up armaments for the next war. I’ve got something so nuclear that it will annihilate The Editors and anyone else who’s within the galxy they’re located in. Just like the Cleveland Indians spanking the New York Yankees with 20 zillion runs, it’ll be brutal.

I’ve got the warhead, but I lack the ICBM technology that you’ve achieved. Join with me and I’ll give you the warhead, and we can both sit back and laugh.

Oh yes.. Destruction. Sweet, sweet destruction.


Ween equals Phish for super nerds.

I know they have some good songs, but it is really hard to get past “Push The Daisies..”


Ween equals Phish for super nerds.

Ween is awesome! Count me among the supernerds.


Uh, Ween is one of the greatest bands evar. They’ll be like Devo in 10 years.

Wait. I said that 10 years ago.


Well, this one isn’t on YouTube, but the nerds among us you might like this:


and then there’s this:


Don’t say you were warned!

Because you weren’t.


Leave gimme gimme outta this, mofos.


“I just don’t have any room in my life for new bands.” That’s what I told Gene and Dean when they came to the door with their critically acclaimed album, whichever one it was. Once you come over and shit the bed, you just don’t get invited back, even if you are amazing and people will go into drunkblogging/commenting about their lives being enriched by the Brothers Ween.


Are the sea cucumbers wearing…sombreros?


The Pod is Ween’s greatest achievement. In fact, it was my favorite album of the ’90s.

Oh, and jrm78, I swear to God I’m not making this up, but I totally knew that Michael Polnareff’s “Holiday” was going to come up, based on your description. (I like Micheal Polnareff, though.)


Sorry. None of it touches Leonard Nimoy’s rendition of the ballad of Bilbo Boaggins.

–Rick Taylor


Dude, this is the grand high king of all fucked up Dschingis Khan videos.


That Dschinghis Kahn is actually pretty good.

I don’t think it’s fair to use German music because of it’s innate campiness.


I’m suprised that noone has followed up Mormon rap with the obvious counter : http://www.devilducky.com/media/25512 , taste the wrath of “Baby got Book.”


I’m still reading — er, undergoing — these videos. The first thing I have to ask, though, is: “Where did Mr. Peanut get his bong?”

And the second is: “No, dude, where can I get his phone number? And is he … you know … cool?”


My wife does an impression of Shari Lewis masturbating with her Lamb Chop puppet that is just wrong. I laughed so hard I hurt myself. She nailed the puppet voice, too. Maybe I should post a video of that.


Tomorrow belongs to YouTube.

Life Is Life.


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