Now that’s what we call liberal bias!

The Washington Post, you know that newspaper right? Big part of that scary liberal propaganda media machine? Let’s go trolling for bias in the archives:

After bashing a host of conservatives, Fallows drags in the president’s family. He notes that “no one of the [Vietnam] generation has delusions about why one joined the Guard in those days” and implies that the president’s eldest son, George W. Bush, entered the guard in order to escape hazardous service.

This will come as news to more than 23,000 Army and Air National Guard members who served in Vietnam and the families of the 102 who never returned. It also should come as news to the president’s son. George W. Bush, during his National Guard duty, spent nearly as much time on active military duty as Albert Gore, and in more dangerous circumstances. He flew F-102 interceptor fighters. -Washington Post Editorial, September 19, 1992. [Emphasis added] Correction: The article was an op-ed written by Tony Snow, then deputy assistant to the president for media affairs.

That future president fellow — leading a life of danger down there in Texas.


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You don’t think it’s dangerous flying a plane with all that alcohol and cocaine in your system?!


Yep, while Kerry and a host of others took the easy route and headed for Nam the REAL heroes stayed home, to defend the fatherland from all those shark infested waters in the Gulf of Mexico!

Let’s give ’em a effing medal for that.


That’s right, sneer you godless commies. While you libruls were getting wasted at nude hippie drug parties, smoking Tofurky and drinking king sized futons, young Lt. Bush was in Alabama getting his teeth cleaned so you could be free. His autobiography says something about lots of plaque, so we know he not only served honorably but was a goddamn hero.


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