Concerned Idiots for America

On FoxNews earlier, Jan LaRue of Concerned Idiots Women for America spoke out against the evils of gay marriage. According to Mrs. LaRue, granting homosexuals a marriage license would be the equivalent of giving law licenses to anyone who wants one.

No, we’re not kidding. Did Mrs. LaRue have more? Sadly, Yes!

If all we’re going to base it on is a commitment between two people, why not a brother and a sister? Why not three [sic] people?

And last — a statement so bizarre even Sheppard Smith repeated it twice:

You don’t give a cancer patient tuberculosis to try and help them.

Her point? We don’t know either. [Upon further review, we believe that marriage has cancer, and gay marriage is tuberculosis. Hope that helps.]

[If possible, we’ll post a transcript later — all quotes transcribed to the best of our limited abilities.]


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Well shut my mouth and beat me with a spoon! I had no idea there were so many siblings trying to tie the knot with one another. Just out of touch, I guess.

Yes, I agree that we should do something about all this incest, it is bad. (Witness the case of Ms. LaRue, proof posotive that close relations should stay out of bed with each other.) So how about we have a law that marriage can only be between two UNRELATED adults of what ever sex.

I think that that should get the incest problem under control.


Marriage licenses should obviously only be dispensed to heterosexual folk like Britney Spears and Jason Alexander, and Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra.


Hello. Here’s our trackback, since we’re not on moveable type:

good post.

-Big Picnic


I bet all those conservatives listen to Queen at home.


I am waiting for some one to explain why if men and women are equal to each other, why two women or two men are not equal to one woman and one man. Seriously, if we go back to some more equal than others, where does it end? Will the next amendment they propose be against interracial marriage? Then what? Buses and lunch counters? Apartheid for gays doesn’t work better than any other kind, and overheated hyperbole flows both ways.


Protect the sanctity of divorce from those horrible, horrible gays!!

That cancer patient/t.b. quote is fucking priceless. What a twit.


Big Picnic, I think your trackback’s on backwards.


Oh, right….

Uh, we like to do our trackbacks Kris Kross style, but for you traditionalists here you go:


So…if I had a brother with tuberculosis, who was gay…could I marry him or not? I’m so confused.


She’s not only wrong about gay marriage, she’s wrong about cancer and tuberculosis. BCG, the immunization made from tuberculous bacteria, has been used to treat malignant melanoma, the often fatal skin cancer. Truly, her ignorance knows no bounds.


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